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Updated September 11, 2014 - 11:27 PM EDT
Obama Touts 'Coalition,' But US to Lead War
  White House Ratchets Up Rhetoric, While Ratcheting Up War on ISIS
  Obama Downplays Congressional Role in War, But Seeks 'Backing'
  DHS: No Intelligence ISIS Plotting Attacks on US
Obama Sets Stage to Expand War Into Syria
  Disputes Highlight Kurds Tenuous Support for New Iraq Govt
  Sunnis in Iraq Often See Their Government as the Bigger Threat
  Shi'ite Cleric Al-Sadr Says Iraq Should Not Cooperate With 'Occupiers'
  Iran Sees ISIS as 'Made-in-America' Problem
  Lebanon: Some Arsal Refugees See Militants as Only Advocates
As Ceasefire Holds, US/EU Push Russia Sanctions
  Ukraine President: More Autonomy if Rebels End War
  Azov Fighters: Ukraine's Greatest Weapon May Be Its Greatest Threat
  Putin Orders Nuclear Deterrent Boost to Step NATO Threat
  US, Europe at Odds Over NATO Expansion
Afghan Officials Say US Air Strike Kills 11 Civilians
  Afghan Election Chaos Grows, Abdullah Claims 'Victory'
DoJ Memo: CIA's Justification to Kill a US Citizen
The Pentagon's $800-Billion Real Estate Problem
Waging War  by Andrew P. Napolitano
ISIS and the American Way of War: The New Enemy Creation Process  by Steve Breyman
Ending Evil vs. Defending the Country  by Jacob Sullum
Obama Follows Bush's Iraq Playbook  by Sheldon Richman
War Hysteria  by Bruce Fein
The Death by Drone Memos  by Rémi Brulin

More Viewpoints

Sen. Rand Paul Responds to Obama's ISIS Strategy
Half of Europeans Want to Tackle International Issues Without US Meddling
Ex-Egyptian Minister: We Warned US Ahead of 9/11
DHS to Ask Stores to Watch Buying Habits for Terrorist Clues
Pentagon Gave MRAP to San Diego School District
Back to Iraq (and Syria)
Obama to Send 475 Additional Troops to Iraq
Obama ISIS Speech Transcript
Obama Authorizes $25 Million in Immediate Military Aid to Iraq: White House
Hayden: Obama Will Need to Put Boots on the Ground in Iraq
Kerry: US Troops Might Deploy to Iraq if 'Something Very Dramatic Changes'
Pentagon: US Warplanes Have Taken Out 162 Islamic State Military Vehicles
Kerry Says World Won't Let ISIS Win in Iraq
Baghdad Bombs, Yazidi Mass Graves Add to 228 Killed Across Iraq
Report: 500 Bodies Found in Mass Grave in Northern Iraq
Syrian War Jets Bomb ISIS Positions
Syria Prioritizes Battling Terror
Syrian Military Kills 32 Rebels
Legacy of Mistrust Haunts New Iraqi Government
Syrian Islamist Group Names New Leader After Blast
Peshmerga and Syrian Kurdish Forces Agree to Fight Together for Shingal
Global ISIS Reaction
France Says Ready for Air Strikes in Iraq 'if Necessary'
France Says No Decision on Iranian Presence at Paris Iraq Meeting
Obama Calls Saudi King Ahead of Speech on ISIS
Saudi Arabia Indicates It Will Grant US Request for Anti-ISIS Training Program
Lebanon Calls for 'Common Front' Against ISIS 'Monsters'
Livni: Anti-ISIS Front Impossible Without Renewed Peace Talks With Palestinians
Colorado Woman Latest American to Admit Attempt to Join Islamist Militants
Australia Arrests Two in Islamic Center Raid
Afghan Election Front-Runner Rejects Share of Power With Rival
Afghan Talks Could Continue After Inauguration
China Says South China Sea Land Reclamation 'Justified'
US, China Security Leaders Spar Over Jet Maneuvers
Pakistan Airstrikes Hit Taliban Hideouts, Kill 65
Philippine President Plans to Give Muslims Autonomous Zone
Human Rights Abuses Reported in Junta-Ruled Thailand
Second Explosive Device Detonates in Chilean Supermarket
Ukraine President Poroshenko Invited to Address US Congress
Frontline City in East Ukraine Imposes Tough New Security Measures
OSCE Says Will Use Drones for Ceasefire Monitoring in Ukraine
NATO at the Heart of a New Cold War, Says Former Canadian Ambassador
German and Polish Gas Operators Report Lower Supply From Russia
Poland Halts Reverse Gas Flows to Ukraine After Russia's Move
Catalan Independence Vote Almost Unstoppable: Official

Polish President Warns in Berlin of Rebirth of 1930s Nationalism

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian During West Bank Raid
Gaza War Is Over, but Jerusalem Violence Remains
Palestinian Salaries Dispute Puts Gaza Ceasefire at Risk
Israeli Military Opens Five Criminal Investigations Into Gaza War Conduct
Israeli Cop Charged Over Beaten Palestinian-American
Hamas: Cairo Truce Talks to Resume Mid-September
European Envoy to Israel Blasts Land Expropriation
Senior EU Officials Warn Gaza Despondency Could Lead to More Violence
Islamists in Libya's Benghazi Probably Kidnapped 25 Missing Soldiers: Commander
Official: Report of Missing Planes From Libya Untrue
Libya PM Denies UAE Military Involvement in His Country
Libya's Embattled Premier Seeks Support From UAE
Islamist Militants Leave Signed Note on Beheaded Corpse in Sinai: Residents
Dozens Join Hunger Strike for Release of Egypt Political Prisoners
Stabbing With Syringe in Nigeria Raises Concerns of Ebola as Weapon
China Sending 1,800 Peacekeepers to South Sudan
The War at Home
Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage at Middle East Christian Conference
House Rebukes Obama on Bergdahl Deal, as Some Dems Agree He Broke Law
Local and State Police Involved in Sensitive Hemisphere Program
Atheist Must Swear to God – or Leave US Air Force
Security Clearance Contractor to Lose Govt Work
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