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Updated September 17, 2014 - 11:18 PM EDT
Obama Insists: No Combat for US Troops in Iraq
  Kerry Touts ISIS War, Hypes Iraq 'Success Story'
  Pentagon: ISIS War Will Be Long and Difficult
  Shi'ite Militias Pose Challenge for US in Iraq
  US Searches for Sunni Allies on the Ground in Iraq
Iraqi Officials Brief Syria on Coalition Plans
  Iraqi Parliament Spurns Defense, Interior Ministry Nominees
  Al-Qaeda Groups Urge Warring Militants in Iraq, Syria to Unite
House Approves Plan to Arm Syria Rebels
  Free Syrian Army Won't Join US Anti-ISIS Coalition
  ISIS Goes Underground in Syrian Stronghold
  FSA Rebels Urge Israel to Impose No-Fly Zone Over Syria
Ukraine Grants 'Special Status' for East to End War
  Report: Ukraine DM Threatens to Restart Nuclear Weapons Program
What the NSA Gives Israel and How They Use It
34 Syrian Children Dead After UN Gives 'Tainted' Vaccine
Report: Snowden Leaks Didn't Make Qaeda Change Tactics
Afghan Soldier Kills US Soldier in 'Green-on-Blue Attack'
Why Syria Is the Gordian Knot of Obama's Anti-ISIS Campaign  by Joshua Landis
America's 'State Secret' Obsession Has Gone Too Far  by Trevor Timm
Obama's Member-Less Coalition Against ISIS: What Good Are Allies Anyway?  by Doug Bandow
The McKeon Amendment – A Lend-Lease Act for Terrorists  by Justin Raimondo
Obama Declares Perpetual War  by Marjorie Cohn
47-Year-Old Nuclear Elephant in the Room  by Douglas Birch & R. Jeffrey Smith

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Pentagon Is Still Overfunded
by William D. Hartung
Turkey Mulls 'Buffer Zone' Against ISIS
Legislator: 53 Turkish Families Joined ISIS
US Organizing Summit on UN Peacekeeping Next Week
Canadian Air Force Raids Museum for Spare Parts
Gitmo Judge Mulls Secrecy of Interrogation Methods
Uruguayan President on Gitmo: US 'Made a Business Out of That Prison'
Shi'ite Militias Reject PM Ministry Picks; 67 Killed Across Iraq
Kaine to Introduce Proposal to Limit US Ground Forces
US Troops in Iraq to Rise to 1,600
Will UK Stand for Yet Another War in Iraq?
Mideast Christians Urge Arabs Lead Fight Against ISIS
Kurdish Police to Get Help From Czech Republic
Syrian Plane Shot Down as Attacks by Groups Intensify
7 Killed in Car Bomb Attack Near Syria-Turkey Border
Austrian Teenage Girl Jihadist Killed in Syria
Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell Agree on Continuing Resolution, Syria
Middle East
Al-Nusra Threatens to Kill Lebanese Soldier
Yemen Clashes Between Shi'ite Rebels and Tribesmen Kill 22: Sources
With a Deadline Looming, Iran's Nuclear Talks Reopen in New York
New Air Strikes Reported in Libya
Nine Killed, 30 Wounded in New Clashes in Libya's Benghazi: Medic
Egypt: Sinai Bombing Kills Six Policemen
Family of US Citizen on Hunger Strike in Egypt Prison Says Health Failing
Egypt: Sinai Bombing Kills Six Policemen
The War at Home
US Soldiers Are More Likely to Kill Themselves Than Be Killed in Combat
Snowden Documentary to Premiere in US
Another Drone Protester Found Not-Guilty
Chelsea Manning Breaks Silence to Criticize Obama's ISIS Strategy
New York Man Charged With Trying to Finance Extremists
Soldier Dies at Fort Polk; Second Fatal Training Incident in 2 Months
FARC Rebel Ambush Kills 7 Police in Colombia
Venezuelan Protesters Discuss Explosives in Video
Temporary Agreement Is Reached to Allow Gaza to Import Materials for Rebuilding
Israeli Officials: Hamas Arrested Militants Who Fired on Eshkol
West Bank Settler Group Boasts Rapid Growth
22 Palestinians Arrested in East Jerusalem Unrest
Running in the Rubble of Gaza: Former Olympic Runner
Bill Clinton Doubts Netanyahu Can Make Peace
Gaza War to Reverse Years of Growth in Palestinian Economy: World Bank
Defense Minister Ya'alon: Gaza Fighting Won't Resume at Month's End
Former IDF Chief Rabbi Suspected of Leaking Secret Gaza War Info to Bennett
Afghan Suicide Attack Leaves at Least 6 Soldiers Dead
Afghan Rivals Said Close to Ending Feud on How to Share Power
Afghan Official Says Government Is Nearly Broke
Canadian Military Suicides Outnumbered Deaths in Afghanistan, New Stats Show
Pakistan Rehman Malik: Passengers Force Ex-Minister Off Plane
Pakistan Protest Leader: Army Guanranteed Many Demands Would Be Met
Pakistan Rejects Afghan Terrorism Accusations
Japan PM's Liberal Newspaper Critic Is Humbled by Errors
South Korea's Park Says Door Open for Talks With North
India Should Be More Proactive on Tibet: Dalai Lama Aide on Eve of China Xi Visit
Prominent Uighur Academic Goes on Trial in China
Indonesia Anti-Terror Police Question Four Foreigners
Vietnam Urged to Tackle 'Alarming' Rate of Police Abuse
Three Civilians Killed in Shelling in Ukraine's Donetsk
Ukraine Ratifies Association With EU, Grants Concessions to Rebels
Watch Mob Throw Ukrainian Lawmaker in the Garbage
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The McKeon Amendment – A Lend-Lease Act for Terrorists

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Obama's Hazy Plan To Fight ISIS Is Unlikely To Succeed

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Never Learn Anything From 9/11

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Of Motes and Beams

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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