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Updated November 19, 2014 - 11:19 PM EST
Fear as Netanyahu Vows 'Heavy Hand' After Attack
  Jerusalem Synagogue Attack Kills 3 Americans, 1 Brit
  Shin Bet Sees al-Aqsa Dispute as Driving Jerusalem Attacks
  Spanish Lawmakers Vote in Favor of Recognizing Palestine
ISIS Has Enough Weapons to Fight for Two Years
  Saudis Warn ISIS Trying to Start Sectarian War With Attacks
  15,000 Foreign Jihadists in Syria: What Happens When They Leave?
  Iraq Says ISIS Stole 1 Million Tons of Grain, Took It to Syria
Neutered NSA Reform Bill Blocked in Senate Vote
  Obama Aide: Govt Only Exploits Some Software Vulnerabilities
  US Spy Plane Spotted in Africa Making Maps for Special Forces
9/11 Plotter Moussaoui Claims Saudi Involvement
FBI Plans for Violence After Ferguson Ruling
Russia Wants Guarantees Ukraine Won't Join NATO
Obama Administration Loses Collective Mind: Sending Troops to Iraq, Targeting Assad in Syria?  by Doug Bandow
The United States Lost the Cold War  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Sending US Troops to Fight ISIS Will End in Failure  by Stephen Kinzer
Stay Away From Kiev  by Justin Raimondo
The Damaging Myth About 'Winning' the Iraq War  by Paul R. Pillar
Media Outlets Continue to Call Unknown Drone Victims 'Militants'  by Glenn Greenwald

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Obama's Drone War
WikiLeaks to Publish Fourth Series of Leaks: Assange
First Pilot to Fire Missile From Predator Drone Breaks Silence
Matthew Miller: Trying to Get Jailed in North Korea
Officials: 10 Killed in Exchange of Fire in Sinai
Who, What, Why: What It Means to Be Stateless
The War at Home
In Pentagon Deal With Russians, Big Profit for Tiny Florida Firm
WhatsApp Just Switched on End-To-End Encryption for Hundreds of Millions of Users
NTSB: Drone Flights Are Subject to FAA Regulations
US Troops in Europe Ordered Not to Wear Uniforms Off Base
Woman Posts 'Love' of ISIS on Facebook, Charged With 'Promoting' Terrorism
Navy Secretary Racks Up $4.7 Million in Travel
For Those Who Prepared Vietnam's Fallen, a Lasting Dread
US Soldier Charged With Killing Comrade While Deployed in Jordan
More Veterans Press VA to Recognize Medical Marijuana as Treatment Option
Did Pictures of Homeland Security Vehicles Near Ferguson Get Man Fired?
Inspector General: Pentagon's Economic Development in Afghanistan 'Accomplished Nothing'
Truck Bomb Kills Two in Attack on Foreign Base in Kabul
Germany and Italy to Keep Up to 1,350 Soldiers in Afghanistan
US Commander Weighs Decisions That Will Shape Afghan War's Final Chapter
Survey Finds Afghans Increasingly Pessimistic, Still Troubled by Insecurity
Ten Injured in Grenade Attack at Pakistan Police Station
Two People Killed in Quetta Shooting
Pakistan's Musharraf Warns of Proxy War With India in Afghanistan
Pakistan, Azerbaijan Agree to Enhance Cooperation Between Armed Forces
Hong Kong/China
Hong Kong Protesters Break Into Government Building as Tensions Flare Again
Hong Kong Clears Part of Protest Site – With Help of Protesters
China Steps Up Web Censorship, Blocks HSBC Ahead of Conference
North Korea
North Korea's Unsuccessful Charm Offensive
UN Panel Calls for North Korea Referral to International Court
Indian Police Storm Ashram in Hunt for 'Godman'
Cambodia's Government Uses Courts to Silence Critics: UN Rapporteur
Kenyan Woman Assaulted After March Against Miniskirt Attacks; Dozens Arrested
Kenya Youths Kill Four in Rampage After Mosque Raids
ISIS Comes to Libya
Ivory Coast Soldiers Protest Over Benefits, Bonuses
Food on Hold, Ex-Rebels in Central African Republic Face Bleak Future
Kurds Seize ISIS Arms, Buildings in Besieged Town: Monitor
Syria Government Airstrikes Kill at Least 14
'I Used to See My Dad in My Dreams:' Syria's Orphans Recall Horrors of War
Baiji Refinery Under Govt Control as 91 Are Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Army Says Tikrit Next Target After Baiji
UN Human Rights Chief Urges Iraq Join ICC to Address ISIS Violations
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Expands Its Border Zone With Iraq
Saudi Convicts 8 in Attacks That Killed Foreigners
Iran Nuke Talks Open With the Potential to Change Everything
Iran to Resist 'Excessive' Demands in Push for Nuclear Deal
Iranian-British Woman Charged Over Opposition Links
Iran Parliament Spurns Rouhani Pick for Universities Minister for 4th Time
Abbas Condemns Deadly Attack on Jerusalem Synagogue
Police Chief: Lone Wolves Apparently Carried Out Deadly Attack at Jerusalem Synagogue
Tough Israeli Response to Attack Risks Backfire: Experts
Shin Bet Chief: Abbas Is Not Inciting to Terror
Violent Clashes in East Jeruslem, Right-Wing Rally at Entrance to Capital
Policemen Hurt in Jerusalem Synagogue Attack Succumbs to Wounds
Israel to Ease Gun-Control Laws Following Synagogue Attack
Donetsk Residents Angry Over Kyiv Threat
Ukraine's Naftogaz Aims to Avoid Importing Gas From Russia
Ukrainian Court Frees Man Jailed for Putin Assassination Attempt
Putin Says US Wants to Subdue Russia
Russian Sailors Reportedly Barred From Mistral Ship in France
Russia Launches Mysterious Object Into Space
Hungary PM, Accused of Flirting With Kremlin, at Russia Soccer Match
Top German Spy Says Berlin Under Cyber Attack From Other States
Thousands Attend Hungary 'Public Outrage Day' Protest
Spain Files Suit Against Catalonia Head Over Secession Vote
Romania's Next President Says May Try to Topple Government
Colombia Rebels Say Army General's Capture Is Part of War
Anti-Government Protest in Haiti Turns Violent
Mexico President Sees Anti-Government Motive in Massacre Protests
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