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Updated December 5, 2014 - 11:24 PM EST
House OKs Expansion of Military Ops Against ISIS
  Obama Clashes With Senate Over ISIS War Authority
  Pentagon in Denial About Civilian Casualties of US Airstrikes
Despite US Air War, ISIS Has Lost Little Ground
  Syria's Assad Predicts 'Long and Difficult' War Against ISIS
  US and Iran Both Attack ISIS, but Try Not to Look Like Allies
Congress Declares Israel Special Type of Ally
  Israeli PM Faces Growing Opposition as Elections Loom
  US Mulls Harsher Action Against Israeli Settlement Construction
House Condemns 'Authoritarian' Russia
  At Least 20 Killed as Islamists Raid Chechen Capital
How NSA Hacks Cellphone Networks Worldwide
  NSA Accused of Intercepting Emails Sent by Mobile Phone Firm
  Witness: German Intelligence Helped NSA to Tap Internet Hub
Rescue Failed, Yemen Qaeda Threatens to Kill US Journalist
Obama to Increase Number of Troops in Afghanistan in 2015
Nationwide Protests Erupt Over Chokehold Death Decision
The War Party Ascendant  by Tom Engelhardt
12 Things to Keep in Mind When You Read the Torture Report  by Dan Froomkin
Rethinking the Cost of Western Intervention in Ukraine  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
War and Peace Scorecard  by Justin Raimondo
The Price for Criticizing Israel  by Lawrence Davidson
The Next Secretary of Defense Needs to Rein in the Pentagon  by William D. Hartung

More Viewpoints

The Pentagon Finally Details Its Weapons-For-Cops Giveaway
House Roll-Call Vote on Expanding War on ISIS (NDAA Merged Omnibus Bill)
House Roll-Call Vote on Condemning Putin's Russia
Man Who Filmed Eric Garner in Chokehold Says Grand Jury Was Rigged
Bomber Strike in Baghdad and Kirkuk; 139 Killed, 116 Wounded Across Iraq on Thursday
US Troops in Iraq Will Get Immunity From Prosecution
Iraq Speeds Up Planned ISIS Counteroffensive
Bombs in Shi'ite, Kurdish Districts Kill 35 in Iraq
Under ISIS Fire, Love Conquers
ISIS Launches Attack on Syrian Army Air Base: Activists
New Group of Iraqi Peshmergas Enters Syrian Kurdish Town
Poll: 60% of Israelis Don't Want Netanyahu Anymore
Meretz, Labor Won't Run on Joint Ticket in Upcoming Election
Israeli Arab MPs, Experts: Expect Higher Election Turnout With United Slate
Yesh Atid, Israel Beiteinu, and Kahlon May Cooperate Against Netanyahu
Despite Reports, Saudis Not About to Sell Oil to Israel
Poll Finds Israelis Appreciate US Support, Wary of Obama's Policies
US Warns of Attack in Turkey
Turkish Nationalists Charged in Assault on US Sailors, Face Long Jail Sentence
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Suspends Aid to Yemen After Houthi Takeover
Bahrain Jails Shi'ite Activist for Insulting King
US Support Tops Agenda as Jordan's King Abdullah Meets Obama
Afghan Who Killed US General in August 'Not Taliban'
Report: No Negligence in US General's Death in Afghanistan
Kerry, Cameron Promise Not to Forget Afghanistan After Troops Leave
One Dead, Eight Injured in Pakistan Blast
Pakistan 'Disco Mullah' Faces Blasphemy Probe
Pakistan Army Chief: Non-State Actors Biggest Threat to Security
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Student Protesters Consider Pulling Up Stakes
Police in Mexico Kill 5 Suspects, Free Kidnap Victims
US Calls on Cuba to Free American Held Since 2009 as Spy
The War at Home
Protesters March After Phoenix (AZ) Police Kill Unarmed Black Man
Cleveland Cop in Toy Gun Killing Resigned From Previous Job After 'Dismal' Handgun Performance
DoJ to Create Dedicated Cybersecurity Unit
Summary of Fiscal Year 2015 NDAA
Leahy to Obama: End NSA Program Now
McCain Blocks Obama's Pick as No. 2 Diplomat Over Iraq Policy
Woman, 98, Loses Bid on Atomic Spy Case Conviction
US Military
Obama's New Defense Chief May Be Hobbled by Bumbled Selection Process
Chuck Hagel Says 'No Major Difference' With Obama That Led to Resignation
Marines to Train in Downtown Los Angeles for Urban Combat
Study: Female Marines, Sailors at Higher Risk of Sexual Assault
Navy Revokes Cosby's Honorary Petty Officer Title
Army's Plan to Transfer All Apache Helicopters From National Guard Stopped by Lawmakers
UEFA Blocks Crimean Clubs From Playing in Russian Competitions
Putin Says Russia Will Not Be Dismantled Like Yugoslavia
Kenyan Military Plane Crashes in Somalia, Rebels Say Shot Down
Court Tells France to Pay Damages to Somali Pirates
More Air Strikes Near Tripoli in Struggle Between Libya's Rival Groups
US Embassy Warns Staff in Egypt to Restrict Movements
US Is Weighing More Aid to Fight Ebola in Sierra Leone
US Marines Wrap Up Ebola Response Mission in Liberia
Fighting Flares Up in South Sudan After Rains Recede
Sudan Says No Rapes in Darfur Village, UN Wants Further Inquiry
Nigeria Repels Attack by Gunmen on French Factory
20 Years After Genocide, a Family Is Reunited in Rwanda
France Begins Withdrawing Central Africa Troops as UN Deploys
Australia Exercises Sweeping New Security Laws; Bans Syria Travel
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The Failure of Police Reform

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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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