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Updated June 6, 2014 - 11:23 PM EDT
Ukraine Govt Ready to Declare Martial Law in East
  Obama, Cameron Issue Demands, Give Russia One Month Ultimatum
Snowden, a Year On: NSA Preserves Its Power
  NSA Reform Bill Finds Few Allies Before Senate Intel Committee
  Parents Oppose Public-Private Child Data Collection
Obama 'Won't Apologize' for POW Trade
  Taliban: Drones Almost Killed Bergdahl
  Report: Sgt. Bergdahl Slipped Away From Unit in California
Boko Haram Kills Hundreds in Nigeria's Northeast
Obama Tells Scotland Not to Secede From Britain
Iraq Military Repulses Militants; 166 Killed
Israel to Build 3,300 Settler Homes in 'Retaliation' for PA Unity
Kiev Escalates: Air Strikes on Ukraine's Rebel Cities  by Justin Raimondo
Sgt. Bergdahl and the Fog of War  by Sheldon Richman
Four Ways Edward Snowden Changed the World  by Trevor Timm
Snowden: Year One  by Julian Sanchez
Clueless in Cairo  by Dilip Hiro & Tom Engelhardt
Hillary Clinton and the Weaponization of the State Dept  by JP Sottile

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How an FBI Informant Orchestrated Stratfor Hack
New Evidence Shows FBI Set Up Jeremy Hammond
Mali Imposes National Military Service Amid Separatist Tensions
Six New Bugs Found in OpenSSL – Including a Hole for Snoopers
Russia Says US Should Push Ukrainian Leader to Halt Violence
As Ukraine Moves on Rebel Stronghold, Residents Live With Sound of Shelling
Russia Faces Struggle to Wean Crimea Economy Off Ukraine Supplies
German Committee Wants to Question Snowden in Moscow
German 'NSA-Proof' Private Server Raises $1mn Crowdfunding in 89 Minutes
Hagel Tours US Naval Cruiser Off Romania, Reiterates Commitment to Regional Security
Trojan Horse Leaked Report Says UK Pupils 'Not Protected From Extremism'
Snowden's Lawyer Assumes His Russian Asylum Will Be Extended
Kosovo Votes Under Shadow of War Crimes Probe
Bosnia Arrests Three for War Crimes Near Site of Mass Grave
Thirty Baluch Rebels Killed in Pakistan Gunbattle
Pakistan Woman Survives Shooting After Marriage Dispute
China & Her Neighbors
Video Shows Vietnam Fishing Boat Sink After Collision With Chinese Vessel
Philippines Reports Chinese Ship Movement Around Disputed Reefs
China Dismisses Philippine Court Case Over Sea Row Claims
China Sentences Nine to Death for Terrorism in Xinjiang
Chinese Military Spending Exceeds $145 Billion, Drones Advanced: US
China and US in Spat Over Tiananmen
China Frees Three Activists After Tiananmen Anniversary
Exiled Tiananmen Protest Leader Slips Into China
Tibetan Exiled Gov't Reaffirms Dialogue Commitment
Blast Kills Four Afghan Policemen: Officials
North Korea Detained a Third US Citizen in Mid-May: Kyodo
Indian PM Modi to Meet Obama in September: Reports
Group of Thai Politicians Plan Overseas Movement to Resist Coup
DR Congo
DR Congo Prisoners in Mass Jailbreak in Bukavu
US Envoy Urges Congo's Kabila to Respect Law, Step Aside in 2016
Central African Republic
UN Report Sees No Genocide in Central African Republic
Starving, Exhausted Central African Republic Refugees Stream Into Cameroon
Nigeria Minister to Attend UK Meet on Boko Haram
Niger Destroys Migrants' Safe Houses, Asks for Int'l Help
Congo Says Rwanda Protecting M23 Rebels
Colombian Peace Negotiator Demands FARC Hand in Weapons
Key Colombia Oil Pipeline Shut Again by Bomb Attack
Venezuela Opposition Leader to Face Trial Over Demos
Police Break Up Anti-President March in Haiti
Canadian Review Will Recommend Buying Lockheed F-35 Fighter Jet
US-Taliban POW Exchange
Sources Outline Conditions on Taliban Leaders' Release in Exchange for Bergdahl
Officials Say Disclosure of Prisoner Swap Could Have Endangered Bergdahl
Charles Krauthammer Backs Bowe Bergdahl Deal
The War at Home
Military Jet Crashes in California Backyard; 2nd Jet Misses Carrier
Texas VA Probe Finds More Waiting List Problems
Obama Nominates Top US General in Afghanistan to Lead Marines
The 11 Countries Expected to Buy F-35 Fighter Jet
Iraq Military Repulses Militants; 166 Killed, 96 Wounded
In Brazen Strike, Sunni Militants Storm Central Iraqi City
Iraq Dislodges Insurgents From City of Samarra With Airstrikes
Despite Kurdish and Sunni Worries, US Begins F-16 Delivery to Iraq
Premier Barzani Denies Oil Exports a Prelude to Kurdish Independence
Doctor and Assistant Arrested for Treating Militants in Samarra
Syria's Assad Has Won, Israeli Diplomatic Official Says
EU States Take Aim at Radical Websites to Counter Syria Problem
US 'Disappointed' by 'Unhelpful' Settlement Tenders
EU Calls for 'Reverse' to Settlement Building Plans
Hamas and Fatah Civil Servants in Gaza Clash Over Pay
Blowing Off World Outrage, Netanyahu Seeks New Sanctions Against Palestinian Govt
Fate of Israel's Jewish Identity Law to Be Decided
Police Probe Twin Racist Attacks on Africans in Israel
Israel Says Iran Giving 'False Explanations' to UN Nuclear Inquiry
Poll: Israelis Oppose Unilateral Withdrawal From West Bank, Split on Annexation
In Policy Shift, Australia Declares East Jerusalem Is Not Occupied
Attack on South Yemen Checkpoint Leaves 14 Dead
Yemen Says 500 al-Qaeda Militants, 40 Soldiers Killed in Campaign
Lebanon to US: Help Settle Gas Dispute With Israel
Sisi to Be Sworn in Sunday; Ex-President Morsi Calls on Supporters to Defy Coup
Western States to Send Low-Level Officials to Sisi Inauguration
Al Jazeera Journalists Speak From Behind Bars in Cairo
Three Al-Jazeera Journalists Could Be Jailed for Up to 15 Years
Egypt Brings in New Sexual Harassment Laws
Libya's Intel Chief Resigns Over Power Struggle
Libyan Premier Visits Benghazi After Wave of Fighting
Family of Convicted Lockerbie Bomber Launches Legal Bid to Clear His Name
Libyan Coastguard Detains 114 African Migrants in Packed Boat
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Justin Raimondo
Kiev Escalates: Air Strikes on Ukraine's Rebel Cities

Lucy Steigerwald
Game of Thrones Gets the Nastiness of Politics and War Right

Ivan Eland
Imperialism and Nigerian Schoolgirls

Nebojsa Malic
Deluge in Serbia and Bosnia

David R. Henderson
An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

Philip Giraldi
Targeting Iran

Kelley B. Vlahos
Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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