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Updated November 18, 2014 - 11:26 PM EST
Neutered NSA Reform Bill Blocked in Senate Vote
Mossad-Backed Jundallah Vows Support for ISIS
  Report: 'Moderate' Rebels Abandon Syrian City of Aleppo
Massacre Not Uniting Iraqi Tribes Against ISIS
  Amid Growing US War Failures, Officials Mock ISIS 'Midgets'
J'lem Synagogue Attack Kills 3 Americans, 1 Brit
  Israel Orders Revenge Demolitions of Palestinian Homes
  Leaked Document Raises Speculation of EU Sanctions Against Israel
Ten Ukrainian Troops Killed in Eastern Fighting
  Divided EU Rejects Ukraine's Push for More Russia Sanctions
  NATO Continues to Accuse Russia of 'Threatening' Civilian Planes
'State of Emergency' Declared Ahead of Ferguson Crackdown
Auditors: State Dept Has History of Poor Cybersecurity
Hagel Tries to Reassure GIs About Safety of Ebola Mission
A 'Broken Windows' Foreign Policy Is Madness  by Daniel Larison
The US Should Give China Room To Rise Peacefully  by Ivan Eland
When Henry Kissinger Makes Sense  by Robert Parry
Did We Vote for War?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Google's Secret NSA Alliance  by Shane Harris
Max Boot's Newest Plan for Iraq  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Global Terror Attack Deaths Rose Sharply in 2013, Says Report
Japan Slides Into Recession After Sales Tax Hike
Egypt to Deepen Buffer Zone With Gaza After Finding Longer Tunnels
China Will Never Use Force to Achieve Its Goals: Xi
Kerry Tells ISIS US Assault Will Continue
Obama: Pass NSA Reform, Avoid 'Brinksmanship and Uncertainty'
Attacks and Airstrikes Leave 138 Dead in Iraq
Moderate Syrian Rebels Say Advancing on Damascus From South
ISIS Killed 1,432 Syrians Outside Battle Since June: Monitor
White House Reviewing Policy Toward US Hostages Held by Militants

Briton, Frenchman Reportedly Seen in ISIS Video of Beheadings

Father of British Student Denies Son in Beheading Video
A 26-Year-Old Woman Is ISIS's Last American Hostage
ISIS Kassig Murder: Western Jihadists Probed
Martin Dempsey: ISIS Terrorists Are 'A Bunch of Midgets'
US Targets Islamic Militants With More Airstrikes in Syria, Iraq: Central Command
ISIS Sets Deadline for Executing Lebanese Soldiers
Families of Captive Lebanese Soldiers Block Roads
Palestinian Driver Found Hanged in Jerusalem Bus
Netanyahu Tells Likud Chiefs to Prepare for Early Elections
Haaretz Obtains Full Document of EU-Proposed Sanctions Against Israel
EU Refutes Report on Possible Israel Sanctions
1,000 Children Suffer Permanent Disability Due to Israel's Gaza Operation
Israel Set to Halve Second Order of F-35 Fighters: Minister
Hidden Links Unearthed Between State, Settler Group at Israel's Most Controversial Dig
Amid Coalition Tensions, Netanyahu to Present 'Jewish State' Bill to Cabinet Sunday
IDF Reservists Still Waiting for Compensation for Gaza Conflict
Who Is Naftali Bennett, the Man Who Could Break Netanyahu's Coalition?
EU to Israel: If You Want to Get Along With Us, Make Peace
Middle East
Amnesty: UAE in Unprecedented Clampdown on Dissent
Turkish Media Linked to Exiled Cleric Say They Were Shut Out by Government
Colombia Suspends FARC Peace Talks Over Kidnapping of General
Widows: Probe Into Peru Activist Killings Stalled
French Plane Had Been in Swedish Airspace, Not Russian Plane
Putin Claims West Is Provoking Russia Into New Cold War as 'Spies' Deported
Russia Deports One German and Several Polish Diplomats
Russia and Poland Expel Diplomats in Tit-For-Tat Measures
Russian Airlines Face Deeper Losses as Ukraine Crisis Hits Travel
Bosnia Police Arrest 12 for Warcrimes Near Biggest Mass Grave Site
Bosnia's New Leadership Takes Shape, Faces Pressure to Reform
Czech President Pelted With Eggs on Revolution Anniversary
Thousands of Hungarians Protest to Demand PM's Resignation
Scottish Nationalist 'Kingmakers' Eye Post-2015 Election Deal With Labour
Imran Khan Accuses Ruling Party of Links With Terrorists
Pakistan Police Take Harsh Justice to the Streets: 'Mostly We Get the Right People'
At Least 2 Dead in Attack in Kabul: Official
How the Taliban and a Cow Prove Afghanistan Loves Social Media
Removal of Barricades Begins at Hong Kong Protest Site
North Korea Acts to Stop UN Resolution on Rights
Nine Dead in Thai Military Helicopter Crash
Nigeria Seeks to Extend Emergency Laws in Insurgency-Hit States
Emir of Kano Calls Nigerians to Arms Over Boko Haram
Sudan Denies UN Access to Darfur Village to Check Rape Accusations
North African Militants Release Video of French, Dutch Hostages
Report: 51 Killed in Congo Police Sweep vs. Gangs
Kenya Police Shoot Man Dead, Arrest 250 During Mosque Raids
African Union Welcomes New Burkina Faso Leader
Embattled Somali PM Tells Ministers to Resign if They Are Unhappy
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