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Updated August 6, 2014 - 11:20 PM EDT
Israel a Top Spy Threat to US: Snowden Document
Gaza Ceasefire Holds; Israelis in Cairo for Talks
  Human Rights Watch: Israeli Soldiers Shoot and Kill Fleeing Civilians
US-Led Airstrike Kills Afghan Civilians
  American General Killed by an 'Vetted' Afghan Soldier
  Afghan Policeman Fatally Shoots 7 of His Colleagues
Kurds From Turkey, Syria Enter Iraq to Battle ISIS
  ISIS Repelled From Mosul Dam by Kurdish Fighters
  Report: Nearly 10% of ISIS Fighters Are Turkish
  Congressmen Push US to Begin Arming, Aiding Iraqi Kurds
  Syria Pounds Rebel-Held Damascus Suburbs: 64 Killed
  Yazidis Dying of Thirst at Refuge; 415 Killed Across Iraq
Inside Obama's Secret Terrorist-Tracking System
  New Leaker Disclosing US Secrets, Feds Believe
  Visit the Wrong Website, and the FBI Could End Up in Your Computer
  Feinstein Rejects CIA Torture Report Redactions Ahead of Release
Ukraine Army Reaches Rebel-Held Donetsk, Attacks Suburb
Report: Russia Poised to Announce Oil Deal With Iran
Washington's Alliance With Traffickers of Human Organs  by Justin Raimondo
Americans Should Be Ashamed  by Philip Giraldi
US Evacuation in Libya Shows Ill Effects of US Interventionism  by Ivan Eland
Hiroshima Day 2014  by Noam Chomsky
Conservatives Are the Forgotten Critics of Atomic Bombing of Japan  by Barton J. Bernstein
Robert S. McNamara and the Real Tonkin Gulf Deception  by Gareth Porter

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Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Anniversary: Photos
First Time Ever: Majority Don't Like Their Own Member of Congress
Scahill: US Govt Leaked Our Terror Database Story to AP
WikiLeaks: Aussie Order Is 'Unprecedented' Case of Censorship
UN: Nearly a Million Ukrainians Have Fled Fighting in East
Moscow May Force European Airlines to Fly Around Russia
US Military Team in Ukraine to Help Airliner Crash Probe
Underground Misery at Dank Ukraine Bomb Shelter
Putin Tells Government to Respond to Western Sanctions
Switzerland Adopts Russia Blacklist Over Ukraine Crisis
Catalan Vote Seen as Test for Separatists in Europe
Azerbaijan Accuses Another Rights Activist of Espionage
Croatia Fighter Jet Crashes, Pilot Ejects
Yazidis Dying of Thirst at Refuge; 415 Killed Across Iraq
Iran Seeking Successor to Iraq PM Maliki
'Forty Children' Die Amid Northern Iraq Fighting
British Airways to Continue Flying Over Iraq Despite Ground Threat
Kurds in Fierce Fight to Block ISIS Advance to Christian Town
Iraqi Army and Militias Take Control of Saddam's Hometown and Burn His Tomb
Iraqi Government Sets Up New Phone Line to Report Terrorists
Middle East Water Wars: Why Islamic State Wants Iraq's Dams
Ceasefire Agreed in Lebanese Border Town Battle
ISIS Commander Killed in Arsal Clashes: Report
Hezbollah Denies Role in Lebanon Border Clashes
Girl Killed, Troops Wounded in Lebanon's Tripoli
Militants Release Three Members of Lebanese Security Forces
France to Speed Up Arms for Lebanon
At Least Nine Killed in Shootout in Egyptian Coastal Town: Sources
Egypt Plans to Dig New Suez Canal Costing $4 Billion
Tunisia Fears Attacks by Citizens Flocking to Jihad
US to Sell Tunisia 12 Black Hawks to Aid Militant Fight
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Ceasefire in Tatters After Clashes
Central African Republic's PM, Cabinet Resign: State Radio
South Sudan
6 Aid Workers Targeted, Killed in South Sudan
US, South Sudan Prod Rebels as Peace Efforts Sputter
Congo Imprisons Opposition Leader Following Public Rally
Nigeria Army Committed Atrocities, Amnesty Says
Red Cross in Gaza: Rebuilding Will Take Years
Gaza War Damage $4-6 Bn: Palestinian Deputy Minister
Retired Israeli General: There Are No Civilians in Gaza
Truce Means Hamas Must Disarm to Govern Gaza, Israel Claims
Settlers Attack Palestinian Worker in Jerusalem
Gaza's Survivors Now Face a Battle for Water, Shelter and Power
Gunmen Open Fire at Nablus University Professor
Israel MP: Conquer Gaza, Move All Civilians to Tent Camps on Sinai Border
From Fruit Basket to Scorched Earth – How One Gaza Town Has Been Pulverized by War
Gaza and the US
Congress and Young Americans Increasingly Differ on Support for Israel
Kerry-Netanyahu Call Abruptly Terminated
Democrats Hit Rand Paul for Israel 'Rewrite'
New York Times Reporter Addresses Israeli Censorship on Soldier Story
Global Gaza Reaction
UK Minister Quits Over 'Morally Indefensible' Gaza Policy
Lady Warsi Resignation Letter to UK's PM – in Full
UK MPs Demand End to Israeli Restrictions on Palestinian Land
Activist Group 'London Palestine Action' Shuts Down Israeli Drone Factory
Spain Freezes Military Exports to Israel
Australia Berates Israel Over 'Shocking' Attacks
Second-Largest Afghan City Could Go Dark When US Subsidies End
Afghan Soldier Fires Apparent Warning Shot at Ap Journalists After US General Killed
Pakistan Says 30 Militants Killed in Waziristan Strikes
Imran Khan Says Will Reveal Proof of Election Rigging
SE Asia
Cambodia Moves On, but Still Yearns for 'Killing Fields' Justice
Thai Junta Bans Computer Game Simulating Dictatorship
Colombia's Rebel Mothers Seeking Lost Children
Argentina Rights Activist to Meet Kidnapped Grandson After 36 Years
The War at Home
Guantánamo Prisoner 'Just a Skeleton', Attorney Says in Push for Care
US Cyber-Army's Cyber-Warriors 'Cyber-Humiliated by Cyber-Civvies in Cyber-Games'
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Justin Raimondo
Washington's Alliance With Traffickers of Human Organs

Ivan Eland
US Evacuation in Libya Shows Ill Effects of US Interventionism

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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Top Ways To Justify Civilian Casualties in War

Nebojsa Malic
A Clash of Civilizations

David R. Henderson
An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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