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Updated July 16, 2014 - 11:27 PM EDT
Israel to Pause Bombing, Gaza Invasion Still Likely
  4 Children Killed in Israeli Shelling of Gaza Beach
  Report: Hamas, Islamic Jihad Offer 10-Year Truce
  220 Gazans, 1 Israeli Killed as Ceasefire Effort Fails
  Why Hamas Rejected the Israel-Approved Egyptian Ceasefire
  Israel Orders 100,000 Gazans Out of Homes, Raising Fear of Invasion
  Senate Panel Doubles US Funding for Israel's Iron Dome System
  Netanyahu Fires Deputy DM as Near-Truce Fuels Internal Tensions
30 Civilians Killed in East Ukraine Offensive
  Ukraine Military: Hundreds of Slain Rebels Buried in Slovyansk
  Ukraine Blames Russia for Deadly Airstrike in Rebel Area
Iraqi Parliament Meets, Names Sunni Speaker
  ISIS Marches Further Into Syria Tipping the Balance in the Civil War
  Carnage Continues in Iraq: 233 Killed, 185 Wounded Tuesday
  ISIS Captured 52 US-Made Howitzers, Could Shell Iraq Cities
  Former Mosul Commander Blames Internal Tensions for City's Fall
Iran Sanctions Costing US Billions in Lost Trade
  Iran FM Urges Extension of Nuclear Talks Beyond July 20
Libya May Seek Int'l Troops as Militias Battle
  Libyan Jihadists in Syria and Iraq Returning Home to Fight Hiftar
Navy Nurse Refuses to Force-Feed Gitmo Prisoners
UK Parliament OKs Emergency Data Grab 'N' Keep Bill
Bill of Rights Rollback in the US Borderlands  by Todd Miller
The Farce of Dick Cheney Giving Foreign-Policy Advice  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Enduring Influence of the Crusades  by Nick Danforth
Neocons Go Undercover  by Justin Raimondo
Does Uncle Sam Have a God Complex?  by Norman Solomon
The NSA's Spying on Muslim-Americans  by Amy Davidson

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Bowe Bergdahl Hires Lawyer, Investigators to Question Him in 'Near Future'
Pentagon's Big Budget F-35 Fighter 'Can't Turn, Can't Climb, Can't Run'
Pentagon Decides F-35 Won't Fly at Air Show
Poll Finds 61% of Americans Favor Cooperating With Iran to Contain Islamic Militants
Iraq Lawmakers Select Speaker, but Carnage Continues: 233 Killed, 185 Wounded
US Advisers in Iraq Risk Assassination by Troops They Are Trying to Train, Claims Classified Report
Iraq Is Closer to Forming a Govt but Its Military Remains in Tatters
Trenches Around Kurdistan Borders Against War, Terrorism
If Iraq Is Full of Oil, Why Is It Running Out of Gas?
Scottish Militant 'Killed in Battle With Iraqi Army'
Defiant Cheney Accepts No Blame for Iraq
Baghdad Residents Turn to Paintball, Shopping to Make Life Seem Normal
900 Kurds Enter Syria to Defend Kurdish City Against the Islamic State
Syria's Aleppo's Fall Could Prove Turning Point
New Tactic in Recruiting Foreign Fighters to Syria
Middle East
Turkish President Approves Kurdish Peace Process Law
Kuwait Threatens to Revoke Dissidents' Citizenship
Iran Report: 2 Pilots Killed in Fighter Crash
Tripoli Airport Becomes Libya's New Frontline Between Rival Militias
Surge in Libya Violence Raises Specter of Civil War
Libya in Shock After Tripoli Airport Attack
Kerry Says Violence in Libya Is Dangerous, Must Stop
Over 25 Killed in Nigeria Militant Attack, Government Air Strike
Parents of Abducted Girls Refuse to Meet Nigeria President
French Soldier Killed in Mali Suicide Bombing
Mali and Tuareg Rebels Swap Prisoners Ahead Peace Talks
Hundreds Arrested in Somalia Security Sweep
Malawi Ballots Destroyed in Unexplained Fire
Kenya Postelection Violence Victims Seek Justice
Colombia: Oil Spill by Rebels Not as Bad as Feared
Colombia, Rebels Study Bringing Victims to Talks
Guantanamo Bay a Thorn in Cuba's Side
Chile Invokes Anti-Terrorism Laws After Device Explodes in Subway
Netanyahu: Israel Wants Truce to Lead to Gaza Demilitarization
Key Demands, Issues in Israel-Gaza Ceasefire
Churches' Official: 'Everyone in Gaza Considers Themselves a Target
Gaza Fighting a Reality Show for Rocket-Weary Israelis
Hamas Homemade Rocket Industry Bypasses Crumbling Supply Lines
Israel's Iron Dome Coming in for Flak
Acute Water Crisis Looms in Gaza, Aid Agencies Warn
Israeli App Tracks, Warns of Rocket Attacks From Gaza
Gaza and the US
US Media Coverage of Gaza Is Deeply Flawed, Both Sides in Conflict Say
Kerry Opts Against a Mideast Mediation Trip
US Condemns 'Brazen' Hamas Rocket Fire Amid Truce Efforts
Pakistan Villagers Flee Military Offensive, Harsh Militant Rule
Pakistan Military Captures Taliban Commander
Pakistanis Detail Gains Against Militants
Captain Among Five Soldiers Killed in North Waziristan
In Disputed Sea, Vietnam and China Play High-Stakes Cat and Mouse
China Oil Rig Finishes Exploration in Disputed Waters Off Vietnam
China Communist Party Expels Military Firm Executive in War on Graft
North Korea's Kim Jong UN Supervises Rocket Launches Near South Korea Border
Spongebob Squarepants Drawing Sparked South Korea Soldier's Deadly Rampage
India's Senior Journalist Proposes Independent Kashmir

Street Clashes Between Demonstrators, Police Rock Cambodia Capital

Jet Bombs Rebel-Held Town of Snizhne
Whisked Away for Tea With a Rebel in Ukraine
EU May Impose New Ukraine Sanctions, Will Fall Short of US Wishes
Russia Offers Extended Visa-Free Stay to Ukrainian Refugees
Euroskeptic Named New UK FM as EU Vote Looms
UK Court Rejects Plan to Keep Public in the Dark About Secret Terrorism Trial
Georgian Ambassador at Time of 2008 War With Russia Found Dead of Gunshot Wounds
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