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Updated January 14, 2015 - 11:20 PM EST
FBI Informant Busts 'ISIS-Inspired' DC Attack Plotter
Al-Qaeda Yemen Says It Was Behind Paris Attacks
  Al-Qaeda Gains Ground in Yemen as Country Descends Into Civil War
  Paris Mystery: Were Shooters Part of Global Terrorist Conspiracy?
Hill Leaders More Hopeful on War Authorization
  Syrian Rebels Spurn Proposed Moscow Peace Talks
  Europol Warns 5,000 Europeans Fighting in Syria
  'Russian Spies' Executed by ISIS Boy in Syria
Obama Recycles Rejected Cybersecurity Bill
  'ISIS' Hackers Don't Know the Name of Their Own Terror Group
  David Cameron in 'Cloud Cuckoo Land' Over Encryption Ban
Afghan Cop Kills Police Chief and Governor
12 Civilians Killed When Shell Hit Bus in SE Ukraine
White House Downplays Chances Obama Will Close Gitmo
Israeli FM Warns Diplomatic Struggles Could Harm Economy
The Latest Blow to Israeli-Palestinian Peace  by Stephen Zunes
America Must Choose Law Over Secrecy  by Katherine Hawkins
More State Power, Not Free Speech, the Likeliest We-Are-Charlie Result  by Neil MacDonald
The Sick Man of Europe  by Justin Raimondo
Unpacking the War on Terror  by Rory Fanning & Nick Turse
The Propaganda War: The Horror of the Paris Rally  by Arthur Silber

More Viewpoints

Who Are Europe's Jihadis? Check Your Assumptions.
Centcom: A PR Disaster, Not Cyberwar
Thirteen Years On, Yemeni Prisoners Await Release From Guantanamo
'Five Eyes' Countries to Meet on Anti-Terrorism Fight: Canada
Union: 61 People Working for UN Were Killed in 2014
105 Killed, 61 Wounded in Iraq Attacks and Battles
French Lawmakers Extend Military Action Against ISIS in Iraq
Chilcot Iraq Inquiry: British MPs to Debate Report Delays
1,000 Recruits Joining Fight in Syria and Iraq Each Month
Up to 5,000 European Fighters in Syria Pose Risk: Europol
Yemen Appoints Police Chiefs Close to Houthi Militia, Saleh
Yemen Not 'Exporter of Terror': President
Yemen Accuses Baha'i of Converting Muslims and Ties to Israel
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Increases Jail Sentence for Human Rights Lawyer
Iran's Rouhani Says Countries Behind Oil Price Drop Will Suffer
Lebanese Media Mistakenly Identify Israeli as Suicide Attacker
Terrorism Convicts Are Hanged in Pakistan as Kerry Visits
Kerry Urges Pakistan to Fight Terror Groups Threatening Whole Region
US Designates Pakistan TTP Leader as Global Terrorist
US Takes Aim at North Korea's Remaining Financial Links
US: Russia Still Supportive on North Korea Denuclearization
North Korea Again Urges US to Suspend Military Exercises
US, South Korean Navies Kick Off Anti-Submarine Warfare Drill
Japan Cabinet OKs Record Military Budget With Eye on China
Chinese President to Pay State Visit to UK Amid Hong Kong Tensions
Sri Lankan Opposition Files Graft Complaint Against Former President
The War at Home
Detention of African Warlord Raises Legal Questions for Pentagon
Republicans Aim to Stop Transfers From Guantanamo
Lawmakers Open to Obama's Cyber Proposal
Military Suicides Up Slightly in 2014; Navy, Air Force Increases, Army, Marine Deaths Dip
Preliminary Ebola Test Negative for Fort Hood Soldier Found Dead
PTSD Defense Fails, Vietnam Veteran Executed for Murder
The Rise of New York's Police Unions
New Jersey Muslims Seek New Ruling on NYPD Mass Surveillance Program
Nigeria Estimates Baga Deaths at 150
Why Nigeria's Military Is Losing the Battle Against Boko Haram
Suicide Bomber Dies in Failed NE Nigeria Attack
UN Urges Nigeria to Restore Law and Order, Probe Mass Killings
Egypt's High Court Overturns Last Conviction Against Mubarak
Egypt's Mubarak and Sons Remain in Detention: State News Agency
7 Militants Killed in Sinai by Egypt Forces
Body of Kidnapped Egyptian Police Officer Found in Sinai
Egypt Minister Says Pardon Still Possible for Al Jazeera Journalists
Kenya Journalists Protest Over Detained Colleagues in Egypt
Cameroon Says 143 Boko Haram Fighters Killed in Clashes
AfriLeaks Website to Expose Abuses in Africa
UN Announces Launch of Libya Talks
Uganda Says LRA Rebel to Be Handed to International Court
Madagascar Government Resigns Over Blackouts, Social Woes
French Police Link Terrorist Cell to Foreign Financing
Frenchman Held in Bulgaria Accused of Several Contacts With Paris Killer: Prosecutor
US Shared Travel History of Suspected Paris Attackers With French: White House
10-Year Employee of Charlie Hebdo Attacks Them for Racism
US to Back $2 Billion in Loan Guarantees for Ukraine
Russian and Ukrainian Officials Meet in Germany
Russia to Step Up Combat Capabilities in Crimea
Judge Frees Austrian Teens Seized on Way to Marry Jihadists
NATO Looking at Beefing Up Baltic Exercises: Top General
German Anti-Islamist Rally Swells After Attacks in France
Mexico Missing: Protesters Try to Enter Army Base
Locals Taking Power in Mexico's Tecoanapa
Venezuela Taps Algeria in Push to Prop Up Oil Prices
Venezuela's Maduro Securing Financing From Qatari Banks
FARC Says Will Stick to Colombia Truce
Freed Cuba Dissidents Praise Detente, Pledge Push for Changes
Political Uncertainty in Haiti as Parliament Is Dissolved
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