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Updated December 20, 2014 - 11:28 PM EST
US Threatens Revenge on N. Korea for Sony Hack
  North Korea Hacked Sony? Don't Believe It, Experts Say
  The Sony Hack: What if It Isn't North Korea?
  Cyber-Security Expert: North Korea Probably Not Behind Sony Hack
Report: FBI's Anthrax Investigation Was Flawed
  FBI Evidence Often Mishandled, Inquiry Finds
  Pentagon Anti-Bomb Force 'Improperly Retained' Info on Americans
1,000 Paratroopers Will Go to Iraq in Late January
  Syrian Bomb Plot Marked Deadly Turn in Civil War
  Pentagon Claims ISIS War Cost $1 Billion So Far
Pak Military Distances Itself From 'Good Taliban'
  Pakistan Resumes Executions With Hangings; Plans to Kill 400 More
Congress Could Block Funds for Cuba Ties
IAEA: Iran Continues to Honor Nuclear Deal
The Queen of Torture: Alfreda Bikowsky
Panel to Oppose Penalty in CIA Search of Senate Data
It's Time for the US Military to Leave South Korea  by Kyle Mizokami
How Torture Puts Americans at Risk  by Todd E. Pierce
America, Nation of Torturers  by Charles Davis
Why We Fight  by Nebojsa Malic
Splendid Isolation  by Uri Avnery
Time for America to Quit Iraq, Afghanistan Wars  by Stephen Kinzer

More Viewpoints

Human Experimentation Was a Core Feature of the CIA Torture Program
Sony Japan Plays Down Hack, While Social Media Skews Nationalistic
Thailand Says 'Unaware' of CIA Black Site on Its Soil
We May Never Prove Who's Really Behind the Sony Hack
Cuba: 'Normalizing Relations'
Cubans Look to Future With Optimism in Wake of Historic Breakthrough
Cuba's Raul Castro Steps Out of Brother's Shadow With US Deal, Support Surges
Extradition of US Exiles in Cuba Unlikely Despite Restored Ties
These American Fugitives May Be Hiding Out in Cuba
US Spy Roland Trujillo Missing After Reportedly Being Freed in Cuba Deal
US Reaction to Cuba Move
Rand Paul and Marco Rubio Wage Twitter Battle on Cuba
No Change at Guantanamo Under New Cuba Relationship, US Says
US Agriculture Has Big Appetite for Cuba Trade
Americans on Cuba: For Normalized Relations, but Party Divide Exists
US Travel Industry Can't Wait to Take You to Cuba
Heavy Fighting Continues Near Sinjar, 11 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Clashes With ISIS Delay Evacuation of Yazidis
US Claims ISIS Demoralized by Heavy Losses From Air Strikes
US OKs Sale of 175 Tanks to Iraq; Deal Worth $2.4 Billion
Nine Strikes in 50 Days: Canadian Military Defends Iraq Bombing Record
Iran's Support for Syria Tested by Oil Price Drop
One Million People Wounded, Diseases Spreading in Syria: World Health Org
Of $5.4 Billion Pledged for Gaza, Only a Fraction Delivered
Israeli Military Says Gaza Rocket Hits Israel
Israel Launches Gaza Air Strike on 'Hamas Target'
Netanyahu May Be Disqualified From Likud Leadership Race for Misusing Party Resources
Israeli PM's Harsh Reaction to EU Initiatives May Come Back to Haunt Him
Israeli Army Still Poses Obstacles for Women
UN Asks Israel to Pay Lebanon $850 Million for Oil Spill
Middle East
Lebanon Braces for Attacks From ISIS and Al-Nusra Front
Three Soldiers Killed in Yemen 'Qaeda' Bomb Attack
Turkey Issues Arrest Warrant for Erdogan Rival Fethullah Gulen
Barcelona Soccer Team 'Set to Cut Ties With Terror-Financing Qatar'
Weekend Reviews
Neoconservatism's Theory Gap
Worse Than a Defeat
UN Urging Taliban to Reduce Afghan Civilian Casualties
What Has US Spending Done for Afghan Women? US Doesn't Know.
Afghan Taliban Condemns School Attack by Pakistani Taliban
Afghan Official: Woman Killed in Mortar Attack
Rising Casualty Count Takes Toll on Afghanistan's Veterans
Pakistan's Military Kills at Least 119 Suspected Militants
Pakistan Cleric Says Anti-Taliban Fight 'Un-Islamic'
Pakistan's Most Hated Man: Volleyball Player, Child Killer
China Lodges Protest After Obama Approves Taiwan Frigate Sale
China's Top Judge Urges Swift, Severe Sentences in Xinjiang
China Arrests US Missionary Near North Korea Border
CPJ: China Is World's Worst Jailer of the Press
China to Set Up Satellite, Radar Network to Strengthen Maritime Power
South Korea
South Korea Court Orders Breakup of Left-Wing, Pro-North Party
European Leaders Warn Against Too Much Economic Pain on Russia
Five Ukrainian Soldiers Killed Ahead of Peace Talks
US Hits Crimea With New Sanctions
Russia Condemns New US Sanctions Bill
In Talks, IMF, Ukraine Fail to Reach Pact on Next Bailout Tranche
Battle With ISIS for the Minds of Young Muslims
Most Catalans Would Vote to Stay in Spain: Poll
Northern Ireland: Bomb 'Found Under Soldier's Car'
Analyst: Libya Oil Port Battle Sparked by Egyptian Involvement
Ansar Dine: Radical Islamists in Northern Mali
Kenyan Leader Signs Controversial Anti-Terror Bill Into Law
Colombia's FARC Kills 5 Soldiers on Eve of Truce: Army
Rogue Mexican Police Units Leave Trail of Bodies, Including US Citizens
Sony and Obama
Obama on Sony Pulling the Interview: 'They Made a Mistake'
Sony Exec Fires Back at President Obama
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