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Updated June 13, 2014 - 11:18 PM EDT
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Sistani Calls Out Militias
Iranian Commander 'In Charge' in Baghdad Fight
  Iran Deploys Troops to Baghdad to Fight Against al-Qaeda
  Pro-Iran Militias Become Iraq's Only Defense Against ISIS Advance
US Readies Air Strikes Against al-Qaeda in Iraq
  Obama: The US Won't Send Troops Back Into Combat in Iraq
  Obama, Warming to Intervention, Declares Iraq 'Needs More Help'
  Birth of a Sunni Caliphate or Just Presage to More War?
Baghdad Set for the Worst as Islamists Advance
  Territory Lost, Iraq Withdraws Troops From Syria Border
  Iraqi Kurds Seize Kirkuk After Troops Fled
  As Iraq Loses Ground to al-Qaeda, the Buck Stops at Maliki
  Americans Being Evacuated From Iraqi Air Base
  Chaos Reigns in Iraq as at Least 120 Are Killed, 30 Wounded
Gareth Porter Interviews Iran FM on Nuclear Plan
IG Reveals Staggering Waste in Afghan War
  US Quietly Ferrying Detainees Out of Secret Afghanistan Prison
Russia Holds Rival Baltic Exercises in Response to NATO
  Gazprom: Ukraine Gas Supplies Will Halt Monday Without Payment
  Ukraine Claims Three Russian Tanks Moving in Separatist East
Pakistan Condemns US Drone Strikes
Court Rules Warrantless Cell Tracking Unconstitutional
Don't Double Down in Syria  by Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leverett
Drafted by the National Security State  by William Astore & Tom Engelhardt
Friendly? All Deaths Are Shameful in a War That Shouldn't Be  by Rory Fanning
Iraq War III?  by Justin Raimondo
Bergdahl and the Pathologizing of Dissent  by Zoë Carpenter
From Pussy Riot to Snowden: The Dissident Fetish  by Molly Crabapple

More Viewpoints

Sgt. Bergdahl Headed Back to US, Pentagon Says
UK to Step Up Collaboration With US Over Nukes
Russian Nuclear Bombers Seen 50 Miles Off California Coast
Hillary Clinton: Turkey FM Considered War on Israel Over Mavi Marmara
Afghans Tighten Security as Taliban Threaten Presidential Vote
Afghan Candidate Abdullah Seeks Pakistan Cooperation
Pakistan Court Backs Musharraf Request to Leave Country
Afghans Impatiently Await New President
India Hangings: Fourth Woman Dies in Uttar Pradesh
Why Are Women Being Hanged in India?
China Calls Japan the Aggressor in Flybys Over Sea
China Struggles to Assure People of Stability in Wake of Violent Attacks
Thai Activist Faces Jail Over Anti-Coup Protests
Top Militant Leader Is Arrested in Philippines
Libyan Army Checkpoint Targeted by Blast in Benghazi
Libya Oil Export Cut Could Benefit Brent Crude Producers
Libya Set to Pay Reparations to Victims of Rape as a War Crime
20 Kidnapped Women – Boko Haram Demands 40 Cows Per Hostage
Africa and West Pledge More Support in War Against Boko Haram
Progressive Banker Now Islamic Monarch in Nigeria
Nigeria Mulling Sri Lankan Example to Fight Terror: Military
West Africa Should Decriminalize Drugs: UN's West Africa Commission on Drugs
Somali Militants Plotting Djibouti Attack: Britain
Troops Gather at Congo-Rwanda Border After Clashes
Egyptian Dissident Sentenced for Challenging Ban on Protest
Ivory Coast's Gbagbo to Be Tried at International Criminal Court
Russia to Submit Draft UN Resolution on Ukraine
Blast Targets Self-Proclaimed East Ukraine Leader's Vehicle
Fully Secret Terror Trial Blocked by UK Court of Appeal
EU Commission Chief Appeals to Russia Over Moldova
Factbox: Candidates in Colombia's Presidential Election
The War at Home
Senators Press Obama Administration to Clarify Surveillance Reform Legislation
White House to Implement New Safeguards After Accidental Release of CIA Agent's Name
Hillary Clinton Blasts Angela Merkel Wiretap, Edward Snowden
Iraqi Security Forces Withdraw From Border With Syria
Iraq Parliament Fails to Convene for Vote on State of Emergency
Chaos Reigns in Iraq as at Least 120 Are Killed, 30 Wounded
ISIS Claims Baghdad Attacks That Killed Dozens
Insurgents Surround Iraq's Largest Refinery in Baiji
Choosing Rebels Over Army, Iraqis Head Home
Fear, Sectarianism Behind Iraq Army Collapse
Iraqi Army Was Crumbling Long Before Its Collapse, US Officials Say
Iraq Air Force Bombs Insurgent Positions in Mosul: State TV
Iraq Air Strikes 'Hit Tikrit Palace Compound'
ISIS Shelling Kurdish Peshmerga-Controlled Areas South of Kirkuk
Elite Forces Free 16 Georgian Workers in Mosul
Oil Prices Spike as Iraq Violence Flares
Iraq Events Dampen Kurdistan's Usual Business Buzz
Iraq and the US
Biden Tells Iraqi Leader US Ready to 'Intensify' Security Support
GOP Blasts Obama for Iraqi Unrest
McCain: Obama's Entire National Security Team Should Resign Over Iraq
Iraq and the World
Russia Sees American Adventurism in Iraq Behind Current Conflict
UK Rules Out Taking Military Action in Iraq
In Europe, No Plan to Get Involved in Iraq
NATO Secretary General Says Sees No Role for Alliance in Iraq
UN Official Says No Immediate Threat to Baghdad; Envoys Skeptical
Turkey Says Negotiating for Release of 80 Hostages in Iraq
Turkey Not Working on New Mandate for Military Action in Iraq: Minister
Germany Urges Citizens to Leave Iraqi Capital
Western Reaction Muted as Islamic Militants Sweep Across Iraq
Unified Senate Sends Obama Message on Palestinian Unity
Tape Emerges Purporting to Show Erekat Lashing Out at Abbas
Urging Caution, Hillary Clinton Calls PA Unity 'Unfortunate'
More Than Half of Palestinians Oppose New Talks With Israel, Poll Finds
Turkish Protest Organizers Go on Trial, Face Up to 30 Years in Jail
Austria Warns Erdogan Not to Incite Turks' Isolation
7 Killed in Car Bomb Blast in Syria's Homs
Thousands of Syrian Refugee Children in Lebanon Forced to Work: Aid Group
Germany to Take in 10,000 More Syrian Refugees
Iran to Cut Plutonium Creation Capability in Attempt to Reach Deal With West
Why Higher Iran Oil Exports Are Not Roiling Nuclear Deal
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