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Updated May 15, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
Decades Later, Military Can't Account for Spending
  US Marines Move to Italy Over Possible Libya Threat
Al-Qaeda Bomb Kills 43 at Syria Border Crossing
  Al-Qaeda's Rise Sidelines Moderate Syria Rebels
  Moderate Syrian Rebels: We'd Work With Israel to Oust Assad
Ukraine Opens Peace Plan Talks Without Rebels
  State Dept: End 'Terror' in Eastern Ukraine
Nigerian Locals Ambush Boko Haram, Kill Scores
  White House: No Special Forces Mission in Nigeria 'At This Time'
Hagel Suggests Gulf Arabs Unite Against Iran
42 Killed as Yemen Clashes With al-Qaeda
US Revealed Secret Legal Basis for NSA Program to Sprint
No Nation Left Un-Invaded: McCain Would Put US Military Into Nigeria  by David Stockman
When Glenn Greenwald Met Edward Snowden  by Amy Davidson
'Merchants of Death' Could Make a Lot of Money Off a War in Ukraine  by William Greider
The Senate's Bipartisan Ukraine Mistake  by James Carden
The Neocon Obsession With Iran  by Sheldon Richman
Official US Position on the NSA Is Unlimited Eavesdropping Power  by Jameel Jaffer

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FBI Agent Cleared in Killing of Boston Suspect's Friend Had Controversial Past
UK Broadens Power to Strip Suspects of Citizenship
Latvia Mayor: NATO Sailors 'Behave Like Occupiers'
Files Uncovered: Nazi Veterans Created Illegal Army in West Germany
Millions Driven From Homes by Civic Violence: Report
Battling the NSA
5 Key Takeaways From Glenn Greenwald's Book About the NSA
New York Times Under Fire for Spiking NSA Leaks Story in 2004
To the Governor's Desk: Minnesota Legislature Bans Warrantless Cellphone Tracking
The Best Way to Read Glenn Greenwald's New Book
Snowden Video Teaching Greenwald Email Encryption
German University Votes to Give Snowden Doctorate
White House: Ukraine Not Close to Civil War
Ukraine President Will Not Be Fully Legitimate: Russian Official
Senior US Diplomat Says Actions Against Russia 'Starting to Bite'
Why Did an Energy Firm With Big Assets in Ukraine Hire Joe Biden's Son?
Report: Israel Barred Russian Ship From Port Because of US Ties
Canadian Oil Province, in Ukraine Protest, Won't Attend Russia Conference
Hungarian FM Sees No Need for Military Buildup in Europe Now
France's Sale of 2 Ships to Russians Is Ill-Advised, US Warns
EU Cities Aim to Curb Recruitment of Jihadists
European Jihadists Use Turkey as Transit Country
Italy's Berlusconi Says Was Forced From Office by EU 'Plot'
Hillary Clinton Talks Tough on Iran at Jewish Conference
Iran Nuclear Deal May Leave Program in Place
Kurdistan in the Dark About Iran Border Opening
Iran Says No Written Invitation, but Visit to Saudi Arabia on Agenda
Syria War Forces a Family to Flee Every Minute: Study
Syrian Official Welcomes UN Mediator's Resignation
Israeli Forces Begin Razing Outpost After Court Rejects Settlers' Ownership Claims
Israel Electricity Company Sues Palestinians Over Debt
Hamas Clears Out of Abbas' Home in Gaza
US Defense Secretary Hagel Lands in Israel for Security Talks
Three Right-Wing Activists Held in Israel on Suspicion of Involvement in Hate Crimes
40 Killed, 47 Wounded in Ongoing Iraq Violence
Iraq Parties Plot for Power as Vote Count Drags on
President Barzani Appears to Rebuff Peace Overtures by Maliki
Turkish Police Clash With Mine Disaster Protesters in Istanbul
Turkish Energy Minister: Kurdish Oil Ready for Sale at Ceyhan
US Won't Criticize Yemen Over Ouster of American Journalist, Says It Had No Warning
Yemen Takes Step to Set Up Secure Rehab for Guantanamo Detainees
China and Her Neighbors
China Denies US Version of Kerry's Remarks to Foreign Minister
White House Urges Dialogue, Not Intimidation, in Dispute Over Chinese Oil Rig
China Enacts Emergency Measures After Vietnam Protests
Vietnam Arrests Hundreds After Anti-China Protests
Islamist Group Claims China Station Bombing: Site
China Says Construction on Reef Disputed With Philippines Normal
Tibet Propaganda Boss Vows to 'Seal' Internet to Stop Separatists
Attacks Across Afghanistan Kill at Least 5 People
Afghan Election Result Delayed Till Thursday by Over 900 Serious Complaints
At Least 2 Killed, 24 Wounded in Attacks on Thai Antigovernment Protesters
Thai Govt, Election Agency Postpone Talks Over Security
Pakistan Tells Indian Journalists to Leave Within a Week
Japan PM to Pitch Security Change to Divided Voters, Wary Partner
UK: Minister: Nigeria's President Says No Prisoner Swap for Girls
Boko Haram Rebels Kill Four Nigerian Soldiers in Ambush
Extremists Attack Town of Abducted Schoolgirls
Nigeria Soldiers Fire at Army Commander in Maiduguri
Gamburo: The Town Boko Haram Destroyed
Boko Haram Exploits Nigeria's Leadership Deficit
'We Didn't Loot... We Didn't Rape': Sudan Commander
Hundreds More Migrants Found in Sudan Desert
North Africa
Libyan Soldiers Block Entrance to PM's Office to Demand Pay
Egypt Seizes Bomb-Making Material Near Suez Canal
Britain, US Warn Citizens of High Risk of Attacks in Kenya
22 Dead, 3,000 Displaced in Madagascar Cattle Wars
Venezuela Opposition Says Talks With Government 'in Crisis'
Venezuela Protests Heat Up Amid Opposition Rift
Detention of Muslims in Venezuela – Three Imams Released
Colombia Rebels Say 'Stable and Lasting Peace' Is Possible
Canada: Suspected al-Qaeda Collaborator Losses Court Case
Honduras Ejects Protesters From Congress
Guatemala's Congress Votes to Deny Genocide
Mexico Investigating Attack That Killed 4 Soldiers
Protests Mark 3rd Year of Haiti Leader in Office
The War at Home
Now the Military Is Going to Build Robots That Have Morals
Pentagon OKs Moving Chelsea Manning to Civilian Prison for Gender Treatment
Former Kazakh Minister Faces US Racketeering Lawsuit
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Yugoslavia's Lessons Learned

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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