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Updated September 4, 2014 - 11:21 PM EDT
Obama Vows to 'Destroy' ISIS
  Are American Troops Already Fighting on the Front Lines in Iraq?
  Iran's Iraq Policy Shifts as ISIS Expands
  ISIS Militants Vow to 'De-Throne' Putin Over Syria Support
Ukraine Ceasefire Deal to Be Finalized Friday
  NATO Plans 'Joint Military Exercises' in Ukraine
  Obama Issues Demands Over Ukraine Ceasefire Deal
  A Worrying Factor in Ukraine's Chaos: 15 Nuclear Reactors
Hagel Assures Arms Dealers: US Must Maintain Dominance
Obama Faces Calls to Reform Reagan-Era Mass Surveillance
Russians at the Gate: The Barbarians Are Coming  by Joshua Tartakovsky
White House Should Release 9/11 Documents  by Helen Aguirre Ferré
To Really Combat Terror, End Support for Saudi Arabia  by Owen Jones
Can the Feds Fix Local Police?  by Lucy Steigerwald
History Shows Caution Is the Best Approach for Foreign Action  by Stephen M. Walt
Iraq Has WMDs and Russia Has Invaded  by David Swanson

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3 Danes Suspected of Aiding ISIS by Selling Stickers
Jihadists Beheadings Sow Fear, Prompt Muslim Revulsion
Al-Qaeda Announces India Wing, Renews Loyalty to Taliban Chief
Justice Department to Investigate Ferguson
Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers Are Intercepting Calls All Over the US
Artillery Blasts Rock Ukrainian City of Donetsk: Reuters Witness
Putin Outlines 7-Point Plan for Ukraine Ceasefire
Russia Protests Over Photographer's 'Barbarous' Killing in Ukraine
Global Ukraine Reaction
Obama Says NATO Must Help Strengthen Ukraine's Military
US Destroyer Ross Enters Black Sea Amid Tensions
Finns on Russian Border Wary of NATO Ties
France Delays Delivery of New War Ship to Russia
Germany to Supply Ukrainian Army With Medical, Protective Gear
Poland Questions German No to More NATO Troops
Obama Says All NATO Members Need to Do Fair Share of Defense Spending
Germany Arrests Alleged Local Kurdish PKK Leader
11 Killed in Afghanistan as Taliban, Army Clash
Afghan Election Contenders in Last-Ditch Bid to Rescue Power-Sharing Deal
Pakistan Protest Leader: Govt Accepts All Demands Except PM Resignation
Pakistan Protests Ease as Rival Leaders Seek Negotiated Settlement
Pakistan Army Claims to Kill 910 Militants in Last 2 Months in Waziristan Offensive
Japan PM Abe Appoints China-Friendly Lawmakers to Key Posts
China's Xi Urges Japan to Face History on Anniversary of Surrender
Thai Junta May Lift Martial Law in Tourist Areas
Eleven Planes Missing From Tripoli Airport After It Was Taken by Islamic Rebels
Libyan Jet Crashes in Tobruk Near Parliament
UN: Thousands Flee Islamic Attack in North Nigeria
Somalia Offers Al-Shabab Members Amnesty
Lesotho PM Thabane Returns Home After Fleeing 'Coup'
US Military
Air Force: Contamination From Leak at Base Unknown
Former Military Training Instructor Serving 20 Years for Sex Assaults Dies in Apparent Suicide
13 Civilians Killed in Bus Attack in Eastern Syria
Slain US Journalist Sotloff Also Had Israeli Citizenship
Canadians Held Americans Hostage in Syria
UN Denies Golan Peacekeepers Ordered to Hand Arms to Syria Rebels
'Jihadi John': Identity of ISIS Militant Who Beheaded Sotloff and Foley Still a Mystery
163 Killed Across Iraq, as HRW Examines ISIS Massacre
Non-Shi'ites in Baghdad Report Rise in Kidnappings, Killings by Militias
First Chinese ISIS Fighter Captured in Iraq Says Ministry of Defense
Irbil, Iraq: Islamic State Issues Fake Tax Receipts to Keep Trade Flowing
Kurdish Negotiators in Baghdad Want Aviation Rights
Disputed Kurdish Oil Tanker Moving for 1st Time Since End-July: Shiptracking Data
Global ISIS Reaction
UK Says Not Ruling Out Airstrikes Against Islamic State, Says Hostage Video Genuine
France Raises Possibility of Military Action on Islamic State
Australia Considering 'General Request' on Military Action in Iraq
Biden Says ISIS Killers Will Reside in Hell
Hagel: Aim Is to 'Destroy' ISIS, Not Just 'Contain' It
Sen. Warren: Destroying ISIS Should Be 'No. 1 Priority'

Bosnian Police Detain 16 for Involvement in Syria, Iraq Conflict

Italy May Start Delivering Weapons to Kurds by 10th
Britain Urges G8 Countries Not to Pay Hostage Ransoms
Problem Solved: Israel Bans ISIS
US Open to New Gaza Resolution if It Helps Truce
Israel Underestimated Gaza Militants: Top Army Official
Israel to Supply Offshore Gas to Jordan in New Deal
Middle East
Qaeda-Held Saudi Diplomat in Yemen Makes Video Plea
Anger as Decapitated Lebanese Soldier Is Buried
Turkey Policeman Jailed for Killing Protester
Iran Petrochemicals Chief: Foreign Investors Interested, but Still Wary
Chile: 3 More Charged in 1973 Coup Murder
Guatemala Bishop's Killer Ran Alleged Jail Empire
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