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Updated November 26, 2014 - 11:11 PM EST
Does Anyone Want to Be Defense Secretary?
US to Leave More Troops in Afghanistan in 2015
Police Gas Protesters in Ferguson; 45 Arrested
ISIS Offers Cash Rewards for Foreign Spies
  Syrian Airstrikes Kill 63 in ISIS City, Mostly Civilians
  Key Provincial Capital in Iraq May Be About to Fall to ISIS
  Years of Bombings Have Iraq Changing Baghdad Security
Pentagon: No Arms for Ukraine's Military
Israel's 'Jewish State' Bill Divides Nation
US Denies GI Was Among Hostages Rescued in Yemen
Iran Hardliners Slam Extension, But Khamenei Approves
The Lesson of Ferguson: We Are the Enemy  by John W. Whitehead
'Coercive Diplomacy' and the Failure of the Nuclear Negotiations  by Gareth Porter
How the Pentagon's Skynet Would Automate War  by Nafeez Ahmed
Rand Paul Sorta Goes to War  by Justin Raimondo
Iraq War 4.0?
 by Tom Engelhardt
Delusional US 'Group Think' on Syria, Ukraine  by Robert Parry

More Viewpoints


by Philip Giraldi
UN Panel Spotlights 'Highly Intrusive' Digital Spying
Guantánamo Bay Fight Awaits Pentagon Pick
US Charges Two Minneapolis Men With Conspiring to Support ISIS
Canada Government Sites Taken Over by Hackers
What's Behind Surge in Israel Violence? A Push to Let Jews Pray at Muslim Holy Site
Australian Strikes Claim Militants; 229 Killed Across Iraq
ISIS Fighters Battle Iraqi Forces Near Baiji Refinery
Hezbollah Fighter, Two FSA Rebels Freed in Swap Deal
Syria's Southern Rebels Draw Up New Game Plan in Fight Against ISIS
ISIS Imposes a Reign of Fear in Iraqi Hospitals
ISIS Video Shows Training of Child Warriors as Young as 4; Two Men Stoned to Death for Being Gay
UN: 12.2 Million Syrians Need Humanitarian Help
France Pushing for 'Safe Zones' in Syria
Global ISIS Reaction
Canada DM Says Cost of Iraq Mission to Be Revealed Later
Dutch Detain Three Men Suspected of Wanting to Join Militants in Syria: Prosecutors
Dutch Authorities Release Teen Rescued by Mum After Marrying ISIS Militant
UN: ISIS Group Got Up to $45m in Ransoms
Don't Shut Door to Dialogue With ISIS: Pope
Israeli President Rivlin Comes Out Against Netanyahu's 'Jewish State' Bill
Israeli State Prosecutor: Soldiers Have Right To Object to Phone Searches
Police Chief: Israel Erred in Letting Feiglin Visit Temple Mount
US Working to Renew Oil Deal With Israel
Does Netanyahu Have a Surprise Candidate for IDF Chief?
Denmark's Parliament to Vote on Palestine Recognition in January
Bahrain Police Raid Home of Top Shia Cleric
Two Policemen Injured by Bomb at Shi'ite Village in Bahrain
Middle East
Its Grip on Oil Weakening, OPEC Will Meet on Prices
Turkey Seeks More Police Authority
Colombia FARC Free Two Soldiers, Vow to Release General by Weekend
Mexico's Embattled Government Poised to Unveil Law and Order Measures
Canada Parliament to Merge Security Forces After Gunman Attack
Missouri Takes Harder Line, With National Guard Tripled
Ferguson Goes Under No-Fly Zone, Preventing Aerial News Coverage of Protests
Ferguson's 'Tank Man' Sparks Comparison With Tiananmen
Extremely Rare for Grand Jury Not to Return Indictment, Statistics Show
Ferguson Grand Jury Documents Released by Prosecutor
Libyan PM Says Government Responsible for Bombing Tripoli Airport
Libya's Rival Ruler Could Ban UN Envoy, Complicating Peace Talks
Kenya Police Fire Teargas at Protest on Security at President's Office
Kenya Bus Attack: Mandera Residents Flee to Army Base
Female Suicide Bombers Kill at Least 44 in Nigeria's Northeast
Two Malian Soldiers Killed in Landmine Explosion
Street Protests in Burkina Faso Prompt Minister's Resignation
South Sudan Warns UN That Sanctions Could Fuel Confrontation
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Police Spray Protesters, Arrest 80 in Bid to Clear Street
Lawmaker 'Long Hair' Among 80 Arrested Amid Clashes at Hong Kong Protest Site
Two Blasts Hit Kabul, Seven Afghan Soldiers Wounded
Pakistan Military Says Jets Kill 20 Militants
North Korean Leader Assails American 'Aggressors'
Vietnam Warships Visit Philippines Amid South China Sea Dispute
Malaysia Tables White Paper on Islamic Militancy; Says New Anti-Terror Law Needed
China Opens Separatism Trial for Students of Jailed Uighur Scholar
France to Send Armored Unit to Poland for Exercises
Terrorism Fears High as Drones Survey French Nuclear Reactors
France Suspends Delivery of €1 Billion Warships to Russia 'Until Further Notice' Over Ukraine Crisis
Ukraine Reports New Arrivals of Russian Supplies for Eastern Rebels
Bulgarian Forces Raid Homes and Mosque, Detain Prayer Leader
25 Percent of Poles Believe Local Elections Were Rigged: Poll
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Rand Paul Sorta Goes to War

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Torture, War, and No Consequences

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Two Parades and a Drone

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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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