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Updated July 2, 2014 - 10:47 PM EDT
US Troops Will Fly Attack Helicopters in Iraq
  Pentagon Denies 'Mission Creep' as New US Troop Presence at 650
  Obama Wants to Sell Iraq 4,000 More Hellfire Missiles
  Pentagon: Growing US Forces in Iraq Need 'Flexibility' for Mission
  Iraq to US: Bomb ISIS Or We'll Ask Iran To Do It
Maliki Raids Shi'ite Rival in Karbala, 45 Dead
  Iraqi Parliament Ends as Sunnis, Kurds Walk Out
  Kurdish Secession Referendum Coming in 'Matter of Months'
  What Iraq's Kurds Want, and Why It May Get Complicated
  Who Has the Inside Track for This Oil-Rich Iraqi City's Production?
ISIS Continues Anbar Offensive, Nearing Haditha
  Why Young Sunnis Are Drawn to ISIS
Privacy Board: NSA's Internet Monitoring Is Legal
  Court Gave NSA Broad Leeway in Surveillance
  Last Minute US Govt Claims Put Halt to Greenwald 'Bombshell'
Clashes After Palestinian Teen's Body Found in Jerusalem
  Israel Bombs Gaza, Palestinians Slam Collective Punishment
Japan Ditches Pacifist Constitution, Legalizes Intervention
Poroshenko to 'Rid Ukraine of Parasites' With New Offensive
Gulf War Without End: Iraq's Forty Years of Conflict  by Michael Patrick Brill
ISIS: The Spoils of the 'Great Loot' in the Middle East  by Conn Hallinan
The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail  by Barrett Brown
The Return of Ahmad Chalabi  by Justin Raimondo
NY Times Neocons Slither Back  by Murray Polner
No One Builds Bases Like the US  by Dan Drollette Jr.

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US Marshals Auction Off Huge Haul of Bitcoin
Benghazi Suspect Said to Corroborate Attack Details
ISIS Leader Calls on Muslims to 'Build Islamic State'
European Court Upholds French Full Veil Ban
Half of Returning Vets Battle Chronic Pain, Many Risk Pill Addiction
Has Putin Reached His Limit on His Willingness to Intervene in Ukraine?
Russia Hints at US Influence in Ukraine's Decision on Truce
Ukrainian Forces Attack Rebel Bases: Parliament Speaker
Putin Vows to Protect Ethnic Russians Abroad After Ukraine Truce Expires
Putin Accuses Ukrainian Leader of Shunning Road to Peace
EU Countries Delay Russia Sanctions Despite Ultimatum
Election Result Delayed in Afghanistan
Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Will Leave Post
Australian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Incident
Pakistan Steps Up Operation to Clear Taliban 'Safe Haven' From Its Border
Pakistani Officials: Any Militants in North Waziristan a Target, Even Haqqanis
Pakistan Urges Afghanistan to Arrest TTP Chief Fazlullah
China/Hong Kong
Hong Kong Crowds Rally for Democracy
Over 500 Arrested in Hong Kong Protests
China's Xi Heads to Seoul With North Korea on His Mind
China Says Japan Should Respect Concerns on Military
On Day of Hong Kong Mass Protests, China's Army Opens Barracks to Public
Tourists on Trial in North Korea Angry at the US
Cambodia Frees Activist as Ties Warm With Thai Junta
Reports Tamils Handed Over to Sri Lanka
Civilian Group: 56 Dead in Nigeria Market Blast
How Boko Haram Is Beating US Efforts to Choke Its Financing
Nigeria Arrests Businessman in Connection With Girls' Abductions
58 Killed in Hospitals in South Sudan Conflict
Sudan Christian Woman Faces New Legal Challenge: Lawyer
Al Shabaab Kills Three Somali Soldiers in Latest Ramadan Attack
US Imposes Sanctions on Islamist Group in Congo for Targeting Children
Egypt Oil, Gas Possible Once Subsidies Ease
Venezuelan Army Said to Have Trespassed Guyanese Border, Attacked Miners
Venezuela Leader Says Ties Restored With Panama
Mexico Vigilante Leader Demands Community Rule
Colombia Extradites 7 Accused of Killing DEA Agent
Parliament Fails to Lead Iraq Out of Chaos; 82 Killed in Clashes, Attacks
Envoy Says Iraq Can't Wait for US Military Aid
Iraq Lifts Social Media Ban, Some Websites Still Blocked
ISIS Leader Urges Jihad to Right Wrongs Against Muslims
Iraqi Kurds Dig Frontier Around Disputed Areas
Situation for Iraqi Children 'Extremely Volatile': UN
Parliament's (Very) Short Session Underscores Tensions Pulling at Iraq
Iraqi Clerics: ISIS 'Caliphate' Is a Violation of Sharia
Acting Iraq Parliament Speaker Says Security, Stability Must Be Restored
Iraq and the World
46 Indian Nurses Reported in ISIS Custody in Iraq
Time Not on Iraq's Side, US Warns Amid Political Chaos
Report: Russian Pilots Set to Fly Over Iraq
Kosovo Police Arrest 3 on Terror Charges, Media Report Possible ISIS Links
In Iraq, Shi'ite Muslim Militia's Reemergence Gives US Pause
Netanyahu's Call for Kurdish Independence Sparks Questions About a Unified Iraq
Iran Will Send Arms to Iraq but Not Troops: Minister
Iran Deputy FM: US Wants to Create a 'Second Ukraine' in Iraq
Orange County (CA) Poll: Little Support for Using Troops, Airstrikes in Iraq
Jihadists Urged to Free Kurdish School Kids Held in Syria
Vienna Man Convicted of Training With Syrian Militants
Israeli Diplomat: 'Now That Bodies Found, World Won't Abide Large Military Campaign'
Palestinians Furious as Israel Resumes Punitive Demolitions
Israel Lifts Gag Order on Kidnapped Teen's SOS Call: Gunshots Heard
US Says Hamas Involved, if Not Responsible, for Fate of Israel's Lost Boys
US Says Israel Accepted Offer to Help Hunt Down Teens' Killers
Netanyahu: Israel Will Expand Gaza Operation as Far as Necessary
Hamas Member Killed After Israeli Teens Found Dead
Ya'alon Proposes New Settlement in Memory of Murdered Teens
Turkey: 'Kurdistan' Political Name Taboo Broken
Turkey's Erdogan Positions Himself for More Powerful Presidential Role
Middle East
Saudi King Appoints New Spy Chief as Regional Crisis Spreads
Oil-Producing Iran Looks to Solar Power
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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