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Updated November 20, 2014 - 11:30 PM EST
Top US Officer Predicts ISIS War Will Last 4 Years
Gates, Panetta Fault Obama 'Micromanaging' Wars
  FBI Tracking 150 Who May Have Gone to Syria to Fight
  After Trillions in Military Spending, Terrorist Attacks Rising Sharply
  The Geography of Terrorism
Iraq Hypes Retaking Refinery as Game-Changer
  Iraqi Kurdish President Complains West Not Giving Him Enough Arms
  From ISIS Militant to Iraq Informant
Iranians Keep Hope Alive for Final Nuclear Deal
  US, Britain Pessimistic as Iran Talk Deadline Looms
New Settlements, Checkpoints as Israel Cracks Down
Ukraine Rules Out Direct Negotiations With Rebels to End War
CIA Director Considering Sweeping Organizational Changes
Talk of a Third Intifada: Where to from Here, Palestine?  by Ramzy Baroud
Familiar Bedfellows  by Sheldon Richman
If You Thought the ISIS War Couldn't Get Any Worse, Just Wait for More of the CIA  by Trevor Timm
Congress Is Irrelevant on Mass Surveillance  by Glenn Greenwald
A 'Child' Is Missing – from a New York Times Headline  by Jim Naureckas
Obama Remains High-Handed – and Wrong – About Ukraine  by William Pfaff

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Japanese PM Calls Snap Vote, Dissolves Parliament
Indian Guru Arrested After Deadly Ashram Clashes
Hashtags and Holy War: ISIS Tweets Its Way to Success
Latvia Cracks Down on Russian-Speaking Teachers
Suicide Bomber Strikes in Kurdistan; 114 Killed Across Iraq
ISIS' Oil Refining Undercut by Airstrikes, US Says
Suicide Car Bomb Kills Five in Iraqi Kurdish Capital
New Kurdish Offensive Targets ISIS Group
Baghdad Sends $500 Million to Kurds in Budget Deal
RAF Tornado Raid on Extensive ISIS Bunker Complex
Iraq, Kurdish Region Implement Deal on Oil Exports, Salaries
France to Send Six Fighter Jets to Jordan to Target ISIS in Iraq
More Than a Battle, Kobani Is a Publicity War
Nine Civilians Dead in Syria Strike on ISIS Stronghold
US Renews Airstrikes on Khorasan Group
Syrian Air Force Strikes Increasing, Civilians Killed: Monitoring Group
Global ISIS Reaction
Dutch Mother Rescues Daughter From ISIS in Syria
Muslim, Christian, Jewish Leaders Unite to Condemn Jihadi Violence
What Is Driving French Nationals to Join ISIS?
Cyprus on Lookout for Syria-Bound Jihadis
Erdogan Raps US on Syria Ahead of Biden Visit
Egypt Jihadist Arrested on Return From Syria
Second Frenchman Is Identified in ISIS Video of Peter Kassig
Netanyahu Preparing Weaker Version of Jewish Nation-State Bill
Forensics: Bullet That Killed Palestinian Teen Came From Border Policeman's Gun
Israeli DM Ends Reforms Aimed at Easing Life for West Bank Paestinians
Clergy Plead for Interfaith Tolerance in Jerusalem
Israelis, Palestinians Look to Personal Safety in Holy City on Edge
Worshipers Return to Synagogue; Israel Begins Razing Homes
Israel Decries Spanish Vote on Recognizing Palestine
Ashkelon Mayor: No Arab Construction Workers in Kindergartens
Middle East
Kerry in Talks With Oman Over Iran Nuclear Issue
UAE Criticizes Amnesty Report on Dissent Crackdown
Qatar No Longer Offering Citizenship to Bahraini Nationals
Egypt Prosecutor Asks for Death Sentence for Morsi
10 From One Family Are Killed in Sinai Blast
Egyptian Police Fire Tear Gas, Arrest 25 People Commemorating 2011 Protests
Prominent Egyptian Human Rights Activist Arrested
Egypt Radio Bans Popular Singer Hamza Namira for 'Critical' Songs
Egypt Welcomes Saudi Call to Mend Ties With Qatar
Colombia FARC Negotiators Say Fate of Captured General in Hands of Leadership
US: Colombian Soccer Club Laundered Money for Drug Cartel
The War at Home
White House to Revive NSA Surveillance Legislation During Next Congress
Top Nursing Group Backs Navy Nurse Who Wouldn't Force-Feed at Guantánamo
The US Military Wants to Build a Drone Carrying 'Mothership'
Levin Backs Pentagon Proposals to Cut Benefits
Group Says White House Blocked Jonathan Pollard's Parole Request
Secret Service Chief: Morale Suffering at Agency
Taliban Suicide Bombers Die in Attack on Kabul Int'l Zone
German Cabinet Approves New Mandate for Afghanistan Mission
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Leaders Condemn Parliament Clashes
Support for Hong Kong Street Protests Wanes Ahead of Expected Dispersal: Poll
Myanmar's Kachin Rebels Say 22 Dead in Fighting
Indonesian Capital Gets a Christian Governor
Four Sentenced to Death for Pakistan 'Honor Killing'
Solomon Islanders Vote in First Post-Peacekeeping Election
Ukraine Crisis: Donetsk Without Water After Shelling
Investigators Offer $30m Reward for MH17 Clues
How to Identify a Russian Tank in Ukraine – by British Embassy
Russia Urges Kiev to Talk Directly to Separatists
US Flying Over Russia to Take Photos Under Open Skies Treaty
Russia's Relations With Hungary Warm as Ties With West Chill
Putin Backs Deeper Ties With N. Korea After Meeting Kim Envoy
Putin Greets New US Envoy With Demand Not to Interfere
Organic Farms Become a Winner in Putin's Feud With the West
US 'Concern' Over Reports of ISIS-Linked Extremists in Libya
UN Blacklists Ansar Al-Sharia, Involved in Benghazi Attack
Nigeria Senate Demands Military Explain NE Emergency Rule
Nigeria Ranked Fourth on Global Terrorism Index
Niger Sends Helicopters to Mali Border After Militant Attack
Tear Gas Fired at Malawi School Pupils' Protest
Kenyan Police Arrest 109 at Mosques, Seize Explosives
Somali-American Who Helped Mogadishu Govt Killed
Military Officer Named Interim Prime Minister in Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast Government Opens Talks With Disgruntled Soldiers
Venezuelan President Uses Expiring Decree Powers
Jailed Venezuelan Leader to Skip Court in Protest
State Music Director Killed in Southern Mexico
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