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Updated July 5, 2014 - 11:12 PM EDT
Israeli Police Beat Victim's Cousin, a US Citizen
  Autopsy: Palestinian Teen Was Burned to Death
  Furious Palestinians Rally at Funeral for Slain Teen
  Hamas Ready for Gaza Ceasefire if Israeli Airstrikes Stop
  Israeli FM Insists Top Hamas Politicians Are 'Legitimate Targets'
US Continues Iraq Buildup with Troops, Copters
  US Sends Green Berets to Northern Iraq
  US Afraid Maliki Will Use F-16s to Kill Political Rivals
Iranian Pilot Killed Fighting in Iraq: State Media
  Israel Vows to Prevent ISIS Invasion of Jordan
  Saudis Mass 30,000 Troops on Border With Iraq
  ISIS Seizes Largest Syria Oil Field, Key Nearby Towns
ISIS Chief Delivers Friday Sermon in Mosul
  Army Struggles to Retake Strategic City of Tikrit
  Maliki Won't Give Up on Third Term as Iraqi PM
  Kurds Aim to Distance Themselves From Netanyahu Calls for Secession
Autopsy: Palestinian Teen Was Burned to Death
  Furious Palestinians Rally at Funeral for Slain Teen
  Hamas Ready for Gaza Ceasefire if Israeli Airstrikes Stop
  Israeli FM Insists Top Hamas Politicians Are 'Legitimate Targets'
German Man Arrested as Spy Implicates US
Ukraine Reports 13 Troops Killed in Eastern Fighting
Christians, Hindus Describe Tribal Life With the Taliban
CIA Employee's Quest to Release Info 'Destroyed Career'
First Gulf War in 1991 Was America's Opening Iraq Mistake  by Gene Healy
Time to Shut the NSA's Backdoor Used to Spy on Americans  by Geoffrey R. Stone
Why Are 6,000 Reporters Keeping a US Nonsecret?  by Ted Rall
Ukraine: The War on Truth  by Armen Abazajian
The Superpower and the Caliphate  by Glen Ford
Nuclear Nightmares: Securing the World Before It Is Too Late  by Noah Habeeb

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Experts: 'National Security Has Become State Religion'
Germany Summons US Envoy Over Spy Allegations
Russia Passes Law to Force Websites Onto Russian Servers
Thieves in Mexico Steal Truck With Dangerous Radioactive Load
Facebook Denies Emotion Contagion Study Had Military Ties
Israel Warns Hamas Against More Violence as Tension Spikes
Video: Israeli Police Beating Palestinian During Jerusalem Protest
CNN's Ben Wedeman Hit With Rubber Bullet in Jerusalem
Funeral Crowd Throngs East Jerusalem
Israeli Soldiers Jailed Over Facebook Calls for Revenge Against Arabs
IMF Urges Israel to Lay Off Weakening Palestinian Economy
12 More EU Countries Warn Against Trade With Israeli Settlements
Middle East
Turkey Turns Inwards as War Spreads From Syria to Iraq
One Killed in Syrian Air Raid on Lebanon Border Town
Salafi Militant Says Jordan Not Immune to Jihadis
Saudi Guard, Three Gunmen Killed in Clash on Yemen Border
Policeman Wounded in Bahrain Bomb Blast: Ministry
Kuwait Warns Against Violent Protests After Rally
17 Extremists Killed in Security Raids in Egypt's Sinai
Three Killed in Blast at Egyptian House Used for Bomb-Making
Nigerian Soldiers Block Roads, Burn Buses in Lagos Protest
Boko Haram Crisis: Nigeria Arrests 'Female Recruiters'
US Embassy in Uganda Warns of 'Specific Threat' to Airport
US Embassy in Algiers Warns of Possible Terrorist Attack Over Fourth of July Holiday Weekend
Clerics Urge Calm Before Monday's Rally in Divided Kenya
Rebel Leader Kony 'Hibernates,' Evades Jungle Hunt
Senegal Prime Minister Toure Sacked After Poor Election
Russia Launches Large-Scale Naval Drill in Black Sea Same Day as NATO
Russia Exercises UNSC Veto – Against House of Cards
Ukraine's President Seeks New Crisis Talks at Weekend, Fighting Rages
Ukraine Parliament Gives Preliminary Nod to Emergency Energy Plans
Iraq's Premier Remains Defiant as 33 More Are Killed in Fighting, Attacks
Iraq Army Retakes Saddam's Birthplace
Top Iraq Cleric Says Lack of New Government 'Regrettable Failure'
Suicide Bomber Kills 15 in Attack on Iraq Forces
Former Iraq Parliament Speaker to Step Aside So Maliki Can Go
Iraqi Kurdistan
As Iraq Fractures, Kurds Find Best Opportunity Yet to Gain Leverage
Poised to Gain in Iraq Crisis, Kurds Face New Barriers to Autonomy
As Iraq Reels, Kurdistan Sounds Out US on Independence
Iraq/Syria and the World
US Teen Charged With Trying to Help Jihadists
Turkey Softens Stance on Independence for Iraqi Kurds
Britain Freezes Assets of Men Said to Have Joined ISIS
100 UK Imams Urge Britons to Stay Away From Syria
Refugee Camp for Syrians in Jordan Evolves as a Do-It-Yourself City
India Nurses Stranded in Iraq to Fly Home Saturday
Polio Vaccinators Beaten Up in Pakistan
120,500 North Waziristan Residents Have Moved to Afghanistan: UN
Myanmar Buddhists Threaten Death to Muslims in Mandalay
Myanmar Police Arrest 5 as Calm Returns to Mandalay After Riots
Myanmar Journalist Freed After Sentence Reduced
China's Xi Invites South Korea Joint Effort on Japan's Wartime Past
New North Korea Probe Seen as Abductees' Last Chance
Sanctions: How Japan Is Easing Up on North Korea
Hong Kong Police Charge Pro-Democracy March Organizers
44 Afghan Militants Killed in Operations Within Day
Malaysian Police Make New Arrests of Suspected Sri Lankan Tamil Activists
Thai Junta Compares Intervention to Myanmar's 1988 Crackdown
2 Convicted in Dirty War Death of Argentine Bishop
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