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Updated January 29, 2015 - 11:23 PM EST
Pentagon, Congress Undercut Clinton on Libya War
Obama Eyes Record Pentagon Budget for 2016
  ISIS War Authorization Bill Would Limit Conflict
  ISIS Stands Strong as Its Enemies Fail to Find a Common Plan
Iraqi Troops Stood By as Shi'ite Militias Killed 72
  Uncertainty on ISIS-Jordan Prisoner Swap as Another Deadline Passes
  Think Tank: 550 Western Women Have Joined ISIS
  Hundreds of Militants Reported Killed Across Iraq
Israel, Hezbollah Both Say Yesterday's Clash Over
  Playing With Fire on the Lebanese Border
  3 Soldiers Reported Killed in Israel-Hezbollah Fighting
Afghan Soldier Kills Three US Contractors
Cuba Wants Gitmo Back as Part of US Normalization Deal
This Is How a Police State Protects 'Secrets'  by Marcy Wheeler
Trust Reality Rather Than President Obama's Words on Drones  by Jeff Bachman
US Should Stay Out of the Russo-Ukrainian Quarrel  by Doug Bandow
US Announces Support of Neo-Nazis  by Chris Ernesto
Immunity for Torturers, Prison for Leakers  by Dan Froomkin
An Iran Deal Is Nothing to Fear  by Steve Chapman

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Sen. Rand Paul: I'd Shoot a Drone Out of the Sky
White House Drone Crash Described as a US Worker's Drunken Lark
DHS to Launch Iris and Facial Recognition at Border
Michelle Obama Praised for Bold Stand She Didn't Take in Saudi Arabia
Canada Casts Global Surveillance Dragnet Over File Downloads
Hundreds of Militants Reported Killed Across Iraq
Beyond Front Lines in Iraq, a Forgotten Force Faces ISIS
Shell Signs $11 Billion Deal to Build Petrochemicals Plant in Iraq
UN Can't Reach Residents of ISIS's De Facto Capital
Russia's Lavrov Says Fighting 'Terrorism' Should Unite Syrian Opposition, Damascus
Ghost Ships: Turkey Becomes Springboard for Syrians Heading to Europe
Pelosi Says Netanyahu Speech to US Congress Could Hurt Iran Talks
Iran Names New UN Envoy After Earlier Pick Blocked
Gazans Storm UN Compound Over Suspension of Aid
Spain Blames Israel for Death of Peacekeeper
Obama: Meeting Netanyahu Two Weeks Before Israeli Elections Would Be 'Inappropriate'
Former Mossad Chief: I Don't Trust Netanyahu, His Actions Will Cost Us
Israel Demands UN Security Council Condemn Hezbollah
Israeli Army Searches for Hezbollah Tunnels Near Lebanese Border
Lieberman's Yisrael Beytenu Slides to 4 Seats in New Poll
Middle East
ISIS Claims Attack on Saudi Border Post and Infiltration of Town
UAE a Step Closer to Buying US Predator Drones
Bahrain's Most Senior Opposition Leader Goes on Trial
Missing Students' Parents Reject Official Account
Mexico Not Planning to Extradite Drug Kingpin Guzman: Official
Panama's Ex-President's Hunger for Gossip at Center of Wiretap Probe
2 Sentenced in Murders in Chile Coup
Venezuela's Cabello: Defector After Money, Can't Prove Drug Claims
Afghan President Faces New Hurdles as Cabinet Nominees Rejected
Afghans Arrest Commander of Group That Claimed Killing Swedish Journalist
Philippine President Says He Didn't Give Go-Ahead for Police Raid
Doubts Arise Over Crucial Philippine Autonomy Law After Rebel Clash
72 Killed in North Waziristan Air Raids
In Pakistan, a Charity Project Points to Official Tolerance of Militants
North Korea 'Demanded $10 Billion in Cash and Food' for Summit With South
North Korea's Leader Kim Jong-Un to Visit Russia
Communist Officials in Tibetan Region Punished for Separatism, China Says
South Korea, China Warn Japan Not to Backtrack on Apology Over Wartime Past
Thailand Accuses US of Meddling in Its Politics
Sri Lanka Reinstates Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake
Vietnamese Military Helicopter Crashes During Training, Killing 4 Soldiers
Extremists Rampage in Northeast Nigeria, No Troops Fighting
Boko Haram Crisis: Nigeria Army 'Warned About Baga Attack'
Libya Hotel Attack Signals Growing Reach of ISIS
Mali's MNLA Tuareg Rebels Hit by Suicide Bombers
Sudanese Rebels Detain Six Bulgarians
Russia Says Kiev's Actions Will Escalate Ukraine Fighting
Russia Urged to Free Ukrainian Officer on Hunger Strike
Controversial French Comic Tells Court He Seeks Peace
France Releases Online Video to Tackle Jihadist Recruitment
Sydney Siege Inquest: Police Gunfire Killed Hostage
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