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Updated January 28, 2015 - 11:05 PM EST
3 Soldiers Killed in Israel-Hezbollah Fighting
  Israel Attacks Syrian Army Posts Along Golan Frontier
  Jordan Says Ready to Free Iraqi Militant if Pilot Released
  CIA's Syria Rebel-Arming Program in Tatters
  US Official: Too Soon to Say 'Mission Accomplished' in Kobani
  How the Flow of Foreign Fighters to Iraq and Syria Has Surged
US Drone Killed 12-Year-Old Student in Yemen
  Reports of Deal as Yemen's Houthis Call for Orderly Transfer of Power
  Houthis Fault Southern Secessionists for Power-Sharing Impasse
Senate Dems Delay Backing of Iran Sanctions
  Iran: Israel's Assassination of General Crossed 'Red Lines'
Ukraine Rebels Push Army Out of Donetsk Districts
Libyan ISIS Group Kills 10 in Tripoli Hotel Attack
Experts Unmask 'Regin' Trojan as NSA Tool
Obama Forced to Defend Saudi Coziness After India Speech
Mass Surveillance Won't Stop Terrorist Attacks  by Patrick Eddington
FBI Uses 'Outreach' to Spy on Muslims  by Cora Currier
Barrett Brown's Sentence May Become the Norm for Journalists  by Trevor Timm
US Foreign Policy Goes Retro  by Justin Raimondo
Hillary Clinton's Libya Disaster  by Michael Brendan Dougherty
The Troops Are Destroying Our Country  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Army: Bergdahl Reports Are Untrue, No Decision Made
White House Drone Crash Pilot Works for US Intel
UK Iraq Inquiry: Chilcot to Face MPs Over Delays to Report
Mexico: Investigation Shows That All 43 Students Are Dead
Intervention in Civil Wars 'Far More Likely in Oil-Rich Nations'
Ten Doctors Among 109 Killed Across Iraq
In Battle Against ISIS, Iraqi Tribal Chiefs Plead for More US Aid
Top Canadian General Holds Undisclosed Talks With Kurds in Iraq
Regional Airlines Suspend Baghdad Flights After Airplane Shooting
Food Crisis in Southern Iraq Worsening, UN Agency Says
Global ISIS Reaction
ISIS: Japanese Hostage and Jordanian Pilot Have Less Than 24 Hours
Jordan Says Seeks to Verify Video Featuring Japanese Hostage
The Belgium Question: Why Is a Small Country Producing So Many Jihadists?
France: EU Must Target Anonymous Money Transfers to Tackle Militants
Israeli Human Rights Group Criticizes Cabinet Over 'Unlawful' Bombing of Residential Buildings in Gaza
ICC-Backers Defy Israeli Call to Cut Funding to War Crimes Court
UN Agency Says Runs Out of Money to Repair Gaza War-Damaged Homes
Livni: Netanyahu's Congress Speech on Iran Has Already Backfired
Middle East
Jordan Hostage Crisis May Hurt US Ties
Turkish Police Fire Tear Gas to Stop People Entering Syrian Kurdish Town
Lebanese Troops Adapting to ISIS, Nusra Tactics: Experts
Yemen Crisis: Houthi Rebels Release Presidential Aide
In Argentina, Distrust Over President's Move to Abolish Intelligence Agency
Mexico Says Murdered Students Were Mistaken for Rival Gang
Colombia Angers Venezuela With Call to Free Jailed Opponent
Venezuelan Officials Reject Allegation of Drug Trafficking
Egypt Activists Lose Final Appeal at Protest Sentences
5 Policemen Injured in Egypt Blast
Egypt Condemns Western Outrage at Fatal Shooting
Africans May Mandate Regional Force Against Boko Haram This Week
Sharia Police Arrest 12 Men Accused of Planning to Wed in Nigeria's Kano
3,000 Child Soldiers to Be Released in South Sudan
Burundian Army Accused of Murdering Rebels
UN Base in Mali's Gao City Hit by Deadly Clashes
Child Ritual Killings Linked to Elections Spread Alarm, Anger in Ivory Coast
After Three Russians Are Charged, the Prospect of a Spy Swap Surfaces
Moscow Condemns Arrest of 'Spy' Yevgeny Buryakov as 'Anti-Russian Move'
Russia's 2014 Arms Sales Top $15 Billion: Putin
Russian Bank Chief Kills 3 Colleagues, Himself
80 Injured in Kosovo Riot Over Jibe by Ethnic Serb Minister
US Seeks Permanent Military Base in Southern Spain to Tackle Terror Threat From North Africa
Switch It Off and on Again: How Peers Failed to Sneak Snoopers' Charter Into Terror Bill
Pakistan Criticizes Indian Inclusion in Nuclear Suppliers Group
'Islamic State' Expands Into Afghanistan as Afghans Form Local Militia to Fight Taliban, ISIS
Philippines Suspends Special Forces Police Chief Over Deadly Clash
Herder Kills Himself in Inner Mongolia Over Land Grab
Sri Lanka Turns Aways Fleeing Ahmadis
North Korea Raises Prospect of Detaining South Koreans at Complex
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