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Updated September 1, 2014 - 10:55 PM EDT
Obama Informs Congress Under War Powers Act
US War Complicated as ISIS Blends in With Locals
  No ISIS Strategy: Obama’s Rare Moment of Candor
  Kurdish Peshmerga Break ISIS Siege, Take Iraqi Town of Amerli
  Al-Qaeda Fighters Offer to Trade UN Troops for Humanitarian Aid
  ISIS Beheads Captured Lebanese Soldier, 18 More Still Held
Israel Grabs 1,000 Acres of Private W. Bank Land
  Declassified Docs Reveal How US Agreed to Israel's Nuke Program
Rebels Advance, Ukraine Spurns Calls for Talks
  Putin Urges Ukraine to Enter Autonomy Talks With Rebels
  Ukraine War Pulls in Foreign Fighters
  Obama's Banning Russian-Made AK-47s Sets Off a US Buying Frenzy
Pentagon: US Military Conducts Op in Somalia
How the NSA Helped Turkey Kill Kurdish Rebels
Pakistan PM Surrounded by Protests After Deadly Clashes
Microsoft Defies Court Order, Will Not Give Emails to Feds
Obama Has No Middle East Strategy? Good!  by Ron Paul
Stop Hiding Images of American Torture  New York Times
Why Kazakhstan Dismantled Its Nuclear Arsenal  by Kairat Abdrakhmanov
Hoaxes, Hype, and Hysteria  by Justin Raimondo
How Oil Rules Iraq  by Kelley Vlahos
US Govt Can Brand You a Terrorist Based on a Facebook Post  by Arjun Sethi

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US Trained Alaskans as Secret 'Stay-Behind Agents' During Cold War
Gitmo Lawyer Resigns, Says US Case Is 'Stacked'
Islamist Militia Now Guards US Embassy in Libya
UK Businesses 'Want New EU Deal', Says Lobby Group
ISIS Bans 'Unauthorized' Images of Beheading
95 Killed Across Iraq as Security Forces Reach Turkmen Town
US and Iran Unlikely Allies in Iraq Battle
Suicide Bomber Kills 37 in Western Iraq
US Launches Air Strikes on ISIS Rebels Near Mosul Dam: Pentagon

UN, Fiji Say No Word on Location of Peacekeepers Abducted in Golan Heights

John McCain Calls for 'Additional US Troops' for ISIS War
Senior House Dem: 'You Don't Just Come in and Bomb' Without a Plan
Even Without Victims of Current War, Iraq Has More Than 3 Million Disabled
ISIS Global Recruitment
House Intel Chair: 'Hundreds' of Americans Linked to ISIS
Cameron Considers Ban on UK Jihadists Returning Home
British Imams Put Fatwa on ISIS
'Recruiter' for Syrian Jihad Arrested in France
French Teen Girl Arrested Before Departing for Syria to Join Islamist Rebels
21 Dead as Shi'ites Battle Pro-Government Forces: Yemen Tribes
Several Yemeni Soldiers Killed in al-Qaeda Attacks in South Yemen
Call for Houthi Civil Disobedience in Yemen
Middle East
Turkish Army Warns Over 'Red Lines' in Kurdish Peace Talks
Bahrain Jails Photojournalist, Detains Rights Activist
Russia and Ukraine Trade Soldiers at Border: Russian News Agencies
Ukraine Rebels Fire on Border Guard Vessel
US Senators Urge Arms for Ukraine 'To Fight Russia'
Only Diplomacy, Not Sanctions Can Solve Ukrainian Crisis: Czech PM
Rebel Number Two to Join Ukraine Peace Talks on Monday
GCHQ Protesters Stick It to British Spooks ... by Drinking Urine
Catalan Anti-Independence Enclave Clings to Spain
In Bosnia's Schools, Three Different People Learn Three Different Histories
Israel Says Shoots Down Drone Over Golan Heights
US Urges Israel to Reverse Planned West Bank Land Grab
Netanyahu: Abbas Must Choose Either Hamas or Israel
PA to Pay Hamas Civil Servants' Salaries 'As Soon as Possible'
Netanyahu: I Didn't Want an Israeli Fallujah in Gaza
Tibi Bill Seeks to Give Israeli Arabs Official National Minority Status
Jerusalem Teachers Warn of Increase in Racism After Gaza War
Netanyahu Ally Says Government Failed to Properly Explain Gaza Operation to Public
Pakistan's Khan Vows to Fight on Despite Deadly Clashes
Pakistan Opposition Protests Against Police Thuggery
Key Governor Asks Pakistan PM to Invite Opposition Leaders to Talks
China/Hong Kong
China Slams Door on Full Hong Kong Democracy in 2017 Vote
Hong Kong Activists Promise Civil Disobedience Campaign
Thai Junta Leader Stacks Cabinet With Military Men
North Africa
Libya's Spiritual Leader Leaves UK After Directing Islamist Takeover of Tripoli
8 Extremists Killed in Egypt's Sinai
Islamist Rebels Attack Intelligence Site in Somalia, 12 Killed
Somali Warlord Agrees to Talks, Boosts Government Peace Efforts
DR Congo
Doctors Without Borders Hostage Freed in DR Congo
Top General Active in Volatile East Dies
Rebels in Central African Republic Expel Government Ministers
Lesotho 'Coup' Forces PM Thabane to South Africa
Los Zetas Chieftain Arrested Near US-Mexico Border
Cuba Cracks Down on Goods in Flyers' Luggage
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Advocating the Next War Means Forgetting History

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Empire's Murderous Fruits

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