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Updated January 31, 2015 - 11:00 PM EST
ISIS Pounds Iraqi Kurdish Sites, Kills General
  ISIS Video Purportedly Shows Beheading of Japanese Hostage
  Kurd Allies Fighting ISIS in North Iraq Hampered by Rivalries
  Jordan Threatens Mass Executions of ISIS Prisoners
CIA, Mossad Killed Top Hezbollah Figure in 2008
  US Denies Israeli Claims About Iran Nuclear Negotiations
  Israel Announces Plans for Another 450 Settlement Units
Ukraine Talks Aborted as 12 Killed in Shelling
  NATO Plans to Open Georgia Training Center by Year's End
CIA Interrogated Suspects on Diego Garcia
  A Year After Reform Push, NSA Still Collects Bulk Domestic Data
  Inside the FBI's Entrapment of Domestic Terrorists
Yemen Qaeda Gains Support From Local Tribes
56 Killed as Bomb Hits Pakistan Shi'ite Mosque
New Greek Nationalist DM Prompts Turkey to Scramble Jets
Gunman as Hero, Children as Targets, Iraq as Backdrop  by Janet Weil
Ukraine Exposed: Kiev's Authoritarianism  by James Carden
The Best Defense (for the Welfare State) Is an Expensive Offense  by Thomas Knapp
Is the New Greek Govt a Trojan?  by Nebojsa Malic
Keeping Govt Snoops Out of Americans' Email  by Grover Norquist
The National Security Establishment vs. Defense  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Pentagon Tells Congress to Stop Buying Equipment It Doesn't Need
Canada's New Anti-Terror Legislation Prompts Civil Liberties Fears
New NYPD Unit Armed With 'Machine Guns' Criticized
Two US Citizens Shot at in Saudi Arabia, One Wounded
ISIS Targets Kurdish Forces; 197 Killed Across Iraq
Hagel: US Ground Troops Could Be Needed in Iraq
Iraq's Kirkuk Has Curfew Imposed Amid Fierce Fighting
Kurdish PM Says US-Led Coalition Against ISIS Faces Long War
Iraqi Tribal Leader, in Washington Visit, Sought Help for His Fighters
Next Round of Syria Talks in Moscow in a Month: Delegate
Syria 'Adultress' Survives Jihadist Stoning: Monitor
Global ISIS Reaction
Air Strikes Alone Not Enough to Defeat ISIS: NATO Chief
ISIS Sympathizer's Road to Jihad From Canada to Syria to Iraq Tracked One Tweet at a Time
Nasrallah: Hezbollah Doesn't Want War With Israel – but Isn't Afraid of One
Lebanon to Complain to UN Over Israeli Border Shelling
Yemen Shi'ite Militia Holds Widely Boycotted Meeting on Crisis
Shi'ite Rebels Confront National Protests in Leaderless Yemen
Thai Junta Tries to Curb Dissent and Keep Good Terms With US
Taliban Says It Carried Out Deadly Attack in Kabul
Tamil Sripavan Appointed Sri Lanka's Top Judge
US Rejects Cuba Demand to Hand Back Guantanamo Bay Base
Venezuela Authorizes Use of Deadly Force at Demos
Deadline Nears for 'Stateless' in Dominican Republic
US Says Israeli Settlement Unit Tenders Will 'Inflame Tensions'
Israeli Ambassador: It's Boehner's Fault
Netanyahu Is Talking to Leading Democrats to Little Effect So Far
Professor Fired for Criticizing Israel Files Lawsuit Against University of Illinois
Russian Activist Charged With Treason After Phoning Ukrainian Embassy
Putin Ally to Build Bridge to Crimea
Russia Says Nuclear Arms to Keep Military Edge Over NATO, US
Putin Opponent Reveals Russian President's Daughter's Secret Identity
France: 'The Government Invites You to Be Wary of Those Who Do Not Eat Baguettes'
Belgium: 4 Suspects Detained in Antiterrorism Sweep
Srebrenica Massacre Verdicts Upheld at War Crimes Tribunal
Denmark: Fishing Boat Catches WW2 Mustard Gas Bomb
Boko Haram
Three Chad Soldiers, 123 Boko Haram Militants Killed in Cameroon
Chad Air Force Bombs Boko Haram Out of Nigerian Border Town
African Union Backs Regional Force of 7,500 Troops
Egypt's Sisi Cuts Short Visit Over Sinai Attacks
Central African Militias Appeal for Ceasefire Recognition
Robert Mugabe Takes Over as African Union Chairman
South Africa Grants Parole to Apartheid Death Squad Leader
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