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Updated February 2, 2015 - 11:02 PM EST
At Least 6,106 Killed in Iraq During January
Pentagon Asks for Record 2016 Budget
Hillary's Libya Push Armed Qaeda-Tied Terrorists
  US Intelligence vs. Hillary Clinton on Libya War
  Listen to the Tapes: Intel Undercuts Hillary Clinton on Libya
US Considers Arming Ukraine for Civil War
  At Least 23 Killed as Ukraine Peace Talks Fail
US Drone Strike Kills Four in Yemen
  Yemen's Houthis Give Parties Three Day Deadline to Resolve Crisis
Japan PM Using Deaths to Push Military Action
  Battle for Okinawa: Islanders Face Off With Tokyo Over Bases
Pakistan: New ISIS Faction Forms Broad Alliance
Netanyahu: No One Immune to Israeli Attacks
Egypt Frees Jazeera Journalist, Another May Soon Be Freed
March to Folly in Ukraine  by Eric Margolis
Groundhog Day in the War on Terror  by William Astore & Tom Engelhardt
The Ultimate Nightmare: Invading North Korea Is a Really Bad Idea  by Robert E. Kelly
Hillary's War  by Justin Raimondo
Finding the Foreign Agents  by Philip Giraldi
FBI Places Brother of No-Fly Litigant on Most Wanted List  by Glenn Greenwald

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Ultra-Hawk Scott Walker Seeks to Deflate the GOP's Libertarian Streak
Law Favoring Cuban Arrivals Is Challenged
White House 'Attacked and Punished' Journalists, Testifies CBS Reporter
There May Be a Bomb on This Plane, but Stay Aboard
Britons Like Israel Better Only Than North Korea: Poll
205 Killed in Iraq Battles, Attacks
ISIS Claims Beheading of Iraqi Security Personnel
Kurdish Forces Free 15 Oil Workers at Kirkuk Crude Station: Officials
In Northern Iraq, Kurds Struggle With ISIS Booby Traps
Iraqi Kurdistan Tourism in Tatters as ISIS War Drags On
Six Dead, 10 Wounded in Central Damascus Blast: Monitor
Damascus Medieval Citadel Bus Bomb Blast Kills Four
Lieberman: Third War With Hezbollah, Fourth With Hamas Are Inevitable
Likud: Sara Netanyahu Bottle Scandal Is 'Left-Wing Plot to Bring Down PM'
Serbia Grants Citizenship to Main Rival of Palestine Leader
At Least 10 Killed in Attacks Led by Yemen's Ansar Al-Sharia
Under Pressure, President of Yemen Won't Alter Decision to Resign
Erdogan Settles in as Turkey's Strongman, Constitutional Change or Not
In Red Heartlands, Thai Army Keeps a Lid on Dissent
Bombs Strike Mall in Downtown Bangkok; No Injuries Reported
North Korea Says US Rejects Invitation to Pyongyang
Pakistan: Training Teachers to Take Aim Against Taliban
Drones Are Now Appearing on Afghan Rugs
Global ISIS Reaction
Graham: 10,000 US Boots on the Ground Needed to Stop ISIS in Syria
Hagel: Ground Troops Could Be Needed in Iraq
Robert Gates Says Obama's Plan to Defeat ISIS Is 'Unrealistic'
Pilot Held by ISIS Puts Jordan's King in a Tough Spot
Jordan Committed to Anti-ISIS Coalition, Despite Hostage Drama
Israeli-Arab Who Joined ISIS Seriously Hurt in Coalition Airstrike
Egypt Policeman Kills Hospitalized Islamist
Rights Group: Egypt 'Covering Up' Protester Deaths
Three Women Killed in Clashes in Egypt's Sinai: Security Sources
Boko Haram Attacks Nigerian City From Four Fronts
Suicide Bomber Kills 10 People in Northeast Nigeria's Potiskum
Tunisia's Islamist Party Agrees to Join Coalition Government
Mali Armed Groups Clash Near Timbuktu: Security Sources
South Sudan Foes Agree to End Conflict
6 Missing Bulgarians Working for UN in Sudan Released
Kidnapped Libyan Representative to OPEC Found, Says Family
Hungarians Rally to Remind Government of Western Allegiance
China/Hong Kong
Pro-Democracy Protesters Back in Hong Kong, No Violence
China's Tibet to Reward Tips on 'Terror Attacks'
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