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Updated January 7, 2015 - 11:14 PM EST
Manhunt After Paris Magazine Terror Attack Kills 12
  Murdered French Cartoonist Seems To Predict Attack
  Evidence in Paris Attack Suggests Gunmen Had Combat Experience
Pentagon Probing Civilian Deaths in US Airstrikes
  41 ISIS Fighters Killed in Ongoing Kobani Battle
  Top ISIS Police Leader Beheaded in Syria's Deir Ezzor Province
  US Claims Report Offers 'Proof' Syria Used Chemical Arms
Badr Leader: Iran 'Saved Baghdad' from ISIS
  In Iraq's War Against Extremists, a Quiet Sectarian Purge
Leading Israeli Pol Blamed for Lebanon Massacre
  UN Chief Confirms Palestinians to Join ICC Effective April 1
  Egypt Moves to Expand Gaza Buffer Zone to 2 Kilometers
Car Bomb Kills 37 Outside Yemen Police Academy
Female Suicide Bomber Kills Policeman in Istanbul, Turkey
Pak Parliament Unanimously Approves Military Court System
Endless Fog of Endless War  by Paul Jacob
The Problem with Mahmoud Abbas and His Authority  by Ramzy Baroud
Police Using Social Media to Criminalize Online Speech  by Glenn Greenwald
The Triumph of Stupid  by Justin Raimondo
Why the Arab World Fights  by William Pfaff
Maybe North Korea Wasn't Behind Sony Hack  by Rem Rieder

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Homeland Security's Drone Program a Waste of Money, Audit Finds
US Navy Professor: 'Abolish West Point and Annapolis'
Tony Blair 'Could Face War Crimes Charges' for Iraq War
Former Intern Unearths the CNN's Doomsday Video
US Navy Commander Pleads Guilty in Massive Bribery Case
Over Two Dozen Executed in Mosul, 132 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Says Rebuilding of Army Still in Early Stages
Militant Clashes in Iraq's Anbar Kill 23 Troops
US Gives Iraq Army 250 Mine-Resistant Armored Vehicles
Kirkuk Authorities Warn They Cannot Cope With Iraq Refugee Influx
No, There Aren't Any Ebola Cases in Iraq
Will a Saudi Embassy in Baghdad End Tensions With Iraq?
406 Journalists Killed in Iraq Since 2003, 14 Last Year
US Forces, Returning to Iraq, Unearth the Things Their Brethren Carried
US Training of Syrian Rebels Could Begin in Spring: Pentagon
West's Islamic State Focus Neglects Human Tragedy in Syria, Doctors Say
UN: School Attacks Killed 160 Syrian Children in 2014
ISIS School Closures in Syria Affect 670,000: UN
France Warns Palestinians Over Escalating Crisis With UN Bid
Feiglin to Quit Likud, Start New Party
Report: Qatar Expels Hamas Leader to Turkey
Hamas Denies Exiled Leader Meshaal Expelled From Qatar
Palestinian Jailed for Murder of Israeli Teenagers
AG: Israeli Arab Lawmaker to Stand Trial for Incitement to Violence, Pending Hearing
Turkey Briefly Detains Dutch Journalist in 'Terror' Probe
Turkish Vessel to Continue Work Off Cyprus, Deepening Standoff
Middle East
Iran FM Survives Snap Vote on Handling of Nuclear Talks
In Syria's War Refugees, Lebanon Sees Echoes of Palestinian Camp Crisis
Mexican Town's Entire Police Force Detained Over Journalist Disappearance
Nine Dead After Clashes in Violent Western Mexican State
Rights Groups Push Obama to Withdraw Support for Mexico's President
Obama Seeks Help of Mexico's President on Cuba, Immigration
Cuba Has Released Some of 53 'Political' Prisoners, US Says
Artist in Free Speech Row Returns Honor to Cuban Govt
Bus Crash in Eastern Ukraine Kills 12 Servicemen, Injures 21
Russian Authorities Mute After Critic Skips House Arrest
UK Iraq Inquiry: 'More Staff' Were Needed Suggests Minister
US Rejects Venezuela's Offer of Prisoner Swap for Lopez
US Embassy in Nicaragua Voices Concerns Over Chinese-Led Canal
French Terror Attack
Charlie Hebdo Attack: 12 Dead at Paris Offices of Satirical Magazine – Live Updates
Murdered French Cartoonist Seems To Predict Attack
Charlie Hebdo's Mysterious Last Tweet Before Attack
Cartoon Mocking ISIS Leader Was Final Tweet Before Gunman Attacked
How Charlie Hebdo Became a Top Terrorist Target
Satirical Newspaper Charlie Hebdo Braved Earlier Attack and Threats Before Deadly Shooting
Is Attack Linked to Novel About France Under Islamist President?
Journalists Race to Show Solidarity With Charlie Hebdo After Terror Attack
France 'Ready' to Bomb Rebels on Libya Border
Libya's Official Government Bans Palestinians, Syrians and Sudanese From Entry
Two Egyptian Police Shot Dead Outside Coptic Church South of Cairo
Egyptian Student's Unique 'Made in Prison' DIY Protest
Failed Gambia Coup: Claims That Plot Was Hatched in America
Gambia's Jammeh Reshuffles Cabinet After Coup Attempt
Nigerian Defense Chief: Military Base in Hands of Extremists
Governors Facing Boko Haram Request More Troops Before Vote
Fighter Defects, Citing Ties to the Fugitive African Warlord Joseph Kony
Burundi Ruling Party Supporters Shot Dead in Bar
Taliban 'Joke' Joins Online Mockery Over Delayed Afghan Cabinet
Unexploded Munitions Loom After NATO 'Ends' War
Lejeune Marines Prepare for Deployment to Afghanistan
Thousands Flee Intensifying India-Pakistan Clashes
Taliban Chief Behind Pakistan School Massacre Promises More Attacks
Pakistan Grants Shafqat Hussain Stay of Execution
India Proposes Special Police to Probe Crimes Against Women
Four Opposition Activists Die in Clashes in Bangladesh
Bangladesh Deputy Opposition Leader Arrested in Dhaka
North Korea
North Korea Has Made 'Significant' Advances in Nuclear Arms Program, South Says
South Korea Says North Boosted 'Cyber Forces' to 6,000 Troops
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka's Outlook Shaky, Whoever Wins Knife-Edge Vote
Monitors: Military Presence May Deter Sri Lankan Voters
China Arrests Scholar Who Helped Blind Dissident Flee House Arrest
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