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Updated July 26, 2014 - 11:21 PM EDT
Israel Agrees to 24-Hour Ceasefire Extension
  'Significant Expansion' of War Planned: 1,047 Gazans Dead
  Politics Weighs Heavy on Push for Israel to Cease Gaza Attacks
  Report: Israeli Drone Strike Kills Three in Sinai
UN: Not Notified of Plans to Attack Gaza School
  Report: Israeli Police Official Say Hamas Didn't Kill Israeli Teens
  Gaza Faces Daunting Reconstruction When Elusive Truce Struck
House Votes to Block Combat Troops to Iraq
  ISIS Overruns Key Syrian Military Base Near Raqqa
Russia: Ukraine Fired 40 Shells Into Russia
  Ukraine Launches Offensive to Retake Donetsk
  US Invents Reports of Russia Attacking Ukraine Bases
  State Dept: Russia to Blame for All Civilians Ukraine's Military Kills
  Gen. Dempsey: We're Pulling Out Our Cold War Military Plans
NSA's New Partner in Spying: Brutal Saudi Police
  After Secret Whistleblower Email, Worries About More Spying
  Sen. Wyden May Release CIA Torture Report Without Obama Consent
US Evacuates Embassy in Libya Amid Clashes
Blockading the Truth: Obama's Big Lie About Gaza  by Chris Floyd
Gaza Massacre Is Generating Ideological Crisis in US Zionists  by Philip Weiss
Why Should Snowden Spend His Life in Prison?  by Trevor Timm
MH17: Cold War Replay?  by John Feffer
A Clash of Civilizations  by Nebojsa Malic
Reaping What We Have Sown in Gaza  by Amira Hass

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Poll: One-Third of Americans Say Impeach Obama
Wikipedia Blocks 'Disruptive' Page Edits From Congress
US Clears Kuwaiti for Release From Guantanamo
Poland Says May Appeal European Court Ruling on CIA Jail
Norway Says Islamist Militants Planning Attack in West Have Left Syria
Sistani Reiterates Plea for Maliki to Quit; 45 Killed Across Iraq
House Vote on Blocking Combat Troops to Iraq
Iraq Sunni Militias Pinched by Jihadis, Corruption
ISIS Warns Iraqi Women to Wear Full Veil or Face Punishment
Kurds to Maliki: 'You Are Not Welcome!'
Russia Delivers Combat Aircraft to Iraq; Experts Wonder Whether It Will Help or Hurt
5 Policemen Killed in al-Qaeda Checkpoint Attack in Yemen
Yemen's Shi'ite Rebels Pull Out of Northern City
US Diplomats Admit Contact in Yemen With Missing Citizen Sharif Mobley
Middle East
Jordan Shoots Down Unidentified Drone Near Syria Border
War Crimes Commission Takes Aim at Islamic State
IAEA Asks for 1 Million Euros to Oversee Iran Nuclear Deal Extension
Turkish Court Keeps Police in Custody on Spying Allegations
Russia Accuses US of 'Smear Campaign' Over Ukraine
Poroshenko's Risky Power Play
Australia to Send 100 Extra Police, Troops to Ukraine: PM Abbott
Air India Flight Was 90 Seconds Away When Missile Struck Malaysia Airlines Flight Mh17
Russia Bans Dairy Imports From Ukraine
Russia Offers 3.9m Roubles for 'Research to Identify Users of Tor'
Ukraine Rebels Go to the Museum – for WWII Tanks and Cannons
Gunmen Shoot Dead Security Commanders in Egypt's Sinai
Al Jazeera Journalists Jailed in Egypt Say They Will Appeal
Libya Seeks Ceasefire as South Tripoli a Militia 'War Zone'
Prominent Libyan Activist Abducted Amid Clashes
Two Cameroon Soldiers Killed in Crossborder Boko Haram Attack
Somali 'Shebab Commanders' Killed in African Union Offensives
Venezuela Protests Arrest of Ex-Intelligence Head Wanted in US
The War at Home
4 Senators Worry About NSA Collection of Americans' E-Mails, Phone Calls
Guantánamo Bay Inmate Al-Kandari to Stay Imprisoned, US Panel Rules
Sanctions Against Russia Spark Ak-47 Buying Frenzy in US
Navy Secretary Says Combat Ship Costs Will Decline
Israel's Iron Dome Is More Like an Iron Sieve
West Bank: 'He Had a Bright Future, and Now He's Gone'
Rocket Fire Targets Tel Aviv Airport Just as Air Canada Flight Due to Land
Israel Says Missing Soldier Definitely Dead, Body Not Found
Israel Kills Senior Gaza Militant, Mulls Next Move
Israel 'Investigating' Arab MP for Insulting Police
Even the Dead Search for Shelter From Gaza Bombs
A Refreshingly Open Call for Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians From an Israeli Deputy Speaker
Global Gaza Reaction
Former FBI Director Warns That Gaza Violence Will Fuel al-Qaeda Threat
France to Host Meeting on Gaza Ceasefire Talks
Thousands Take to NYC Streets to Protest Israeli Offensive in Gaza
Thousands in Iran Protest Israeli Offensive in Gaza
Hezbollah Leader Vows to Support Gazans
German Airlines Cancel More Tel Aviv Flights
Israel-Palestinian Tensions Reverberate at Quds Day Rally in Berlin
World Health Organization Seeks Humanitarian Corridor to Evacuate Gaza Wounded
Gaza Officials Accuse Israel of War Crimes at ICC
Nasrallah: Israel Took Advantage of Kidnapping to Start a War
Wary Pakistan Puts Military in Charge of Capital's Security
US Tells Pakistan: Do Not Let Haqqani Fighters Resettle
Two Soldiers, Two Policemen Die in Pakistan Attacks
China Imposes Airline-Like Restrictions on Bus Passengers in Xinjiang Capital
Over Half of China Military Airfields Threatened by High-Rises
Taliban Stop Cars, Kill Passengers in Central Afghanistan
Car Bomb Explosion Kills 3 in Thailand
Japan Still Clearing World War II Bombs From Okinawa
China Plans Extension of Railroad to India Through Tibet
Indian Air Force Helicopter Crash Kills 7 on Board
Weekend Reviews
Land and Peace: A New History of the 'Temporary' Occupation of Palestine
'The Kill Team': When US Soldiers in Afghanistan Became Trophy Hunters
The Death of Empires
Forbidden Book: Douglas Valentine's Phoenix Program: America's Use of Terror in Vietnam
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