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Updated June 5, 2014 - 11:21 PM EDT
Ukraine Military Claims to Kill 300 in Slovyansk
  Ukraine Rebels Seize Three National Guard Bases in Luhansk
  Obama Meets Ukraine President, Rails at 'Dark Tactics' of Russia
  UK Offers 1,000 Troops, 25 Tanks in 'Show of Force' Against Russia
US in 6-Month Backchannel Talks With Hamas
  Kerry Defends US Decision to Work With Palestinian Unity Govt
Germany Opens Criminal Probe Into NSA
  US Marshals Seize Cops' Spying Records to Keep Them From ACLU
Senate Hawks Blast Exchange for US POW
Syrian al-Qaeda Holding 150 Students Hostage
US Drone Strike Kills Four in Central Yemen
Sahwa Leader's Nephew Among 65 Killed Across Iraq
Top 5 Discredited Claims That NSA Defenders Keep Making  by Cindy Cohn & Nadia Kayyali
Game of Thrones Gets the Nastiness of Politics and War Right  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Real Issues of the Bergdahl Controversy  by Andy Worthington
What Excuse Remains for Obama's Failure to Close Gitmo?  by Glenn Greenwald
Marching on Moscow  by Conn Hallinan
For Obama and Kerry, 'Daylight' Starts Peeking Out on Israel  by Scott McConnell

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Obama's Counterterrorism Doctrine: Let Locals Lead the Fight
Kuwaiti Faces Guantanamo Transfer Hearing After Security Assurances
Central African Republic Bans Phone Text Messages
Criticism Over Troop Withdrawal Emerges From Beyond GOP
Syria's Election Shows Depth of Support for Assad
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Wins Third Term
Syria Says Turnout in Election Was 73 Percent
Assad's Soft-Focus Vision for Syria, as Seen on YouTube
Two Syrian Mortar Shells Land in Golan Heights
Envoys: Inspectors Press Syria on Chemical Arms 'Discrepancies'
Former Ambassador to Syria Faults US Stance Toward Rebels
Iran's Leader Says Obama Has Removed Military Option
Iran Says Optimistic on Nuclear Deal by July 20
July Deadline for Iran Nuclear Deal Appears in Jeopardy: Envoys
Hamas Hands Control of Two Ministries to Palestinian Unity Government
Opposition Head Blasts Netanyahu's Handling of Palestinian Unity Government
British Foreign Secretary Joins European Union in Praising Fatah-Hamas Unity Accord
Iron Dome Fired for First Time on Syrian Border
Sahwa Leader's Nephew Among 65 Killed, 144 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraq Hospital Bombing Kills 14
Double Car Bombs in Kirkuk
Iraqi Police: Abu Risha, Head of Ramadi Awakening Council, Killed
Iraq Suicide Bomber Was Once a Calgary Business Analyst
Iraqi Shi'ite Alliance: Maliki Candidacy Is Invalid
Ex-Marine Convicted of Lying About Iraq Accidental Shooting
Turkish Troops Fire Tear Gas at Kurdish Protesters
Suspected Turkish Ultra-Nationalists Attack Kurds Campaigning for Ocalan Release
Middle East
New Ceasefire in Northern Yemen After Fresh Air Strikes
Kuwait Suspends TV Programs Over Report Related to 'Plot' Tape
Kerry: Lebanon Needs President to Meet Security Challenge
Bomb Attack: Four Die in Failed Assassination Attempt on General
Gunmen Kill Red Cross Official in Libya, Fire Grenade at PM's Office
Libya Bomb Targets Haftar Home Near Benghazi
Tunisia Foreign Minister 'Extremely Worried' About Libya
Witnesses: Boko Haram Seizing Villages in Nigeria
Dozens of Nigerian Villagers Killed in New Boko Haram Church Attack
Egypt's Brotherhood Says Vote Is 'Null and Void'
US Criticizes Rwanda Over Disappearances, Press Freedom
Kenya Turns Up the Heat on Somali Refugees
NATO Extends Somali Counter-Piracy Mission to 2016
US-Taliban POW Exchange
Town Cancels Welcome for Freed US Soldier
Senators Not Sold on Bergdahl Deal After Briefing
GOP Strategists Arranged Interviews With Angry Members of Bergdahl's Platoon
A 'Decompression' Process for Bowe Bergdahl Before He Heads Home
The War at Home
Tech Titans Tell Senate to Go Big on NSA Overhaul
To the Governor's Desk: New Hampshire Anti-Spying Bill Passes Unanimously
Security Expert: 'Most of the World Is Under Surveillance'
Military Jet Crash Sets Homes Ablaze in California
California County Votes to Secede From the State
Ukraine Says No Humanitarian Crisis, No UN Resolution Needed
Obama Gives Backing to Ukraine's New President

Ukrainian President: It's Possible I'll Meet Putin This Week

Ukraine Crisis to Dominate G7 Brussels Summit
Putin Says Expects France to Honor Warships Contract
Prince Felipe: Spain's Next King Speaks of Unity
Catalan Leader Says Independence Vote Must Go Ahead
Secret Trial Plan for English Court
Torture in Northen Ireland Sanctioned by Minister
Poland Should Discuss Euro Entry After 2015 Election: President
Missing North American Couple in 'Taliban' Video
NATO to Keep Around 12,000 Troops in Afghanistan Next Year: US Official
US Military Equipment in Afghanistan to Be Sold, Scrapped
Militants Attack Pakistani Army, Killing 6 Soldiers and Setting Back Peace Talks
Pakistan's Biggest City Shuts Down as Protests Over Politician's UK Arrest Spread
China/Tibet/Hong Kong
Sea of Lights as 'Record Crowd' Marks 25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Crackdown
Tiananmen? What Tiananmen? Beijing Keeps Lid on Protests
Dalai Lama in Bid to Revive Tibetan Autonomy in China
Thai Junta Claims Support From China, Vietnam Amid Western Unease
Indian Woman Killed After Resisting Militant Molesters
Sri Lanka Rejects Devolving Police Powers to Ease Tension With Tamils
Defeated Colombian Leftist Calls on Voters to Back Santos
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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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