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Updated July 6, 2014 - 11:25 PM EDT
NSA Intercepts More Innocent People Than Targets
Israel Shuts Highways as Clashes Sweep Country
  Israeli Police Beat Victim's Cousin, a US Citizen
  Autopsy: Palestinian Teen Was Burned to Death
In Iraq, the Fiercest of Wars Lies Ahead
  ISIS Chief Delivers Friday Sermon in Mosul
  ISIS Destroying Shi'ite Mosques, Holy Sites in Seized Territory
Iranian Pilot Killed Fighting in Iraq: State Media
  Maliki Removes Key Army Chiefs, Appoints Own Son
  US Continues Iraq Buildup with Combat Troops, Helicopters
Rebels Flee, Ukraine Army Retake Slavyansk
Taliban Sets 200 Oil Tankers Ablaze in Afghanistan
First Gulf War in 1991 Was America's Opening Iraq Mistake  by Gene Healy
Time to Shut the NSA's Backdoor Used to Spy on Americans  by Geoffrey R. Stone
Why Are 6,000 Reporters Keeping a US Nonsecret?  by Ted Rall
Ukraine: The War on Truth  by Armen Abazajian
The Superpower and the Caliphate  by Glen Ford
Nuclear Nightmares: Securing the World Before It Is Too Late  by Noah Habeeb

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Egypt Court Sentences Muslim Brotherhood Leader to Life in Prison
Afghan Presidential Candidate Rules Out Coalition Deal
ISIS Allegedly Issues 'Caliphate' Passport
NATO Signals No New Members for the Present
Fresh US Spying Allegations Could Damage Relations With Germany
Jews and Arabs Protest: We Refuse to Be Enemies
Following Night of Violent Clashes, Arab Protesters Back to the Streets
US 'Profoundly Troubled' by American's Beating in Israeli Custody
After a Night of Silence, IAF Attacks Three Gaza Targets
Arabs Demonstrate in Nazareth as Popular Protests Spread
Jews Attacked in Israeli Arab Town; 12 Arrested, Road Closed
Jet Fighters Target Militant Hideouts, Kill Uzbek Militants in North Waziristan
Militants Storm Diamer Police Station
Toy Bomb Kills Two Sisters in Pakistan
Two Killed as Bomb Goes Off Outside Mosque in Karachi
Two North Waziristan Refugees Shot Dead in Bannu
Shadow of Brutal '79 War Darkens Vietnam's View of China Relations
China Invests in Nuclear Submarines
Sri Lanka Accused of Turning Blind Eye to Violence
Shutdown in Held Kashmir Greets Modi on First Visit
North Africa
Egypt Sharply Raises Prices for Fuel, Drawing Protests
Libya Car Bomb Kills Commando in the East
Suicide Bomber Kills Five Outside Northeast Nigeria Mosque
Four Killed in Car Bomb Attack in Somalia
'Tortured' Sudan Activists Will Not Be Broken: Mothers
Americans Still Dying
Classmates Hold Memorial for Fallen New Braunfels (TX) Marine
Iranian Colonel Among 138 Killed in Iraq
Allawi Warns Risk of Iraq's Dismemberment Unless Maliki Goes
Maliki Remains Many Iraqis' Top Choice as Leader
Peshmerga Fight in Jalawla, as Iraqi Army Tries to Retake Tikrit
Kurds Confident International Community Welcomes Their State
Christian Leader Appeals for Missing Iraq Nuns
200 More Indian Nationals Return From Iraq
Islamic State Leader Calls on All Muslims to Aid 'Caliphate'
Eight Members of One Family Killed in Syria Raid: NGO
Syria Rebel Chief Warns of 'Disaster' Without Aid
Lebanon: Palestinian Elite Force to Deploy This Week
Broad Campaign in Solidarity With Palestine: Hezbollah
Mossad Assassinated Samir Kuntar's Right Hand Man
Kurdish Rebels 'To Resume Turkey Withdrawal in September'
Turkey PM Vows to Strengthen Presidency as Kicks Off Campaign
Middle East
Yemeni Air Force Bombs Shi'ite Rebels After Ceasefire Collapses
Two Militants Blow Themselves Up in Southern Saudi Arabia
Bombing Kills a Bahraini Policeman, Official Says
US, EU Unlikely to Invest in Ukraine's Gas System, Analysts Say
Georgian Opposition Leader Ordered Jailed Until Trial
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