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Updated August 3, 2014 - 11:26 PM EDT
US, UN Outraged as Israel Attacks Another School
  Israel Confirms 'Kidnapped' Soldier Is Dead
  Wiretapped: Israel Eavesdropped on John Kerry in Mideast Talks
Gaza Children Sponsored by Christian Charity Die
  Netanyahu to US: Don't 'Second Guess Me Again' on Hamas
  Israeli Military Wanted Prior Review of NYT Articles on Soldier Goldin
US-Russia Nuclear Deal Fails as Tensions Rise
  Report: US Spy Plane Violated Swedish Air to Escape Russian Fighters
21 Killed as ISIS, Nusra Front Invade Lebanon
  Growing Revolt Against ISIS Rule in E. Syria: Villages Expel Fighters
  Jihadists Kill Dozens as Iraq Fighting Rages
  Battles With Militants Leave 357 Killed, 150 Wounded Across Iraq
Britain Tries to Censor US Report on Torture Sites
Antiwar, Anti-Draft Protests Spreading in Ukraine
China: 96 Killed Last Week in Xinjiang Terror Attacks
Half of Pakistan Drone Strike Victims Are Civilians: Report
Yet Another War of Deceit  by Ran HaCohen
Are Civil Libertarians Falling for Fake NSA Reform?  by Marcy Wheeler
Why Are MSNBC's Most Prominent Journalists Ignoring Gaza?  by Michael Tracey
Meeting in a Tunnel  by Uri Avnery
Bowe Bergdahl and America's Antiwar Hypocrisy  by Matthew Kovac
Is Human Rights Watch Too Close to the US Govt?  by Latifah Azlan

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Georgia Court Orders Arrest of Ex-President Saakashvili
Australian Social Media Users Could Be Charged for Sharing WikiLeaks Story
Gaza Miracle Baby Died Amid Severe Gaza Crisis
Army to Force Out 550 Majors; Some in Afghanistan
Navy SEALs Use Mini-Sub to Bring Death From Below
David Cameron Calls on NATO to Rethink Russia Relationship
Ukraine Forces Tighten Noose Around Pro-Russian Rebel Area
Rebel City of Luhansk on Verge of 'Humanitarian Catastrophe'
New Fighting Hampers MH17 Crash Probe
Ukraine Rebel Adviser 'Admits Executions'
Outbreak of Fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh Kills 15
Clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh Reignite Fears Between Armenia, Azerbaijan
Russia Voices Concern Over Violence in Nagorno-Karabakh
Battles With Militants Leave 357 Killed, 150 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraqi Kidnappers Set to Release Turkish Hostages
Global Protests Against ISIS Attack on Christians
Bishops Urge David Cameron to Grant Asylum to Iraqi Christians
Nusra Chief in Syria's Idlib 'Killed in Attack'
Militants Kill Two Lebanese Soldiers in Bekaa Clashes
Lebanese Politicians Call for Full Backing of the Military
Afghan Vote Audit Halts Over Abdullah Observers' Walkout
Afghan Attacks Kill 29 Militants
Reports of Taliban Surge Are Exaggerated, Incoming NATO Commander Says
US Nod to 1,000 More Visas for Afghans
Attack on Passenger Bus in Pakistan Kills One
Three Suspected Militants Killed in North Waziristan
Seven Injured in Pakistan Blast
Balochistan Launches Investigation Into Dumping of Mutilated Bodies
UN Says Sri Lanka Illegally Returning Pakistani Asylum Seekers
In Other News
French Police Arrest Islamist Militant at a Paris Airport
Bible Left in North Korean Sailor's Club Triggered US Tourist's Arrest
Hospitals in Gaza Overwhelmed as Attacks Continue
Israel Army Says 'Safe' to Return to Part of North Gaza
Hamas Says Netanyahu's Remarks Show Israel Army 'in Trouble'
UN Identifies 1,117 Specific Gaza Casualties, 83% of Them Civilians
300 Palestinian Children Killed in Gaza: UN
IDF Puts Together Team to Deflect War-Crime Allegations
Freed Palestinian Prisoners Shocked at Damage in Gaza
Gaza and the US
Netanyahu Sugarcoats Going-It-Alone in Gaza by Praising Obama's 'Terrific' Support
Activists Tell Congress That US Complicit in Assault on Gaza
Large Gaza Protest Forms Outside White House
3.000 March for Gaza in Austin, Texas
Global Gaza Reaction
Ed Miliband: David Cameron Must Oppose Israel's 'Wrong and Unjustifiable' Gaza Offensive
Israel Attacks 'Foolish' and 'Disproportionate': UK's Ashdown
Egypt's President Says Delays Complicate Gaza Truce Efforts
Egypt Increases Electricity to Gaza: Official
Photos, Videos, and Reports From Global Gaza Demonstrations
Mozambicans March Against Airstrikes in Gaza
Some 2,000 Dublin Marchers Call for an End to Gaza Violence
Major Libyan Fuel Depot Ablaze After Rocket Strike
Libya Unrest 'Worse Than Under Kadhafi': Evacuees
New Libyan Parliament Meets Far From City Battlegrounds
British Embassy in Libya to 'Suspend Operations'
British Navy to Collect Libya Evacuees
Americans Still Dying
Father of Two, Nebraskan Killed on Third Tour in Afghanistan
Visalia (CA) Soldier Killed by IED Planned to Be Physical Therapist
Parma (OH) Sailor Dies Aboard Destroyer in the Red Sea
Kenosha (WI) Soldier Dies From Illness Contracted in Afghanistan
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