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Updated June 22, 2014 - 11:20 PM EDT
Israel Air Strikes Pound Multiple Syria Army Sites
Key Shi'ite Cleric Warns US Against Return to Iraq
  US 'Advisers' Waiting for Iraq Legal Cover
  Iraq Pressed by US to Quickly Solve Political Crisis
  US, ISIS, and Shi'ite Clergy Agree: Maliki Must Go
ISIS Seizes Lone Iraq-Jordan Border Crossing
  ISIS Seizes Four West Iraq Towns, Moves on Key Dam
  Bombings and Clashes Leave Well Over 200 Killed Across Iraq
  Hundreds of Troops Surrounded in Iraq's Key Refinery: US Official
  Iraqi Shi'ite Groups Rally in Show of Power
  Jihadist Infighting Kills 17 in Kirkuk
Iraq, Syria Conflicts Merge, Feed Off Each Other
  Iraq Militants Take Syria-Border Post in Drive for Caliphate
  Syrian Warplanes Hit Town Seized by ISIS
  US: Airstrikes Against ISIS Won't Be Confined to Iraq
Egypt: Death Sentence on Brotherhood Leader, Supporters
US Presbyterians Vote to Divest Firms to Pressure Israel
Door May Open to US Military at Former Vietnam War Hub
Is Obama's New Iraq Strategy a Cover for Expanding Secret War?  by Ali Gharib
The Bookends of Generation War: Bergdahl and Lindh  by Guy Somerset
Reviving the 'Successful Surge' Myth  by Robert Parry
In Praise of Michael Hastings  by John R. MacArthur
Government's Closed-Source Intelligence  by Philip Giraldi
How Obama Whoops Up Democracy  by James Bovard

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Anger Grows at Arizona's 'Bullying' Border Patrol
Los Angeles Police Dept Just Got a Military-Grade Electric Bike for Stealth Missions
Islamists Kill 'Many' in Attack on Nigerian Village
South Korean Soldier Kills 5 Comrades, Wounds 5
Okinawa Governor to Drop Call to Kick Out US Air Base
An Inside Peek at Gitmo's Camps and Court
Putin Orders Surprise Drills to Check Combat Readiness of Central Russia Forces
Putin Backs Ukraine Cease-Fire, Warns Talks Needed
Ukrainian Church Faces Obscure Pro-Russia Revolt in Its Own Ranks
Seven Wounded in Fighting Near Russian-Ukrainian Border
Ukraine's Oligarchs Remain Influential as Ever
Baltic States to Back Further Russia Sanctions if Ukraine Crisis Does Not Ease
Could Estonia's Oil Shale Bolster Europe's Energy Security?
Prominent Belarusian Activist Released From Prison
Afghans Protest Alleged Election Fraud, but Turnout Smaller Than Expected
Tension Mounts in Afghanistan as UN Urges Abdullah to Return to Electoral Process
Helicopters Pound Militant Hideouts, Killing 30 in NWA, Khyber
Pakistan Says 307,501 Have Fled Tribal Region
Environmental Tribunal Judge Killed in Quetta
Karachi: Two Gunned Down, Three Injured in City as Violence Continues
Pakistan Police Told to Use Rubber Bullets to Handle Protest Rallies
Sri Lanka
Fire Guts Muslim Shop in Sri Lanka Amid Tensions
Another Tamil Man Sets Himself on Fire to Stop Deportation to Sri Lanka
China/Hong Kong
Chinese Police Shoot Dead 13 Attackers in Restive Xinjiang
Cyberattack on Hong Kong Vote Was Among Largest Ever, Security Chief Says
China Will Solve Maritime Disputes Through Direct Talks
China Publishes 146-Page Book on US Mass Surveillance
Americans Still Dying
Butler (GA) Sergeant Killed by Friendly Fire in Afghanistan
Bombings and Clashes Leave Well Over 200 Killed Across Iraq
Obama Faces Blurred Lines in Iraq
US: Iran Sent 'Small Numbers' of Operatives Into Iraq
Allawi Launches an Initiative to Form National Government
Iraqis in Iran Rally to the Cause of Their Former Homeland Under Threat From Militant Extremists
Obama: Iraq's Military Must Diversify
Iraqi Girl, 15, and Mother Each Lose Both Their Legs in ISIS Rocket Attack Which Also Kills Her Ten-Year-Old Sister
Kurdistan Denies Selling Oil to Israel
Second Tanker of Kurdish Oil Delivered, Two More Loading
Iraqi Exiles Divided by Sect, but United by Anxiety Over Warring Homeland
We Feel Like Being in Jail: Indian Carpenter in Iraq
Syrian Mother Speaks of Her Son Sold Into Battle
UK Family 'Heartbroken' After British Man Appears in Syria Jihadist Film
Hezbollah, Syrian Army Surround Lebanese Enclave
Witness: Lebanon Suicide Bomber Syrian
Abbas Says No Evidence Shows Hamas Is Behind Kidnapping of Three Israeli Teens
Rockets Fired From Gaza Hit Southern Israel
UN's Mideast Coordinator Denies Allegations He Sought to Transfer Funds to Hamas
Livni Says Netanyahu Erred in Attacking Abbas at Start of Kidnapping Crisis
Shi'ite Rebels Attack Police Patrols in Yemeni Capital
Al-Qaeda Denies Majority of Its Fighters in Yemen Are Foreigners
Yemeni Colonel Kills 'al-Qaeda Brother,' Avenged by Nephews
Two Kidnapped Workers Released by PKK in Eastern Turkey
Two Killed in Clashes Between Police, Pro-Morsi Protesters in Cairo
Bomb Under Car Seat Kills Somali Journalist
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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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