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Updated February 1, 2015 - 9:32 PM EST
At Least 6,106 Killed in Iraq During January
  ISIS Fighters Admit Defeat in Syrian Town of Kobani
  Video Purportedly Showing Beheading of Japanese Hostage
DoD's New Afghan Policy – Way More Secrecy
  Taliban Justice Gains Favor as Official Afghan Courts Fail
Ukraine Peace Talks Fail: Both Sides Trade Blame
CIA, Mossad Killed Top Hezbollah Figure in 2008
Drone Attack Kills Four Yemen Qaeda Suspects
Egypt: Jailed Al Jazeera Journalist Peter Greste Released
Gag Order Banned Google From Disclosing WikiLeaks Probe
Gunman as Hero, Children as Targets, Iraq as Backdrop  by Janet Weil
Ukraine Exposed: Kiev's Authoritarianism  by James Carden
The Best Defense (for the Welfare State) Is an Expensive Offense  by Thomas Knapp
Is the New Greek Govt a Trojan?  by Nebojsa Malic
Keeping Govt Snoops Out of Americans' Email  by Grover Norquist
The National Security Establishment vs. Defense  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Glenn Greenwald: The Outsider
Public Survey Highlights Britons' Global Ambitions
Kim Philby 'Tipped Off USSR' as FBI Closed in on Nuclear Physicist
A Strained Alliance: Obama-Netanyahu Rift Grew Over Years
At Least 6,106 Killed in Iraq During January
Iraq's PM Pledges Hard Line Against Alleged Militia Abuses
Iraqi Libraries Ransacked by ISIS Group in Mosul
Source Close to Hamas Says No Longer Accepts Egypt as Israel Mediator
Spanish Peacekeeper Is the Latest Example of Israel Killing United Nations Personnel
Two Seriously Wounded in Car Explosion South of Tel Aviv
Palestinian Killed by IDF After Throwing Firebomb at Israeli Vehicle
Palestinian Christians Call for Peaceful Solution to Conflict
Israeli Left Blasts PM Over Alleged Alcohol Consumption, Recycled-Bottle Hoarding
Saudi Arabia
Lavish Freebies From Saudi King to Buoy Economy, Markets
Saudi Blogger's Long Struggle for Freedom of Expression
Middle East
UN: Palestinians in Syria Cut Off From Aid Once More
Bahrain Revokes Nationality of 72 on Security Grounds
Five Given Preliminary Charges Over Jihadi Network in France
France, Morocco Resume Judicial Cooperation After Row
Paris Market Terrorist 'Recorded the Attack'
Macedonia Authorities Allege Opposition Plot to Topple Government
Portugal Okays Law of Return for Sephardic Jews
Clashes Intensify Between Armenia and Azerbaijan Over Disputed Land
UK Military Worker Monitored for Ebola
Minister: 'No' Role for FARC After Colombia Peace Deal
Ex-Spy Chief Wanted in Colombia for Wiretaps Surrenders
Kerry: 'Enormous Interest' in New Relationship With Cuba
Americans Still Dying
Former Army Medic From Idaho Working as Contractor Killed in Afghan Green-On-Blue Attack
Military Contractor From North Myrtle Beach (SC) Killed in Afghan Insider Attack
Summerville (SC) Father of Six Is One of Three Contractors Killed in Afghanistan
The War at Home
How Guantánamo Diary Escaped the Black Hole and Got Past the Censors (Mostly)
NYPD Clarifies That New Counterterror Unit Won't Carry Machine Guns at Protests
Texas Will Honor American Sniper by Celebrating 'Chris Kyle Day'
The US Navy Is Reengineering Commercial Oil Ships for Military Use
Hagel Says White House Disagreed With His Slow Pace of Releases of Gitmo Detainees
'She Was Only a Baby': Last Charge Dropped in Police Raid That Killed Sleeping Detroit Child
Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency Becomes Operational
Afghans Often Unintended Victims of Taliban Attacks on Jalalabad Road
Two Die as Muslim Protesters Clash With Police in Afghan Capital: Witnesses
24 Injured at Anti-Charlie Hebdo Protest in Kabul
Praetorian Standard Contractors Identified as the Three Americans Killed in Kabul
Facing Assassins and Taliban, It's 'Kill or Be Killed' for Karachi Police
Khyber Govt Refers 423 Cases for Trial by Military Courts
Police Arrest 260 Suspects in Quetta
Major Terror Bid Foiled in Quetta as Forces Seize Explosive-Laden Vehicle
Shikarpur Tragedy: Protests in Different Parts of Karachi
Deadly Clash in Philippines a Setback to Peace With Muslim Rebels
FBI Says It Had No Prior Knowledge of Deadly Philippine Raid Targeting Militants
Philippine Air Force Plane Crashes at Sea, Killing 2 Pilots
Bangladesh Opposition Says Leader's Internet, Electricity Cut Amid Protests
Egyptian Court Bans Hamas' Armed Wing, Lists as Terrorist Organization
Egypt Blames Muslim Brotherhood for Deadly Sinai Attack
Egypt Attack: Profile of Sinai Militant Group
Why Police Killing Divides Egypt's Anti-Government Protesters
DR Congo
UN Support for Congo Campaign Against Rwanda Rebels in Doubt Over Abuses
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