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Updated October 7, 2014 - 11:22 PM EDT
US Airstrikes Kill 22 Civilians in Iraqi Market
  US Helicopter Strikes Against ISIS Increase Shootdown Risk
  Iraq Clears Aussie Troops for ISIS Ground War
Panetta Predicts '30-Year War' Against ISIS
  Illinois Man Charged With Wanting to Join ISIS
ISIS on Verge of Victory in Key Kurdish City
  Syrian Kurds Say Air Strikes Against ISIS Are Not Working
  ISIS Kills 30 Kurdish Fighters in Northeast Syria
  Pentagon Yet to Decide on Syrian Rebel Force Central to ISIS Offensive
NATO: We'll Defend Turkey From ISIS Spillover
  Turkey Willing to Launch Ground War in Syria If Others Do Too
US Drone Strike Kills Eight in North Waziristan
India Should Insulate From War on ISIS  by MK Bhadrakumar
Obama Decides Civilian Casualties Are So Five Minutes Ago  by Lucy Steigerwald
Silicon Valley Stands Up to NSA  by Scott Rasmussen
Can America Fight a Thirty Years' War?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Legal Basis for US War in Iraq and Syria Is Thin  by Ivan Eland
Thirty Years Without Peace  by Wesley R. Harker

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Syria-to-Ukraine Wars Send US Defense Stocks to Records
UK Snooping Powers Are Too Weak, Says Crime Agency Boss
The 1920 British Air Bombing Campaign in Iraq
Kashmiris Flee India-Pakistan Violence; 9 Dead
Guantánamo Force-Feeding Amounts to Punishment, Detainee's Lawyers Argue
America and ISIS
Senator: Congress Should Debate Terrorist Threat
Panetta's Jabs at Obama Are Not 'Legitimate,' White House Says
Hillary Clinton: US-ISIS Fight a 'Long-Term Struggle'
Global ISIS Reaction
Why Are Western Women Joining ISIS?
Woman Who Defected From ISIS Says She Was Duped
Egypt Busts Cell Recruiting Syria Militants
Japanese Men Suspected of Backing ISIS
France Denies US Media Story on al-Qaeda Defector Agent: Source
Two Brits Among 180 ISIS Militants Released by Turkey in Prisoner Swap
Australian PM Promises No Iraq Tax
Kurds Storm Netherland's Parliament in Anti-ISIS Protest
Chechen Leader Vows Tough Response to Suicide Bombing
How the Russian Orthodox Church Answers Putin's Prayers in Ukraine
NATO Chief Says 'Spearhead' Plan Doesn't Breach Treaty With Russia
Drones for OSCE Truce Monitors Arrive in Ukraine
Catalonia Government to Decide by October 15 Whether to Hold Referendum
Macedonia Court Convicts 17 in Espionage Case
Germany's Defense Projects Facing Multiple Risks
Britain Complains of Further Spanish Incursion Off Gibraltar
'NATO Is Here to Protect You,' New Chief Declares in Poland Visit
Cyprus: Turkey Gas Search Could Hurt Peace Talks
Developing Countries Blast Rich-World Farm Subsidies at Rome Talks
Warships of Rival Koreas Exchange Warning Shots
Thousands Protest Against the Construction of a New US Military Base in Okinawa
Hong Kong: Formal Talks Agreed as Protests Shrink
Millions of Dollars Go Missing From Afghan Police Trust Fund
Thailand's Coup Government Forms Reform Council
43 Missing Students, a Mass Grave, and a Suspect: Mexico's Police
Mexico Confronts Reports That Police Helped Massacre 43 Students
No Homicide Charges Yet in Army Killings
Mass Grave Shines Light on Troubled State
Mexico Army Disarms Police in Missing Students City
Baby Doc's Victims Vow to Fight on Despite His Death
Syrian Troops Kill at Least 54 Rebels on Monday
Over 2,000 Syrian Kurds Flee Kobani as ISIS Advances, Kurdish Official Says
Alleged French Spy-Turned-Traitor Targeted in Airstrikes on al-Qaeda
Ankara Urges PYD Leader to Join Ranks of Free Syrian Army Against Al-Assad
In the Californian Desert, UK and US Forces Crave 'A Crack at the Headcutters'
Airstrike Hits Shoppers; 94 Killed, 69 Wounded Across Iraq
In Jihadist-Ruled Iraqi City, Residents Fear US Airstrikes – and Sectarian Revenge
A Source in Anbar Council Confirms the Spread of the ISIS Elements in Most Neighborhoods of Ramadi
Australian and Belgian Aircraft Begins to Launch First Strikes Against the ISIS in Iraq
Australia to Conduct More Iraq Bombing Missions
Lebanon Faces ISIS and Nusra Incursions – and an Influx of Refugees
Hezbollah Loses 10 Fighters in Sunday Clashes With Nusra: Source
White House Rejects Netanyahu's Criticism With Withering Response
Israel Rebukes Swedish Envoy for Palestine Recognition
Sweden: Israel Is Not Being Singled Out
British Parliament to Hold Symbolic Vote on Palestine Status
Palestinian Unity Cabinet to Meet in Gaza
Kerry to Join Cairo Talks on Rebuilding Gaza
Israel's Anti-Rocket Hit 'Iron Dome' a Slow Sell Abroad
US Firm Raytheon Wins $149 Million Iron Dome Contract
Fire at Iranian Defense Industry Plant Kills Two People: IRNA
Iran Releases Journalist, American Husband Still in Jail
US Warns Zimbabwe Over $3 Billion Russia Deal
Algeria Army Ambushes, Arrests Group on Niger Border
Somali Troops Secure Key Port After Capture From Shebab

Christian Militia Calls on Central African Republic President to Resign

Kenya Body Blames Poor Coordination for Slow Response to Coast Attacks
Mali PM: France, UN Must Step Up Fight Against Islamists in Mali
Tunisia Islamists Face Secular Parties as Election Campaign Opens
The War at Home
James Risen: Obama Hates the Press
Even an Ozarks Coroner Gets Surplus Military Guns
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