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Updated December 17, 2014 - 11:12 PM EST
Obama: US Re-Establishing Relations With Cuba
  Cuba's Castro Hails Prisoner Exchange With US, Praises Obama
Geneva Conventions Invoke Rights of Palestinians
  US Will Veto UN Resolution to End West Bank Occupation
Pakistani Taliban Kills 160, Mostly Children
  Rare Glimpse Inside Pakistan's Anti-Taliban Operation in N. Waziristan
Report: US Ground Troops Clash With ISIS in Iraq
  Iraq FM: China Offered Airstrikes Against ISIS
  US Fights to Stop Release of Photos of Abuse of Prisoners in Iraq
180 Killed in al-Qaeda Attack on Syria Troops
  Islamists Rout Syrian Govt Troops, Reflecting the War's Complexities
Obama Will Sign New Russia Sanctions Bill
  White House Brags Sanctions Put Russia On 'Brink of Collapse'
Yemen Car Bomb Hits School Bus: 31 Killed
Australia Nixed Iran's Attempts to Extradite Sydney Attacker
Joining the Military Doesn't Make You a Hero  by Stephen Kinzer
Nuclear War, the Black Swan We Can Never See  by Seth Baum
Dick Cheney's Appearance on 'Meet the Press' Should Be His Last  by Rick Ungar
Promoting the Apocalypse  by Philip Giraldi
Israelis Rattled by Search for Truth About the Nakba  by Jonathan Cook
The Tortured Logic of the Torture Lobby  by Thomas R. Eddlem

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NY Times Reporter Ordered to Answer Questions in CIA Leak Case
Malala, Where Is Your Money?
Journalist Kidnappings, Attacks on Increase: Press Freedom Report
Congress Quietly Ends Federal Government's Ban on Medical Marijuana
Iraq: 241 Killed, Including 150 Women Who Spurned ISIS Suitors
Iraqi Official: 150 Women Killed After Refusing to Marry ISIS Fighters
40% of Anbar's Cities in Ruins: Iraqi Official
Levin Bill Would Ease Troop Deployment Against ISIS
ISIS in Iraq Release Pictures of Mass Execution
Two Local Iraqi Officials Killed Execution Style After Kidnap
The A-10 Jet Carries Out Its First Airstrikes Against ISIS
Pentagon Sending 250 MRAPs to Iraq at No Charge for ISIS Fight
Barzani Blames Maliki for Iraq Army Collapse
Russia's New Syria Plan Is the Only Game in Town
Kurdish Female Fighters Battle for Freedom in Syria
UN to Vote on Extending Cross-Border Aid Delivery to Syria
Journalist Murders in Syria a Shocking New Trend: Press Freedom Report
New Lebanese 'Mediator' Threatens to Withdraw From Hostage Negotiations
Report: Hezbollah Catches Mossad Spy Working as Key Official in Its Ranks
Iran Says Nuclear Talks With US Proceed in Good Atmosphere
What Is Behind Hamas-Iran Rapprochement?
Kerry: No One Should Interfere in Israeli Election
Israel's Arrow 3 Missile Shield Fails Interception Test: Sources
Kerry Says US Seeks to 'Lower the Temperature' Between Israelis and Palestinians
For Americans Sending Aid to IDF Soldiers, Rules of Engagement Vary
Ten Israelis Arrested for Anti-Arab Activities
Likud Politicians in Arms Over Livni's TV Swipes at Netanyahu
Middle East
Houthis Block Yemen Army Chief, Accuse President of Corruption
Turkey's Erdogan to Start Chairing Cabinet Meetings, Extending Power
Nine FARC Members Killed by Army Raid in Colombian Jungle
Uruguay Leader: Ex-Gitmo Prisoners Not Terrorists
6 Dead in Clash Between Mexican Vigilante Groups
Brazil Indians Clash With Police Outside Congress
Cuba's Silvio Rodriguez to USAID: 'Go to Hell' Over Hip-Hop Scheme
The Torture Report
CIA Torture: Health Professionals 'May Have Committed War Crimes', Report Says
CIA on the Couch: Doctors Who Helped Torture
How We Outsourced CIA Torture and Why It Matters
Did CIA Torture Violate Nuremberg Ban on Human Experimentation?
Torture: Why the Uniformed Military Balked at 'Enhanced Interrogation'
US Torture Report Puts Romania's Role Under Scrutiny
The War at Home
Sony Hackers Threaten Terror Attacks on Theaters
Terror Threats Over 'The Interview' Are Quandary for Sony
Navy Warns Budget Cuts Delaying Ship Repairs, Leaving Sailors Out to Sea
Iraq War Vet 'On the Run' Suspected in Shooting Deaths of 6 Near Philadelphia
Taliban Fighters Mount Offensive Near Afghan Border With Pakistan
EU Confirms Wide Fraud in Afghan Presidential Runoff Election
Afghan Army Halts Transport for Soldiers After Wave of Bus Bombs
Pakistan Military Says Militants Made No Demands, Started Killing
Peshawar School Attack: Backlash Against Pakistan Taliban
Dalai Lama Concedes He May Be the Last
Kazakhstan's Illusion of Progress
Russia Says Arms for Kiev Won't Help Solve Ukraine Crisis
Ukraine Criticizes Russia Over Crimea Nuclear Weapons Comment
Police Make 7 Terror Arrests in Spain, Morocco
Hungarians Rally Against PM as Discontent With Government Grows
Ten Bosnian Serb Wartime Security Officials Arrested for War Crimes
Threatened African Nations Urge Western Action on Libya
Libyans Obstructing Peace May Face Sanctions, EU Says
Kenya Shuts Down 500 Groups in Anti-Terrorism Crackdown

Boko Haram Could 'Disenfranchise Nigeria Voters'

Congo M23 Rebels 'On the Run in Uganda Ahead of Handover'
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