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Updated July 7, 2014 - 11:23 PM EDT
IAF Launches Major Aerial Offensive on Gaza
  Israel Shuts Highways as Clashes Sweep Country
  Lieberman Ends Netanyahu Partnership, Dismantles Likud-Beiteinu
  Israel Arrests Six Over Killing of Palestinian Teen
  Israel Places Beaten Palestinian-American Boy Under House Arrest
Iraq Delays Key Parliament Session Until August
  Iraq Airstrikes Slam Into ISIS-Held Mosul
  Iraq Tribes Refuse to Fight for Maliki; 258 Killed Across Country
  Pentagon Frets Iran's Rising Influence, Drone Deployment in Iraq
  'Water War' Threatens Syria Lifeline
NSA Intercepts More Innocent People Than Targets
  TSA Targets Mobile Phones and Electronics in New Security Policies
  Torture Report Shows 'Shocking Brutality' by CIA
  German Spy Who Sold Secrets to US Tried to Make Deal With Russians
Afghanistan's Ghani 'Wins' Presidential Vote
Hospitals Slammed as N. Yemen Erupts in Sectarian Fighting
Ukraine Vows More Offensives After Seizing Slovyansk
If You're Reading This, the NSA Is Probably Already Following You  by Nick Gillespie
James Risen Must Not Be Prosecuted  by David Harris-Gershon
US National-Security State's Murder of Two Americans  by Jacob Hornberger
New York Times Dishes More Ukraine Propaganda  by Robert Parry
Wayward Drones and Other Tales  by Christopher Brauchli
Dear Privacy Board: It's US, Earth's Other 95%  by Naureen Shah

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Soviet Defector's Trove of KGB Secrets Made Public
Germany Urges US to Explain 'Double Agent' Case
US Company Signs Billion-Dollar Energy Deal With Iran
Charges Against Boston Bombing Suspects' Pals Questioned
Clinton: Snowden Deserves Legal Defense
Taliban Cut Hair, Beards to Flee Pakistan Army Assault
US State Dept. Demands Investigation Into Reports of Teen's Beating in Israel
Hamas: Israeli Air Strike Kills Six Gaza Gunmen
Slain Israeli Teen's Uncle Consoles Murdered Palestinian's Father
CCTV Footage Showing Faces of Slain Palestinian Teen's Suspected Killers Revealed
Suspect in Killing of East Jerusalem Teen Said to Confess
Hamas Slams Israel's Restrictions on Gaza Fishermen
PM Slams Arab Rioters: 'No Place' for Law-Breakers
Mossad Chief: Palestinian Conflict Top Threat to Israel's Security, Not Iran
Bennett: Israel Must Impose Same Law Against Jewish and Palestinian Terrorists
Yemen Bombs Shi'ite Rebels After Truce Collapses, 70 Killed
Yemen Army Continues Fight in North and Is Attacked in South
Middle East
Kuwaiti Protesters Arrested, Police Use Tear Gas
Saudi Rights Lawyer Sentenced to 15 Years Prison
Power Struggles in Middle East Exploit Islam's Ancient Sectarian Rift
Western Officials Press for Audit of Afghan Presidential Vote
Afghanistan Rejects Facebook Ban as Election Tensions Rise
Pakistan Fighting Reverses Flow of Refugees, Stirs Unease in Afghanistan
Gunmen Kill Three Policemen in Hyderabad
1,400 Cops, 600 Volunteers on Security Duty for Mosques
NSA Spying: PPP Formally Lodges Protest With US
Myanmar/Sri Lanka
Dalai Lama Urges Buddhists to Halt Violence Against Muslims
US Wanted Myanmar to Model Democratic Change, but It's Not Turning Out That Way
Ukraine's First Big Win Over Rebels Dims Truce Hopes
Ukraine Rebels Regroup After Losing Sloviansk
Pro-Russia Separatists Vow to Keep Up the Fight
Ukrainian President Hails Breakthrough as Slovyansk Seized From Separatists
Georgian Opposition Leader Ordered Jailed Until Trial
Soviet Guns Lie Hidden in British Countryside From Cold War, Says Leading Historian
Iraq Tribes Refuse to Fight for Maliki; 258 Killed Across Country
Insurgents in Iraq Seizing More Weaponry
Ahmad Chalabi: From Pariah to Iraq's Next Prime Minister?
Iraqi Jets Bomb Tuz Khurmatu, Killing 12-Year-Old Girl
For Baghdad Residents Caught in Iraq Upheaval, Returning Home Is a Problem
Shi'ite Cleric Sadr Wants Maliki's Bloc to Choose New Iraq PM Candidate

Anbar Tribal Leader: Maliki Is 'More Dangerous Than ISIS

Iraq Analyzing Tape Purported to Show Top Militant
In Pictures: ISIS Destroys Iraq Shrines
Iraq and the World
Barzani: America, Turkey Will Not Block Kurdish Independence
Wolfowitz Sees Chalabi as Viable Iraq Leader Even With Iran Ties
2,200 More Indians Want to Return From Iraq
Ramadan Plea to British Muslims Not to Got to Iraq, Syria
Iraq Fighting Doesn't Raise Oil Prices, Yet
ISIS Displaces 30,000 People in Eastern Syria
Hezbollah Boosts Number of Fighters in Syria After Islamic State Takeover
Syrian Opposition to Elect New President
Twin Girls 'Fly to Syria to Join Jihadi Fight'
Sisi: Independent Kurdish State in Iraq Would Be 'Catastrophic'
Egypt Leader 'Wishes Journalists Weren't Tried'
More Than 60 Women, Girls Escape Islamist Abductors in Nigeria
Clashes Between Nigeria Army, Islamists Kill 59
Gunmen Kill at Least 29 in Latest Raids on Kenyan Coast
Gruesome Attacks in Kenyan Villages Heighten Fears of a Nation on Edge
Clash Between Army, 'Tribal Gunmen' Leaves 65 Dead in Uganda
18 More Killed in Darfur Tribal Fighting: Resident
Three European Engineers Believed Kidnapped in Libya: Officials
Technocrat Mohammed Dionne Named Senegal's Prime Minister: State TV
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