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Updated October 10, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
ISIS Gains Raise Doubts About US Strategy
  ISIS Nears Complete Control of Iraq's Anbar Province
  Officials: US Strikes on Khorasan Not a 'Death Blow'
  Syrian Rebels: US Strikes on ISIS 'Aid Assad'
ISIS Seizes Much of Kobani Despite Air Strikes
  Turkey Pushes for North Syria 'Buffer Zone'
  Turkey Ignores Kurdish Fury as Militants Close in on Kobani
US Airstrikes in Afghanistan Hit Two-Year High
  $500 Million Pentagon Plane Project Netted $32,000 in Scrap Metal
Obama Weighs Options to Close Guantanamo
NSA: List of Official Leaks to Media Is Classified
US Drone Strikes in Pakistan Kill 26 Over 5 Days
67 Killed in Suicide Bombings in Yemen
Pentagon Revives Vietnam, and War Over Truth
Better Isn't Good Enough When it Comes to War  by Lucy Steigerwald
Washington Wields the Oil Weapon  by Michael Klare & Tom Engelhardt
The Government War Against Reporter James Risen  by Norman Solomon & Marcy Wheeler
Why This War?  by Justin Raimondo
The Iraqi Army Never Was  by Kelley Vlahos
The Panic Over Traveling Terrorists Could Ruin Your Vacation  by Murtaza Hussain

More Viewpoints

US Judge to Decide State Secrets Privilege in Iran Case
US Navy to Open Missile Defense Base in Romania
The Unsung Heroes of Conflict Reporting
'That's All I Ever Wanted': Uncle Sam Needs American Youths
Estonia to Resettle One Guantanamo Bay Detainee
Global ISIS Reaction
Families Torn Apart as Western Girls Join Islamist Cause
Four Anti-ISIS Kurds Arrested Entering US From Mexico
Iran Will Take Action on Kobani if Asked: FM Afkham
London ISIS Terror Raids Questioned as It Emerges One of the Suspects Is Iraqi Kurd
Terrorism Arrests: Fifth Man Held Over 'Plan to Attack UK'
Uruguay Receives First Group of Syrian Refugees
Kashmir: India and Pakistan Warn Each Other Over Attacks
Spasm of Violence in Kashmir Worst in Years
PM: Pakistan Army Fighting War Against Hidden Enemy
UN Chief Urges Pakistan, India to Resolve All Issues Through Dialogues
Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif Visits North Waziristan
Two Pakistani Journalists Killed, Taking Murder Tally This Year to 13
Hong Kong Government Backs Out of Talks; Students Vow Renewed Protests
US Report: China's Human Rights Record Worsening
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur Grenade Blast Kills One
31 Sick Marines in Okinawa a Medical Whodunnit for Navy Doctors
Islamist Militia Chief Among 17 Killed in Libya Fighting
Libya PM Says Egypt Will Help Train Army
US Troops to Fight Ebola
US Military Planes Arrive in Liberia, Epicenter of Ebola Outbreak
Troops Fighting Ebola Will Earn Up to $400 Extra Per Month
Nine Killed Including UN Soldier in Central African Republic
600 'Terrorists' to Face Trial Soon in Tunisia: Minister
The War at Home
St. Louis Shooting Reignites Anger Among Activists
Ferguson Police Continued Crackdown on Protesters After Federal, State Interventions
Ex-Marine Gets $10 Fine Years After 'Unprecedented' Iraq Shooting
Russian Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Plot to Export US Military Equipment
Idiots Offended by Conflict Kitchen Featuring Palestinian Food
United Nations
UN Member States Owe World Body About $3.5 Billion
Baquba Suffers Suicide Bomber; 112 Killed Across Iraq
Increasing Reports of Sectarian Attacks by Militias in Iraq
Car Bomb Kills 12 in Baghdad Neighborhood
Iraqi Civilian Poisons 4 ISIS Militants
Kuwait Base to Host Canada's Military Planes for Iraq Mission
US and Allies Have Conducted 341 Strikes in Iraq, Syria
Kerry: ISIS Advance on Kobani Will Not Deter Coalition
Qaeda-Linked Rebels Free Priest, Other Christians in Syria
Kurdish Ammo Runs Low in Kobani as Turkey Controls Exit
Kurds Bury Kobani Dead in Makeshift Graves Over Border
Erdogan Denounces Turkey Protests as Peace Process 'Sabotage'
Hagel: US Wants Use of Turkey Base, Help Training
In Turkey, Families Await Return of Kin Wounded in Fight Against ISIS
PA Returns to Gaza Strip With Israel's Tacit Blessing
Hamas: PA Has No Authority Over Prisoner Exchange Talks
Meeting in Gaza, Palestinian Unity Govt Seeks to Signal That Aid Won't Go to Hamas
Palestinian PM: Rebuilding Gaza Top Priority
Bahraini Prince Could Face UK Arrest Over Torture Allegations
Bahrain Activist to Stand Trial on Defamation Charge
Middle East
Deadly Attack in Yemen Adds to Fears Over Sunni Extremists
Explosion at Key Military Base in Iran Raises Questions About Sabotage
Rights Group: Saudi Arabia Silencing Peaceful Activists
Lebanese Army Under Fire as Cabinet Grapples With Hostage Crisis
Anti-EU UKIP Wins First Seat in British Parliament
Mh17 Crash: Dutch Minister Says Passenger 'Wore Oxygen Mask'
Staff Numb the Horror as Bodies Pile Up in Ukraine Morgue
Mexico Finds More Graves at Site of Suspected Student Massacre
Mexico 'Drug Lord' Carrillo Arrested
Australian Defense Force: Warrior Image Poses Mental Problems
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Better Isn't Good Enough When it Comes to War

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