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Updated December 15, 2014 - 11:29 PM EST
The Omnibus Bill: War, Pork, and Bigger Govt
  US Spending Bill Resumes Egypt Military Aid
  The Constitution's Pearl Harbor
CIA Was Pressured to Link Iraq to Qaeda After 9/11
  Syrian Troops Seize Key Area North of Aleppo
Senate Bill Would Make CIA Torture Prosecutable
  Are Terrorism Fears in Europe Pushing Security Forces Too Far?
  Guantanamo Judge Orders Sweeping 9/11 Trial Secrecy Review
Sydney 'Islamist' Siege Ends: Police Storm Cafe
Congress Passes Russia Sanctions; Backs Arms for Ukraine
Afghan President Vows Shakeup as Taliban Surges
US 'Undecided' on Vetoing Palestinian Statehood at UN
Beyond the Senate Torture Report  by Rebecca Gordon & Tom Engelhardt
Sending Troops to Protect Dictators Threatens All of Us  by Seumas Milne
What 'Both Sides' Are Ignoring: Torture Did Work... to Cause Iraq War  by Sam Husseini
The Constitution's Pearl Harbor  by Justin Raimondo
Why the CIA Tortured  by Gareth Porter
The Pentagon Can Have Whatever It Wants, as Long as It's Not Less Money  by Veronique de Rugy

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EU Funds Help Poland Build 'Ghost' Airports
Gulf Markets Plunge as OPEC Says 'No Set Price' for Oil
Snowden, Greenwald, and Poitras Share Human Rights Award in Berlin
Privacy Is Not Dead: Microsoft Lawyer Prepares to Take on US Govt
Kerry, Lavrov Meet as Tensions Soar Over Ukraine
Hiroshima Still a Powerful Reminder of Horrors of War
Iraq, Kurdish Forces Kill Dozens of Militants
In Iraq, Sunni Tribes Pay Heavy Toll for Joining Fight Against Islamic State
British Troops to Return to Iraq to Help Train Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmarga Forces
Iranian Official: Basij Forces Saved Baghdad From ISIS Takeover
The Terrorist Bureaucracy: Inside the Files of ISIS in Iraq
Rebels Advance on 2 Bases in Northwestern Syria
Assad Forces Move on Aleppo Supply Hill
Aid Agency Running Out of Funds for Syrian Refugees
Israel Began Stealing Lebanon's Oil 7 Years Ago: Hezbollah MP
Lebanon's Druze Leader Tweets: Time to Legalize Pot
Ramallah to Push UN Bid Wednesday, Will Maintain Security Ties
Details of Labor-Hatnuah Deal Surface: Herzog Is No. 1, Livni No. 2
Netanyahu: Israel May Face 'Diplomatic Offensive' That Could Fuel Radical Islam
Veteran Shas MK Yishai Splits, Forms New Party
Israeli Communist Party Meets to Mull Joint Arab List
Hamas Holds Gaza Military Parade, Vows Israel's Destruction
Ex-Mossad Chief: Peace Will Elude Us Until We Treat Palestinians With Dignity
Likud Slams Lieberman: A Vote for Him Could Lead to Left-Wing Government
Middle East
Turkish Police Officers and Media Workers Are Detained in Roundup
Iran's 300% Stocks Rally Fizzles as Nuclear Deal Eludes Rouhani
Saudi Arabian Security Man Shot Dead in Shi'ite Area: Police
How Yemen's Houthis Control Sanaa and Alarm the West
Chechnya Human Rights Office Set on Fire
Russia Denies Military Aircraft 'Near Miss' With Swedish Passenger Jet
Norway Probes Spy Equipment Found in Central Oslo
Denmark Claims North Pole Via Greenland Ridge Link
The Torture Report
'Do No Harm': When Doctors Torture
CIA's Tactics Were Torture, McCain Says
Dem Senator Calls on Lawmakers to Publicize Notes on CIA Briefings
CIA Report: MPs and Peers Seek Material on Any UK 'Torture' Role
Pelosi, Dems 'Fully Aware' of CIA Interrogation Techniques, Says Former Agency Official
Cheney Has No Regrets: 'I Would Do It Again in a Minute'
CIA's Mistaken Detention Destroyed German Man's Life
One of the First Victims of US Torture Is Now Missing in Afghanistan
On Torture Report, Colorado's Udall Leaves Subtlety at Door on the Way Out
The War at Home
25,000 March in New York to Protest Police Violence
McCain Prepared to Help Obama Close Guantanamo
Sony Pictures Demands That News Agencies Delete 'Stolen' Data
2 Egypt Policemen Killed in Sinai Drive-By Shooting
In Egypt, a Lawyer Wages a Lonely Struggle Defending Jailed Revolutionaries
Libyan Rivals Clash Over Eastern Oil Ports and Tunisia Crossing
Tunisia Closes Largest Border Point With Libya
South Sudan: War and Misery Continue 1 Year Later
Exiled Ugandan General Allowed Home to Keep Army on Side
China Shocked by Fatal Riot in Madagascar
Mauritius Names Anerood Jugnauth as Prime Minister
North Korea Parades American Who Denounces US
Three Months of Protests End Quietly in Hong Kong
Japan Election: Voters Back Shinzo Abe as PM Wins New Term
Nicaragua to Ban 2 US Lawmakers Over Sanctions on Venezuela
'Stupid' US Sanctions Won't Undo My Government: Maduro
Haiti Prime Minister Resigns Amid Violent Anti-Government Protests
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Justin Raimondo
The Constitution's Pearl Harbor

Lucy Steigerwald
Wars, Torture, and 'Others'

Ivan Eland
The Failure of Counterinsurgency: Afghanistan

Nebojsa Malic
South Stream Blues

David R. Henderson
Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

Ran HaCohen
Yet Another War of Deceit

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