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Updated July 25, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
House Votes to Block Combat Troops to Iraq
Israel Cabinet Rejects Kerry Cease-Fire Proposal
  US: Israel Agrees to 12-Hour Pause in Gaza Bombing
  UN Chief Slams Israeli Attacks: 865 Palestinians Killed
  Netanyahu: Gaza War Continuing With 'Full Force'
  Israel Shells UN School in Gaza, Killing 16 Civilians, Wounding 100s
  Gaza Truce Hopes Dim as Israel, Hamas Angle for 'Victory'
  Eight Palestinians Killed as Israel Cracks Down on West Bank Protests
US Provides Israel the Weapons Used on Gaza
  How America Finances the Destruction in Gaza – and the Cleanup
  Foreign Press Complain of 'Intimidation' by Israel During Gaza War
US Invents Reports of Russia Attacking Ukraine
  Ukraine Accused of Targeting Civilians in East Ukraine Offensive
  Ukraine Coalition Govt Collapses, Setting Stage for New Elections
State Dept: Iraqi PM Maliki to Be Ousted Soon
  60 Killed in Iraq Prison Convoy Attack North of Baghdad
  No, ISIS Isn't Ordering Female Genital Mutilation in Iraq
  ISIS Presses Syria Offensive, Targets Two Key Govt Garrisons
  ISIS Blows Up Tombs in Mosul; 147 Killed Across Iraq
Airliner Crashes in Qaeda-Held Mali Region
Chads?: Afghan Recount Delayed Over Fraud Definition
Court Finds CIA Tortured Prisoners at Polish Black Site
Libya's Rogue General, Ex-CIA Asset, Vaunts His Services
Yes, We Should Care More About 'Our' Wars  by Lucy Steigerwald
Israel's US-Made Military Might Overwhelms Palestinians  by Thalif Deen
Israel's War on Gaza: the Context  by Sheldon Richman
Is Putin Worse Than Stalin?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Undue Process in Washington  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
The Public Turns Against War  by Jesse Walker

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Anti-Spying Bill Signed Into Law in New Hampshire
Glitch Paralyzes US System Used in Issuing Visas, Passports
Childhood Traumas More Common in Military Members
Suicide's Toll: Survey Says Half of Vets Know Someone Who Has Tried It
Military Judge Severs Accused 9/11 Plotter From Guantanamo Proceeding
ISIS Blows Up Tombs in Mosul; 147 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq: Kurdish Politician Massoum Named President
ISIS Denies Ordering That All Girls in Mosul Undergo FGM
Purge of Minorities Re-Draws Iraq Map
Twin Car Bombs Kill at Least 13 in Central Baghdad: Police
ISIS Destroys Ancient Mosque in Mosul
ISIS Orders Mosul Shop Keepers to Cover Mannequins
UN Chief Seeks Advice on Iraq Crisis From Top Cleric
Mosul Christians' Flight Triggered by Leaders' Refusal to Meet Islamists
Iraqi Kurdish Oil Nears US Port Despite Concern in Washington
Spanish Judge Requests EU Help in Probe of US Shell Killing of Journalist
US Marines Probe Corporal Who Vanished in Iraq
Boeing Reaches Plane Parts Deal With Iran
Iran Detains Four Journalists, Three of Them Iranian-American, Says CPJ
Middle East
Yemen, UK Discuss Military Cooperation
Revoking of Citizenship Illegal: Kuwait Opposition
Bahrain Asks Court to Temporarily Suspend Two More Opposition Groups
Syria Chemicals Being Destroyed Abroad
Russia: Show Proof of Missile Claims Over Mh17
Video: Fist Fight Breaks Out in Ukraine Parliament
Investigators Find No Evidence of Mh17 Black Boxes Tampering
Ukraine Rebel Who Claimed to Reuters He Had BUK Missiles Had Already Been Expelled
Russian Court Finds Putin Foes Guilty of Inciting Mass Riots
Journalist Working for CNN Detained by Ukraine Rebels
Dutch Sending Unarmed Police to Ukraine Crash Site
Slovakia Says Work on Gas Link to Ukraine on Schedule
Australia Readies 50 Police to Send to Ukraine
Sanctioning Russia
Russia Says US Sanctions Break WTO Rules, Could Cause Trade Dispute
EU Targets State-Owned Russia Banks in Sanctions Plan
Russia Threatens to Hit British Companies in 'Retaliation' for Sanctions
Italy Backs More Russia Sanctions, Says Foreign Minister
Germany Begins Spying on Britain and America for the First Time Since 1945
Ruling on CIA Jail Is Embarrassing for Poland: President's Office
Norway Warns of Imminent 'Concrete' Terror Threat
US Court Throws Out Chiquita Terror Payment Claims
6 Dead in Mexico Border Shootings
Venezuela Says Ex-Intelligence Head Arrested in Aruba
Shas Leader: Israel Doesn't Need Army Since Ultra-Orthodox Prayers Protect It
Israeli Planes Vulnerable to Missiles That Downed MH17
In West Bank, Hamas Is Hailed for Its Fight Against Israel
Gaza's Next Disaster: No Cement for Rebuilding
Israel Says It Detains Scores of Militants in Gaza
20 Heartbreaking Scenes of Grief Over Friends and Family Killed in Gaza
After Scarlett Johansson Controversy, Firings Put Sodastream Back in Spotlight
Busy Gaza Morgue Performs Muslim Burial Rituals
Israel Swears in New President Amid Gaza War
Will Robots Fight Israel's Future Wars?
Gaza and the US
US Official: Kerry Won't Remain in Region Indefinitely
FAA Lifts Flight Ban on Israel, Europe Follows Suit
Israel Flight Ban 'Prudent,' Obama Says
Graham: 'Administration Throwing Israel Overboard'
Astronaut Photographs Explosions Over Israel and Gaza From Space
Global Gaza Reaction
Anti-Palestinian Hyperbole Hits New Heights in Egypt
First UN Aid Convoy Enters Syria From Turkey
IMF Says Israel-Gaza Conflict Already Having Economic Costs
British Foreign Minister Says Hamas Must Agree to Ceasefire Without Conditions
Gaza Conflict Sparking Cola War Abroad
Erdogan: Israel Should Face Trial Over Gaza Offensive
2 Attacks in Nigeria's North Kills at Least 12
Bomb Hidden in Fridge Kills 1, Wounds 8 in Bus Park in Nigeria's Kano
Rival Libyan Militias Clash in Tripoli, Benghazi
ICC: Gadhafi-Era Spy Chief Can Be Tried in Libya
US Pulls Peace Corps Volunteers From Kenya
Tourist Killed in Mombasa, Second in July: Police
Egypt Army Arrests 15 Suspects in Sinai
Central African Republic Factions Announce Ceasefire
Mali Government, Northern Rebels Sign Roadmap Deal for Peace Talks
US Could Do More to Intercept Militants, Pakistan Says
Pakistan Officials Say al-Qaeda Trainer, Not Taliban Militant, Arrested
Two Finnish Aid Workers Killed in Afghanistan: Officials
Troubled Myanmar State Invites Back Aid Groups
UN Panel Tells Japan to Compensate 'Comfort Women'
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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