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Updated December 11, 2014 - 11:27 PM EST
Justice Dept Spurns Calls to Prosecute Torturers
  Obama Administration Still Operates Under Bush Torture Memos
  A History of the CIA's Secret Interrogation Program
  CIA Destroyed Interrogation Tapes After Levin Pushed for Probe
Torture Report Sparks Worldwide Condemnation
  Quarter of the World's Nations Helped CIA Run Its Torture Program
  Former Polish President Admits to CIA Torture Site
CIA 'Torture' Practices Started Long Before 9/11
  CIA First Planned Jails Abiding by US Standards
  Senator Says CIA Stalling Over Bogus Intel That Led to Iraq War
  Iraqis Know of US Torture All Too Well
US Stops Paying Northern Syrian Rebel Salaries
  Hagel: US Firepower Won't Solve Iraq's Problems
  French 'Khorasan Bomb Maker' Survived November US Strike
Israeli Troops Beat Palestinian Minister to Death
  Israeli DM Vows New Settlements After Obama's Term Ends
Congress Passes Bill to Sanction Venezuela
Pentagon Wants Military Options on Russia Over 2008 Tests
Torture Report Highlights Consequences of Permanent War  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Punishment, Not Apology After CIA Torture Report  by Andy Worthington
The Torture Report: Inhumane Scenes From the CIA's Prisons  by Amy Davidson
Wars, Torture, and 'Others'  by Lucy Steigerwald
The CIA and Its Torturers  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Torture Report's Big Bombshell: How a Glaring Double Standard Was Exposed  by Jesselyn Radack

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US Given Deadline in Case Against James Risen
ISIS Boasts More Recruits Among Iranian Kurds
Torture Report Puts Politicians in Quiet Mode
Lawyers for 9/11 Suspects Say CIA Report Could Help Their Cases
The Torture Report
Mark Udall Says the CIA Is Still Lying
CIA Report: Who Are the Unlikely Interrogators?
White House Under Pressure as Calls for CIA Accountability Grow Stronger
White House: CIA Chief a 'Professional and Patriot'
This Is How a Former Prisoner of War Feels About Torture
CIA Psychologists Got Millions for Interrogation Techniques, Face New Scrutiny
'Flat Wrong': Big-Bucks Torture Teacher Slams CIA Report
Kerry: CIA Interrogation Program Was 'Ugly, Horrible' Period in US History
Hayden Slams Senate Report, Claims CIA Interrogations Yielded 'Home Depot'-Sized Trove of Intel
Torture Global Reaction
Senate Report on CIA Torture Could Lead to Prosecutions of Americans Abroad
Afghanistan's Ghani Says Shocked by CIA Human Rights Violations
'CIA Will Continue Torture With Help of Mediators': UK's Former Envoy to Uzbekistan
CIA 'Torture' Report Condemned by World Media
UN Demands Prosecution for CIA Officials Who Tortured
Citing CIA Torture Report, China Accuses US of Human-Rights Hypocrisy
Evidence of CIA Abuses Prompts Global #torturereport Discussion
Iran Leader Calls US a 'Symbol of Tyranny' After CIA Torture
I Grew Up in Guantánamo and Time Has Left Me Behind
Zacarias Moussaoui, 9/11's '20th Hijacker,' Says Send Me to Guantánamo
Hong Kong
Thousands Gather on Final Evening Before Hong Kong Protest Camp Clearance
UK Lawmakers Say Want China Envoy Summoned Over Hong Kong Ban
Philippine Blast That Killed 10 Aimed at Derailing Peace Deal, Say Army Officials
Maoist Rebels Pose New Threat to Philippine Typhoon Relief Mission
US Closes Bagram Prison, Says It Has No More Detainees in Afghanistan
US Tells North Korea Rights Abusers 'You Cannot Hide Any More'
Pakistan Family Feud/Honor Killing Ends in Massacre After 28 Years
Indian Opposition Politicians Criticize Conversion of Muslims
Uzbek President Asks Putin to Help Fight Radical Islam in Central Asia
Kenya Church Leaders Alarmed by Al-Shabab's Persecution of Christians
Al-Jazeera Disputes Kenya Govt Allegations
2 Female Suicide Bombers Kill 4 in North Nigeria
Somali Al Shabaab Militants Behead Two Policewomen
Mali: French Hostage Lazarevic Freed for 'al-Qaeda Prisoners'
ICC Refers Libya to UN Over Gadhafi's Son
196 Killed and 86 Wounded as Bombers Return to Baghdad
ISIS Suicide Bombing Kills 12 Shi'ite Militia Fighters Near Baghdad
Shi'ite Pilgrims Flock to Iraq Holy City, Government Fears Attack
Peshmerga: 727 Martyrs and More Than 3000 Wounded From US in ISIS Battles
Marine Describes Losing Comrades in Iraq in Moving Animated Film
David Cameron: I Am Not in Control of When Iraq War Report Is Published
Syria's Assad Backs Russia Peace Bid, Moscow in Touch With US
Syria Journalists Killed in Missile Attack
ISIS Commander Urges Fight Against Hezbollah Inside Lebanon
Israel Moots Security Cooperation With Lebanese Military
France to Activate $3 Billion Army Grant in 3 Days: Lebanon PM
EU, UN Call for Independent Probe Into PA Minister's Death
IDF Braces for Protests Ahead of Funeral for Senior PA Official
New Poll: Labor-Livni Bloc Would Beat Netanyahu
Herzog, Livni Join Forces to Oust Netanyahu, Will Rotate Premiership
Netanyahu Gets His Way as Likud Votes to Move Up Leadership Race
Ex-Likud Minister Kahlon to Call His New Party Kulanu
Ireland: 'Early Recognition' of Palestine Possible
Explosion Rocks US-Yemeni Military Base
Russia Says Small Military Mission in East Ukraine at Kiev's Request: RIA
Ukraine-Russia Truce Holds, but Peace Talks Remain Uncertain
Ukraine Envoy Rules Out New Round of Peace Talks Soon
Chechens Loyal to Russia Fight Alongside East Ukraine Rebels
Gorbachev Calls for US-Russia Summit to Defrost Ties
Russian PM Warns Against 'Hysterics' Over Ruble Collapse
Putin Heads to India, Seeks to Boost Defense, Trade Ties
Britain Calls on NATO Allies to Help in Submarine Hunt: Media
NATO Land Command Fully Operational, Says Commander
One Dead as French Military Plane Crashes Into Home for Disabled
Sworn Enemies Make Peace in Colombia After Putting Down Their Guns
Argentine Ex-Soldiers End Historic Pact of Silence
Brazil Truth Commission: Abuse 'Rife' Under Military Rule
The War at Home
Congress Inserts $554b for Pentagon in 'Cromnibus' Spending Bill
White House Criticizes Terrorism Bill, but Stops Short of Veto Threat
Congress Raids Ancestral Native American Lands With Defense Bill
Navy Declares Laser Weapons Ready to Protect Ships in Persian Gulf
FBI: Sony Hack Would Work on '99 Percent' of Public, Private Firms
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