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Updated October 3, 2014 - 9:41 PM EDT
Turkish Lawmakers Vote To Join War Against ISIS
  PKK: Loss of Syrian Kurdish Border Town Would End Turkey Talks
ISIS Seizes 350 North Syrian Villages in 16 Days
  Video Purports to Show ISIS Beheading of Another British Hostage
  US Airstrikes on ISIS Allow Syrian Army to Launch New Offensive
  Lethal Exports – Germany Admits to Urging Some Islamists to Leave
Heavy Fighting Rages in Iraq's Anbar Province
  UN Releases Iraq Report as 291 Are Killed
Judge Rejects Keeping Gitmo Force-Feeding Hearings Secret
  Moazzam Begg Was in Contact With MI5 About His Syria Visits
Ukraine Ceasefire Holds, But Clashes in Donetsk
Libya Suicide Bombers Kill 40 Troops Loyal to Coup General
Netanyahu: Postpone Probe Into Attacks on UN in Gaza
Daniel Ellsberg Sees Vietnam-Like Risks in ISIS War  by Barbara Koeppel
Law Enforcement Mourns Apple's Tighter Security Standards  by Lucy Steigerwald
Fox's New Poll and the Lie That Could Lead to More War  by Elias Isquith
Who Are the 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels?  by Michael Pizzi
The NSA and Me
 by James Bamford
Center for American Progress Is Selling Out the Antiwar Left  by Michael Tracey

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Pentagon Rules Out Transferring Secret Bagram Detainees to Guantánamo
Police Departments Retaliate Against Organized 'Cop Watch' Groups Across US
16 Detained During Turkish Antiwar Protest on Bosporus Bridge
Spying and Secrets
An FBI Informant Led Hacks Against 30 Countries – Now We Know Which Ones
The Ghost of Ronald Reagan Authorizes Most NSA Spying
Authorities Think About Telling You if You're Watchlisted From Warrantless Spying
Three Years Later, Pentagon Unit Still Hides Internet Voting Test Results
Future Military Sensors Could Be Tiny Specks of 'Smart Dust'
New Intel Doc: Do Not Be 'Led Astray' by 'Commonly Understood Definitions'
Majority Say Brennan Violated Checks and Balances, and Must Go
Report: Secret Service Agent Leaked Obama Locations to Romney Campaign in 2012
Taliban Kill Three in Fresh Kabul Blast Targeting Army Bus
Karzai's Brother, Others Still Owe Millions to Kabul Bank: Afghan Watchdog
Seven Killed in Bus Explosion in Peshawar
Pakistan Protest Cleric Announces Plan to Participate in Elections
North Korea
North Korea Prepares Launch Site for Longer-Range Rockets: Report
North Korea Envoy Says Door Is Open on Nuclear Issues, Rights, Abductees
Third American Held in North Korea Appeals to US for Help
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Leader Willing to Hold Limited Talks With Protesters
Some Hong Kong Residents Grow Weary of Disruptions
US and India Form New Nuclear Contact Group
US Eases Arms Embargo Against Vietnam for Maritime Security
Boko Haram Video Shows Abubakar Shekau Alive
Why Boko Haram's Leader Abubakar Shekau Keeps Getting Killed, Only to Return
97 Nigerian Soldiers Accused of Refusing to Fight
French Troops Edge Closer to Libya Border to Cut Off Islamists
Egypt Army Kills Militant Commander in Sinai: Security Sources
At Least 16 Dead as French Forces Intervene in Central African Republic Rebel Clashes
Dalai Lama Visa Row Halts Nobel Forum in South Africa
Kentucky National Guard Sending 60 Airmen to Senegal to Help Fight Ebola
The War at Home
Small-Town Police Department Gets Bayonets From Marines
300 Workers at Norfolk Naval Shipyard Removed From Nuclear Work as Training Investigated
UN Releases Iraq Report as 291 Are Killed
RAF Tornados Bomb Islamic State Pickup Truck
Denmark Votes to Send Jet Fighters to Iraq
Belgian Fighter Planes Flying Over Baghdad for the First Time
Aussie PM 'Could Announce Combat' in Iraq
5,500 Civilians Killed in Iraq Since ISIS Offensive, UN Says
Panetta Unloads on White House for Pulling US Forces Out of Iraq
George W. Bush: I Wouldn't Have Brought All the Troops Home From Iraq
Kurdish YPG Kills 16 ISIS Fighters in Northern Syria: Activists
Syria Kurds Say American Joins Fight Against ISIS
Netanyahu Slams White House on Settlements Criticism
US Warns East Jerusalem Housing Plans Will 'Distance Israel From Even Its Closest Allies'
British Parliament to Vote on Recognizing Palestinian State
France Urges Israel to Call Off East Jerusalem Settlement Plans
Israel Urged to Silence Internet Activist
Palestinian Envoy: if UN Rejects Occupation Deadline, We'll Join International Criminal Court
Israel Boosts Security for Rare Clash of Holy Days
Gazan Fulfills Isaiah's Prophesy, With a Twist
Poll Finds Israelis Don't Trust Obama, Abbas
Palestinians Seek $4 Billion for Gaza Reconstruction
Yom Kippur a Good Time to Release Pollard, Netanyahu Told Obama
Middle East
Houthis Dictate State Spending in Absence of Yemen Government
US House Members Press Kerry on Nuclear Talks With Iran
Saudi Arabia: 2 Million in Mecca for Start of Hajj
Lawyer: Bahrain Rights Activist Detained for Tweet
Pro-Hezbollah Sunni Sheikh Brushes Off Death Threats
Swiss Red Cross Worker Killed by Shell in Ukraine's Donetsk
Putin: State Will Support Sanctions-Hit Sectors
Ukraine Rebels Renew Donetsk Airport Offensive
Facing Fears Over Extremism, Austria Unveils New Law on Islam
Soldier Shot Dead in Karabakh by Azerbaijani Fire
Bulgaria Explosives Factory Blast Leaves 15 Missing
Relatives Scour Crime-Plagued Mexico State for 43 Missing Students
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Law Enforcement Mourns Apple's Tighter Security Standards

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