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Updated July 19, 2014 - 10:13 PM EDT
Ukraine, Rebels Agree on Crash Site Security Zone
  Much Hysteria on Downed Plane, Little Evidence
  Obama Slams Russia Over Plane as GOP Hawks Beat War Drums
  At Least 20 Killed, Hundreds Wounded as Ukraine Shells Luhansk
  Russia Sanctions 12 Gitmo and Abu Ghraib-Linked Americans
Israel Vows to Escalate Gaza Offensive: 341 Killed
  Public Bickering Grows in Israel's Divided War Cabinet
  Gaza: Israel's $4 Billion Gas Grab
  Israeli Military Thrust Into Gaza Sows Terror, Defiance
ISIS Routs Iraqi Forces at Tikrit in Major Defeat
  In Mosul, Iraqi Christians Told They Must Convert, Pay Tax, or Die
  After Sweeping Gains, ISIS Tries to Govern Iraq, Syria
ISIS Set to Take Control of Main Syria Oil Province
  270 Syrian Troops, Guards Killed in ISIS Takeover of Gas Field
Iran, Six Powers Agree to Extended Nuclear Talks
US Drone Strike Kills 15 in North Waziristan
I Spy: Edward Snowden Interviewed in Moscow
Further Military Assistance to Israel May Be Illegal Under US Law  by Yousaf Butt
Gitmo Nurse Refuses to Force Feed Prisoners. Others Should Too  by Cori Crider
Oh No! Bob Kaplan Says Now It's Moldova  by Richard Morchoe
Locking Away Iraqi History  by Michael Patrick Brill
Collective Punishment or Human Shields?  by Omar Baddar
How the Clintons Failed to Heed Lessons of Treaty of Versailles  by John V. Walsh

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the AUMF

by Justin Pavoni
Edward Snowden Interview – The Edited Transcript
No Firing Squad for CIA in German Spy Fiasco
Libya Truce Shattered by Fresh Fighting
Outrage as France Become First Country in World to Ban Pro-Palestine Demos
DoD Still Hasn't Released Final 2013 Suicide Numbers
The Middle East Friendship Chart
Spying on Everyone
Edward Snowden Says NSA Treats Nude File Photos as 'Fringe Benefit'
Obey: Pentagon Research Shows Social Media Can Be Used to Control People Like Robots
Merkel Calls for 'Sensible Talks' Over US Spying on Germany
Mass Surveillance 'Dangerous Habit', Says UN Rights Body
Ukrainian Separatists Limit Investigators' Access to Jet Crash Site
Looting at Jet Crash Scene May Hamper Investigation
Russia Not Going to Take Away Crashed Plane's Black Boxes: FM
Another Russia Today Reporter Quits in Protest
Luhansk Lacks Electricity and Water
Leaders of Russia, Malaysia Urges Ceasefire for Probe Into Downed Airliner: Kremlin
Further Sanctions Would Have 'Chilling Effect' on Russia: Institute of International Finance
Finnish Customs Intercepted Arms Shipment on Route to Ukraine
Bulgaria Identifies Bomber of Israeli Tourist Bus
Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Moazzam Begg Denies Terror Charges in UK
13 Die in Attacks on Troops, Police in Pakistan
Army Assures Support to Balochistan Police
Army Assault Spoils Fourth Wife Dream of Father-of-36
China Appoints Special Envoy for Afghanistan
Manila Urges Unity for South East Asian Nations in China Sea Dispute
Many Killed as Extremists Attack Nigerian Town
Nigeria's $1bn Loan to Fight Boko Haram Delayed
Egyptian Police Officer Shot Dead in Sinai
Ethiopian Bloggers and Journalists Charged With Terrorism
France's Hollande Warns of Islamist Threat in West Africa
US Funds Political Groups in Venezuela Despite Ban
Mexico to Open Oil and Gas to Private Sector
Israel Repeatedly Strikes Gaza Apartment Block
Family of 8 Killed in Gaza
Fleeing Amid Airstrikes, Gazans Find Few Places to Be Safe
Livni: All Options on Table, Including Bringing Down Hamas
Israeli Arab MP Arrested at Antiwar Protest in Haifa
Through Peace and War, 40 Years of Giving Dignity to Gaza's Dead
US Gaza Reaction
CNN Removes Reporter Diana Magnay From Israel-Gaza After 'Scum' Tweet
NBC News Reverses Decision, Will Put Ayman Mohyeldin Back in Gaza
Hillary Clinton Makes Rounds on TV Shows Defending Israel's Gaza War
In US, Fearful Campers Eye Middle East Conflict
Pro-Palestinian Protest at Navajo Council Chambers
Global Gaza Reaction
In Israel Operation in Gaza, a Clear Sign of Egypt's Distaste for Hamas
UN Security Council Holds Emergency Debate on Gaza Crisis
Protests Worldwide as Gaza Offensive Intensifies
UN Aid Agencies Step Up Emergency Aid to Gaza
Israel Recalls Diplomats' Families From Turkey After Protests Grow Violent
Erdogan Slams Egypt's Sisi as 'Tyrant' Over Cairo Policy Toward Hamas
Iraq Security Ops Leave Over a Hundred Dead
UN Accuses Islamic State of Executions, Rape, Child Abuse in Iraq
Top Shi'ite Cleric Urges Help for Iraq's Displaced
Kurdish PM Barzani: Iraq Refugee Numbers Exceed Kurdish Capacity
Iraq's President Talabani to Return From Medical Exile Amid Crisis
Kobane Under Intense Isis Attack, Excluded From UN Humanitarian Aid
Syrian Activists Remain in Prison 'Despite Amnesty'
To Be Young, Syrian and a Refugee in the Streets of Beirut
Jihadists Stone Syria Woman to Death for 'Adultery': NGO
Lebanon to Postpone Gas Auction Yet Again
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