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Updated November 2, 2014 - 11:25 PM EST
ISIS, Nusra Join to Rout US-Backed Forces in Syria
US-Backed Syria Rebels Surrender to al-Qaeda
  White House: Syria Policy 'Clear' and 'Working'
Hagel: New World Order Means Endless War
  US Officials Criticize White House ISIS Policy
Over 6,700 Killed in Iraq During October
  ISIS Kills 85 More Members of Iraqi Tribe
  US Armored Personnel Carriers Used by ISIS as IEDs in Iraq
Pakistan Blast Kills 59 on Border With India
Dozens of Libyans in Eastern Town Pledge Allegiance to ISIS
US, Cuba Come Together Over Ebola, Infuriating GOP
CBS Reporter Releases Video of Apparent Computer Hack
Israeli Policy on Iran Is the Biggest Threat to Its 'Special Relationship' With America  by Ali Gharib
Big Brother's Liberal Friends  by Henry Farrell
Rick Perry Gives Hawks a Blank Slate  by James W. Carden
Revenge of the COIN Doctrine  by Kelley Vlahos
The Day Israel Attacked America  by Richard Belfield
America Cannot Kill Its Way Out of the ISIS War  by Zenon Evans

More Viewpoints

A Civil War Without End
by Patrick Cockburn
Judge Says Government Can't Use State Secrets to Toss No-Fly List Challenge
Possible ISIS Leaflets Found Near Marine Corps Base
Washington Tries to Check Hungary's Drift Into Kremlin Orbit
The Nuclear Attack on the UK That Never Happened
A Majority of Scots Would Vote for Independence Now: Poll
The Myth of the White Widow
Syria Increases Airstrikes on Rebels
Battle for Kobani Rages as Iraqi Fighters Arrive
Iraqi Peshmerga Fighters Prepare for Syria Battle
US Military Launches 10 Air Strikes in Syria, Iraq
Over 6,700 Killed in Iraq During October; 205 Killed on Saturday
Who Are Albu Nimr, Tribe Attacked by ISIS?
Iranian Official Suggests Washington Post Reporter Could Be Released Soon
Iran Says 93 Percent of Executions Drug-Related
Second Suspect Arrested in Islamic Emirate Scheme in Lebanon
Families of Lebanese Hostages United in Despair
Middle East
Yemen Shi'ite Rebels Kill 4 Islamist Party Guards
Saudi Women's Rights Activist 'in Prison'
Libyan Port Rebel Leader Refuses to Hand Over Oil Ports to Rival Group
Libya Closes Eastern Lifeline Airport for Security Reasons
Burkina Faso
Power Struggle in Burkina Faso After Blaise Compaoré Resigns as President
Burkina Faso Opposition Parties, African Union Reject Army Takeover
Boko Haram Says Kidnapped Schoolgirls 'Married Off'
Gunmen Kill 7 in Ambush on Police in Northern Kenya
Egypt Jails Eight Men Over Gay Marriage Video
Tunisia Elections Possible Model for Region
Weekend Reviews
Reading the Road Map to a Police State
Skewering the 'Shadow Government'
The Real Civil War
Citizenfour: Poitras' Documentary Is About NSA and GCHQ – Not Snowden
Stranger Than Fiction: Citizenfour Is a Dire Parable of Whistle-Blowers and Government Spying
The Syrian Labyrinth: Reese Erlich's New Book Combines On-the-Ground Reporting With an Encyclopedic Background in the Region's History
Leading US Jewish Publication Questions Netanyahu's Grasp on Reality
Peres Slams Israelis Who Fail to Embrace Peace
A Small Band of Activists Is Humiliating an Israeli Shipping Giant
Settler Leader Accuses State of Caving to Pressure, Delaying Gva'ot Project
Rabin Memorial Rally Organizers Call on Govt to Promote Peace Initative
Israel Presents Maritime Version of 'Iron Dome'
Study: One in Six Israelis Cut Ties With Facebook Friends During Israel-Gaza Conflict
Netanyahu to Knesset: Show Restraint on Temple Mount Issue
Suicide Car Bomber Kills 11 Police, Soldiers in Afghanistan
Afghan President: Corruption, Security Top Issues
20 Militants, Four Security Personnel Killed in Orakzai Clash
Special Police Force Set Up for Security of Polio Teams
Over 36,000 Pakistan Families Return From Afghanistan
32 Killed, 118 Injured in 24 Bomb Attacks in Pakistan in October
Pakistan's Celebrity Windscreen-Smasher Given 11-Year Jail Sentence
China Passes Counter-Espionage Law
China's Xi Calls on Army to Remember Past in Graft Fight
Cambodia Sees 55 Pct Rise in Landmine Casualties in 8 Months
Rebel Chief, Lenin Fan Set to Win Separatist Ukraine Votes
Six Ukraine Soldiers Die in Eastern Clashes With Rebels: Military
Russia's Top Radio Station Slapped by Govt Over Ukraine
US Midterms Raise Fears of Decades-Long Russia Sanctions Law
Spy Allegations in a Presidential Race Conjure Romania's Authoritarian Past
6 Injured as Protests Erupt in France Over Police Brutality
Mexican Court Frees Ex-US Marine Jailed on Gun Charges
El Salvador Detective Won't Let the Dead Lie Silent
Americans Still Dying
Navy Officer and Father of Five Dies in Qatar in Non-Combat Incident (CA)
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