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Updated July 12, 2014 - 11:13 PM EDT
Israel Hits Mosque, Disabled Center: Toll at 151
  IDF Special Forces Raid Long-Range Rocket Launching Site
  Israelis Are Completely Misled About What's Going on in Gaza
  Palestinians: Most Gaza Dead Are Children, Women, Elderly
Israel Warns Northern Gaza Residents to Evacuate
  Netanyahu Won't Halt Attacks, Vows Gaza Escalation
  Israel Fires Artillery Into Lebanon After Rocket Fired
  Netanyahu: Gaza War Proves Israel Can't Allow Palestinian Statehood
Maliki Dumps Kurd FM as Relations Disintegrate
  Expansion of 'Secret' Facility in Iraq Suggests Closer US-Kurd Ties
  Kurdistan Seizes Two Iraqi Oil Fields Near Kirkuk
  Iraq Forces Executed 250 Sunni Prisoners: Watchdog
Ukraine Claims Air Offensive Kills 1,000 Rebels
  Ukraine Vows Revenge After Rebel Missile Strike Kills 23 Troops
Pakistan's Waziristan 'Victory': Fighters Were Already Gone
NSA Knew of Snowden File Destruction by Guardian in UK
A Gitmo Detainee May Have Revealed US War Crimes
Iraq Will Solve Itself When We Leave It Alone  by Justin Pavoni
Thank You, President Obama. Love, Israel  by Chris Ernesto
I Am a Muslim-American Leader, and the NSA Spied on Me  by Nihad Awad
If Only the US Had Stayed Out of WWI  by David Stockman
Russia's Choice, in 1914 and Now  by Nebojsa Malic
Israel's Strategy and America's Mythology  by Ira Chernus

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14,000 Draft Notices Sent to Men Born in 1800s
Report: Germany Turned Down US Spy Deal
UK Access to NSA Data Faces Legal Challenge
What You Should Know on Diego Garcia and Renditions
Israel's Former Envoy Michael Oren: Shias More Dangerous Than Sunnis
HRW Documents 255 Prisoner Executions in June; 96 Killed in Iraq Today
Iraqi Soldier Tells of Desertion as Militants Attacked Refinery: 'Our Officers Sold Us Out'
Witnesses Describe How Islamists Leveled Sunni Village as a Warning
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Urges Fighters to Respect All People's Rights
Underage Fighters Drawn Into Iraq Sectarian War
Iraq Oil Bonanza Reaps $1 Million a Day for Islamic State
Hagel: US Aware of Russian, Iranian Roles in Iraq
Iraqi Kurdistan
Kirkuk Bombings Death Toll Rises to 28
Kurds on Iraq's New Faultline Feel Destiny Beckoning
Baghdad Lashes Out After Kurdish Forces Move Into Two Oilfields
KRG: Oilfields Takeover Was to Secure Them From Iraqi Sabotage
With ISIS Near, Nineveh's Minorities Look to Kurdistan
Iraq/Syria and the World
FBI Details 2007 Blackwater Brutal Killings in Baghdad
UK Imams Condemn ISIS in Online Video
Belgian Fathers Seeking Missing Sons in Syria
Guiding Germany's Young Muslims Off the Road to Jihad
UN Asks Europe to Take Syrian Refugees as Region Saturated
Anticipating a Showdown, Ukraine City Empties Out
Russia Urges UN to Demand Cease-Fire in Ukraine
Merkel Asks Ukraine to Keep Sense of Proportion Against Separatists
Canada Imposes Further Sanctions Against Ukraine
'Snowden's Life Is Still in Danger,' Russian Official Says
Russia Likely to Extend Snowden's Asylum
The War at Home
How 160,000 Intercepted Communications Led to Our Latest NSA Story
Army Shifting Thousands of Soldiers to Fort Meade
US Disease Labs Made Dangerous Pathogen Transport Errors
Israel's 'Roof Knocking' in Gaza Captured on Video
Theater of War: Photo Captures Israelis Watching Gaza Being Bombed
The Terrible Price Children Are Paying for Israel's War With Hamas
Gaza Family Counts Its Dead as Israelis Flee Rocket Attacks
Gaza-Israel Conflict: 'It's Not Worth Living'
Gaza Under Siege: Naming the Dead
For Gazans, a Tense and Somber Ramadan
Liberman Says Israel Must 'Go All the Way and Eradicate Hamas
Abbas Slams Netanyahu: I Don't Have a Partner for a Two-State Solution
Israel and the World
Abbas Calls on UN to Demand Immediate Gaza Ceasefire
For Palestinian-Americans, a Summer Vacation at Wartime
Lebanon's Army Finds Rocket Launchers, Arrests Suspect
UN Human Rights Chief Doubts Legality of Israeli Air Campaign
Erdogan: No Normalizing of Ties With Israel
Thousands Protest Gaza Strikes in London, Paris
2,000 Tunisians Protest Against Israel's Gaza Assault
Jordan's King Warns of 'Dangerous Israeli Escalation' Against Palestinians
US Hails Japan Easing of Restrictions on Military
Afghanistan's Ghani Says Seeks to Restore Faith Through Intensive Vote Audit
Musharraf 'Exit Deal': Gilani Spills the Beans
Sri Lankan Muslim Leader Warns of Radicalization After Clashes
Two Killed in Egypt at Morsi Protest
Raiders Steal Police Guns in Attack at Kenya Coast
Tunisia Police Tear Gas Rally Against 'Extremist' Arrests
German Police: Young Man Set Self on Fire Outside Libyan Embassy
EU Names Two South Sudan Military Officials It Sanctioned
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Pro-Israel Media Bias: It's As Easy As ABC

Nebojsa Malic
Russia's Choice, in 1914 and Now

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The Problem With the American Press

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World War I, Rather than World War II, Is Key for Today’s Foreign Policy

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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