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Updated February 3, 2015 - 11:27 PM EST
Jordan Kills Two in Revenge for ISIS Killing Pilot
  ISIS Video: Jordanian Pilot Burned Alive in Cage
Hillary's Libya Push Armed Qaeda-Tied Terrorists
  US Intelligence vs. Hillary Clinton on Libya War
  Listen to the Tapes: Intel Undercuts Hillary Clinton on Libya
US Mulls Sending Ukraine Missiles, Other Arms
  Ukraine Rebels Hope to Recruit 100,000 Fighters
Yemen Parties Suspend Talks With Houthi Rebels
  South Yemen Separatists Don't Accept Houthi Takeover
  US Drone Strike Kills Three in Southeast Yemen
Pentagon Asks for Record 2016 Budget
DEA Reveals 'Parallel Construction' With NSA Data
Egypt Sentences 183 to Death for Post-Coup Upheaval
US-Russia Clash in Ukraine?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Obama Should Have Visited the Taj Mahal Instead of Saudi Arabia  by Ivan Eland
'Group-Thinking' the World Into a New War  by Robert Parry
The Failed 'Yemen Model'  by Ron Paul
Did Obama's Drone War Help Cause Yemen's Collapse?  by Joshua Keating
Neocon Stupidity  by Bruce Fein

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Patrick Cockburn: First and Best on ISIS
CIA Man Tells of Post-9/11 Taliban Negotiations
Reporters Know Covering Wars Can Come at a Price
'American Sniper' Misfires in Iraq
Syrian Rebels Say Holding Iranian Fighter, Seeking Swap
Canada FM: Release of Al Jazeera's Fahmy 'Imminent'
Iraq Politicians Receive Death Threats as 95 People Are Killed
Condemnation After Kurds Drag ISIS Bodies Through Kirkuk Streets
Kurdish Fighters in Iraq Struggle to Hold Gains Against ISIS
Bodies of 25 Yazidis Found in Iraq Mass Grave
Iraqi MPs Receive Death Threats Over Calls to Investigate Village Massacre
Iraq's Al-Maliki Denies Seeking Comeback
Female Iraqi Militant Held by Jordan Is Heroine to Jihadists
Middle East
Bahrain-Based Satellite Channel Off-Air a Day After Starting
GCC Countries Repeat Call for Iran to Join International Nuclear Safety Convention
Dutch Journalist to Be Tried in Turkey on 'Terror Propaganda' Charges
Militants Claim to Set Up 'Police Force', Court for Libya's Benghazi
Libya Revokes Bill Which Banned Gadhafi-Era Officials From Office
Clashes in Egypt's Sinai After Jihadists Kill 30
French Troops Kill Around a Dozen Islamist Militants in Mali
Kenya Teachers Strike Fearing Al-Shabab Attacks
Lesotho PM Bodyguards Shot
Cuba Detains Fewer Dissidents Following Detente With US
US Says Joe Biden Is Not Plotting to Overthrow Venezuela's President
Judges Decline to Take on Charges Against Argentina's President
Netanyahu's Congress Invitation Raises Eyebrows Among Some US Generals
Head of UN Inquiry Into Gaza Conflict to Quit Over Israeli Bias Claim
Lieberman: I Won't Join Left-Led Government
Palestinians to Change Tack at ICC and Ask Court to Investigate Settlement Building
Bethlehem Mayor Recruiting Pope to Intervene on West Bank Barrier
Jordan to Send Ambassador Back to Israel After Tensions Eased
Rebels Pound Ukrainian Troops After Peace Talks Fail
On Front Lines in Ukraine, Rebels Are Upbeat and Eager to Advance
Russia, Ukraine in Indirect Talks Over Key Black Sea Air Corridor
German Judge Rules: Anti-Zionism Is Code for Anti-Semitism
German Neo-Nazi Party Cancels Protest After Boarding Wrong Train
Hayat Boumeddiene, Wife of Paris Attacker, Becomes France's Most-Wanted Woman
Spain to Pass Measures to Tackle Homegrown Islamist Militants
US Declassifies Some Information on Afghan Forces
Army Chief Discusses Afghan Border Coordination With US Commander
China Reportedly Building Second Aircraft Carrier
China Executes Two Cult Members for McDonald's Murder
US and North Korea Have Been Secretly Discussing Having 'Talks About Talks'
Hardline Indian Hindus Become Modi's Enemies From Within
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