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Updated May 27, 2014 - 11:14 PM EDT
100 Rebels Killed in Biggest Ukraine Govt Assault
  Ukraine President-Elect: No Talks With Eastern 'Terrorists'
  Report: Three Civilians Killed as Ukraine Attacks Slovyansk
Russia Ready for Talks With New Ukrainian Prez
  Ukraine Vote Slows Momentum for Further Russia Sanctions in EU
  US Officials Paint Ukraine Vote as Defeat for Russia
Obama Wants to Keep 9,800 Troops in Afghanistan
  WH Staff Tried to 'Un-Ring the Bell' After Revealing CIA Chief's Identity
Entire Settlement Was Built on Palestinian Land
  Turkey Seeks Interpol Arrest of Israeli Commanders for Flotilla Attack
Greenwald's Finale: List of Names NSA Spied On
Syria Rebels: Most Foreign Fighters Are Britons
Bombs, Shootings Take Their Toll Across Iraq; 43 Killed
The Pope and the Peace Process  by Paul R. Pillar
Glenn Greenwald's Compelling Account of NSA/GCHQ Surveillance  by Henry Porter
Should the World Kill Killer Robots Before It's Too Late?  by Ishaan Tharoor
The Great Western Gas Fiasco  by Eric Margolis
Michael Kinsley Comes Out Against Journalism  by Hamilton Nolan
The Consequences of World War II  by Sheldon Richman

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Philippine Court Urged to Block US Defense Pact
US Rethinking 'Anti-Terror' Training in Africa
Congress Watches Russia Nuclear Treaty
Blinded Soldier, Widow Sue Former Gitmo Prisoner
Grief Camp Helps Families Cope With Military Suicide
Ukraine Provisionally Agrees to Pay Russia Some Gas Debt: EU
Boxing Champ Klitschko Becomes Mayor of Kiev, Says Time for Protesters to Leave
Man in a Hurry, Ukraine's New Leader Flashes Steel Behind Smile
'Chocolate King' Rejects Annexation of Crimea
Kerry: Ukraine Has Sent 'Clear Message' to Russia
Obama Talks Ukraine, Swipes at Vladimir Putin
'Kept in Dug-Out, Tied Up With Sacks on Heads': Russian Journos on Ukraine Detention
Russia Urges Kiev to Halt 'Military Operation Against Own People'
Lithuania's President Wins Second Term on Anti-Russia Platform
Spain's Socialist Leader Quits After Party's Worst-Ever Election
European Vote: Sinn Féin Tops Poll
Experts Split on Jewish Museum Killer: Lone Wolf or Hitman?
Amnesty International in Spain Receives Suspicious Envelope
Five Men Held After Suspected Bomb Found Near Northern Ireland
Hindu, Muslim Mobs Clash in Modi's Heartland of Gujarat
Narendra Modi Sworn in as Indian Prime Minister
Pakistan's ISI Wins Apology Over Claim It Shot Hamid Mir
Gunmen Kill US Doctor From Minority in Pakistan
Thai Coup Leader Threatens Crackdown if Protests Resume
After Coup, General Vows to Create a 'Genuine Democracy' in Thailand
Thai Army Rulers Rush to Placate Rice Farmers, Boost Economy
China Breaks Up 'Terror Groups' in Xinjiang
China Says Vietnam Claims to Disputed Islets 'Ridiculous'
China Agrees North Korea's Nuclear Activities a Serious Threat, Says South
Suicide Bomb Hits Army Bus in Kabul, at Least Two Dead
Malaysia Arrests Three Tamil Tiger Suspects
Israel to 'Evict the Dead' in Bedouin Village Demolished Over 60 Times
Breaking Historic Taboo, Lebanese Christian Leader Visits Central Israel
FIFA Chief: I'm an Ambassador for the Palestinian People
Saudi Prince Declines Invite to Jerusalem by Israeli Ex-Intel Chief
Bombs, Shootings Take Their Toll Across Iraq; 43 Killed, 76 Wounded
Turkey's Mosul Envoy Survives Second Bomb Attack in Iraq
Middle East
Jordan, Syria Bar Envoys in Tit-For-Tat Diplomatic Row
Three Filipinos Convicted for Spying in Qatar, Says the Philippines
Eastern Libya Oil Rebel Rejects New Government
Libyan Rebel General Calls PM Illegitimate
Libyan Journalist Meftah Buzeid Shot Dead in Benghazi
North Africa
Egypt: Sisi Voters Say They'll Take the Quiet Life Over Democracy
Tunisia Dissolves Revolutionary Islamist Group
Official: Gunmen Kill Four Soldiers Southeast of Nigeria's Jos
Suspected Militants Kill Two Kenyan Soldiers Near Somali Border
Wives of Jailed Opposition Mayors Win Venezuela Ballots
Mind Your Own Business, Venezuela Foreign Minister Tells Kerry
Venezuelan TV Owners 'Persona Non Grata' in Miami
Venezuela Reaches Deals With Six Airlines to Repay Dollar Debt
Australian Senator Uses Fake Bomb to Highlight Security
US Military
Veterans' Representation in Congress Has Fallen Drastically Since Post-Vietnam Years
South Florida Warrior Learns to Deal With Memory of Four Soldiers Who Died in Iraq
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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