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Updated October 14, 2014 - 8:37 PM EDT
More Complications: Turkey Bombs Kurd Militants
  Turkey Denies US Claims of Air Bases Deal
  ISIS Fights Its Way Into Central Kobani, Battle Continues
  Syrian Air Force Escalates Attacks on Western Rebels
Iraq Loses Key East Anbar Base to ISIS
  US Army Chief 'Somewhat Confident' Iraq Can Hold Baghdad
  Report: Iraqi Shi'ite Militias Kidnapping, Killing Sunnis
NATO Airstrike Kills Seven Afghan Civilians
  Taliban Kills 22 Afghan Troops in Northern Convoy Ambush
British Parliament Votes to Recognize Palestine
  As Israel Locks Al Aqsa Mosque, UN Chief Denounces 'Provocations'
  Israeli Finance Minister Fails Effort to Get Settlement Oversight
Iran's President Says Nuclear Deal With West 'Certain'
Yemen Appoints New PM in Concession to Houthi Rebels
Britain Holds First 'Terror Trial' Under Secrecy Rules
Obama's War and the Limits of Reason  by Michael Holtzman
Snowden Doc Shows That Only Govt Transparency Can Stop Leaks  by Trevor Timm
America's Intel Agencies Agree: ISIS Isn't That Big of a Threat  by Bonnie Kristian
Chechens Lead Way in ISIS War for Dominance  by John Batchelor
Presidents and the War Power  by Ivan Eland
Is Obama Trying to Alienate Muslim-American Youth?  by Sheldon Richman

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Kim Jong-Un: North Korea Leader 'Appears in Public'
Protesters in St. Louis Over Police Shootings of Blacks
Some Captured Terrorists Talk Willingly and Proudly, Investigators Say
Spain's Catalonia to Seek Alternatives to Independence Referendum
General Says No Soldiers Have Asked Out of Ebola Deployments
Tensions Grow Between Ankara and Washington Over Use of Air Bases for Syria Attacks
Turkey's Kurdish Peace Process at Risk Amid Fury Over Kobani
Guerrilla Groups Hunt Down ISIS in Syria
US, Saudi Arabia Hit Militant Targets in Syria: US Military
Top UK Diplomat Says Endgame Is Regime Change in Syria
Britain Sees No Early Demand From US for Air Strikes in Syria
4 Killed in Turkish Military Helicopter Crash
133 Killed, 173 Wounded Across Iraq as Bombers Return to Baghdad
Iraq Denies Presence of ISIS Militants Near Baghdad Airport
Hundreds of European Kurds Join Peshmerga and YPG
Jihadists Control All Exits From Mt Sinjar, Says Peshmerga Official
Kurds Closer to Participation in Iraqi Government
Iraqi Christian Village Takes the Fight to ISIS
UN Says Up to 180,000 Refugees Flee Iraqi Town
ISIS Recruits Take Part in Training Regime at Camp in Iraq in Latest Propaganda Video
Global ISIS Reaction
Khamenei Blames US, 'Wicked' Britain, for Creating ISIS
Anti-ISIS Coalition Is a Lie: Lebanon's Jumblatt
Captive Aid Worker's Parents: We Can't Meet Demand
27 Boko Haram Hostages Freed, but Still No Word on the 200 Girls
Somali Car Bomb Attack Toll Rises to 13: President
Ethnic Clashes Kill 2 in Algerian Oasis City
'Huge Gaffe' Sparks Row Between Libya, Iran in Comoros
Madagascar Arrests Ex-Leader on Return From Exile
The War at Home
Ferguson Weekend Protests: Police Arrest 17
Spy Show 'Archer' Drops 'ISIS' Acronym
Pentagon: Global Warming Will Change How US Military Trains and Goes to War
Israeli Police Raid Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque, a Site Sacred to Jews and Muslims
Netanyahu to UN Chief: Gaza Is Not 'Occupied'
Israel Decries UK Vote on Palestinian State; PLO Rejoices
Jerusalem Simmering Over 'Judaisation' Plan
Israeli Army Ordered to Seize 119 Palestinian Properties in 2013, Up From One in 2011
'Only Half of Donated Funds to Go Toward Gaza Reconstruction'
Despite Pledged $2.7b, Challenges Ahead for Gaza
Copying Settlers, Palestinians Mark Hiking Trails in West Bank
Pakistan Fires at Indian Army Posts in Jammu and Kashmir's Poonch
Imran, 3 Other Pakistan MPs Fail to Appear Before Speaker
Hong Kong/China
'Decisive Force' Seen as Likely to End Hong Kong Protests
Hong Kong Protests: Scuffles Break Out at Admiralty Camp
China Sentences 12 to Death for South Xinjiang Attacks
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Re-Opens Rail Link to Former War Zone After 24 Years
As Putin Talks Near, Both Sides Take Steps to Defuse Ukraine Tension
East Ukraine Rebel Leader Gubarev Unconscious After Ambush
Russia's Justice Ministry Targets Memorial, a Human Rights Defender
Russia: Sanctions Hit Food Supply to Space Station
Protesters Burn State Building in Southern Mexico
German Student Shot by Police in Mexican State of Guerrero
In 'Untamed Mexico' a Mass Grave and a Challenge for a President
At College of Missing Students, History of Revolutionary Zeal
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