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Updated September 29, 2014 - 11:26 PM EDT
Obama: Syria Is 'Ground Zero for Jihadists'
  72% of Americans Believe US Will Use Ground Troops Against ISIS
  US Airstrikes Hit More Syria Oil Refineries
70% of Troops Say No Boots on the Ground in Iraq
  As 'Advisers' Role Expands, US 'Boots on the Ground' Already in Iraq
  Airstrikes, Battles, and Bombings Leave 294 Dead Across Iraq
  Nineveh Governor Trying to Form 'Militia' to Retake Mosul From ISIS
US Drone Strike Kills Four in South Waziristan
Al-Qaeda Bombs Rebel-Held Yemen Hospital, Killing 15
Khorasan: Anatomy of Fake Terror Threat to Justify Bombing Syria  by Glenn Greenwald & Murtaza Hussain
Another War, Another Evil  by Brad Evans
Guantánamo Bay Is Crumbling Into Ruins  by Jessica Schulberg
They're Making Up Stuff  by Justin Raimondo
How Israel Silences Dissent  by Mairav Zonszein
Barack Obama, Imperial President  by A. Barton Hinkle

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Fresh Violence Rocks Libya as Al-Thinni's Govt Sworn In
Frenchman's Murder Puts Algeria Back on the Shifting Map of Jihad
Govt Employees, Politicians Get TSA Special Status
Syrian Minister: Iran, Russia Could Join US-Led Coalition
Pro-Palestine Protesters Again Thwart Israeli Cargo Ship in Oakland
US Goes to War Again
Obama: ISIS 'A More Immediate Concern' Than Assad
Nusra Front Says US-Led Air Strikes in Syria Will Fail
Al-Qaeda Figure Believed Killed by US Strike in Syria: Monitoring Group
Obama Adviser: Trained Syrian Rebels Could Fight Assad
Battle for Iraq and Syria in Maps
Boehner: 'Somebody's Boots Have to Be on the Ground' to Defeat ISIS
Top Obama Official: This Will Not Be Another Iraq War
Airstrikes, Battles, and Bombings Leave 294 Dead Across Iraq
Iraq Army Woos Deserters Back to War on ISIS
Iraqi Kurds Face Off With Extremists Across Bridge
No Frontline Deployment for Female Kurdish Troops
New Iraqi Comedy Show Aims to Counter ISIS
Global ISIS Reaction
Turkey Refugee Crisis Deepens as Islamic State Besieges Syrian Border Town
Russian Suspicions of US Motives in Syria Make Cooperation Unlikely
Syria Missions Still an Option Says UK Defense Secretary
Germany Starts Training 32 Kurdish Fighters
Spanish Judge Orders Jail for Terror Cell Suspect
Australian Cabinet to Sign Off on Military Action in Iraq Within Days
11 Killed in Cartel Clash in Mexican Border State
22 Police Held Following Southern Mexico Violence
US Condemns Abbas's UN Speech as 'Provocative'
Questions Linger Over Hamas' Role in West Bank Kidnapping That Led to Gaza War
Cop Who Beat US-Palestinian Teen Says He Felt His Life Was in Danger
Gaza War Deals Blow to Israel's Tourism Industry
PA Arrests Palestinians for Facebook Comments
Report: Underage American Children Allegedly Allowed to Fire Weapons at IDF Base
Middle East
US Official Talks Up Potential for Cooperation With Iran
Saudi Arabia Warns Yemen Violence Could Threaten Global Security
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Police Fail to Clear Protesters With Tear Gas
Report: 34 Injured as Police and Protesters Clash in Hong Kong
Crackdown on Protests by Hong Kong Police Draws More to the Streets
Hong Kong Leader Urges People Not to Participate in 'Illegal' Protests
Hong Kong Leader Says Will Launch New Round of Talks on Electoral Reform Soon
Sectarian Violence in Myanmar Threatens Livelihood of Muslims
Russia's Lavrov Says Ties With Washington Need 'Reset 2.0'
Lavrov Says Time Has Come to Upgrade Nuclear, Conventional Arms
US Navy
Navy Disbands Landstuhl Medical Unit as Casualties Dwindle
Meet the Zumwalt: Navy's Stealth Destroyer Will Go to Sea Next Spring
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