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Updated February 4, 2015 - 11:24 PM EST
US Hopes Murder Will Toughen Jordan's Resolve
  Jordan Executes Two in Revenge for ISIS Killing Pilot
  UAE, Key US Ally in ISIS Effort, Disengaged in December
Billionaires Attacking Obama's Iran Diplomacy
  Compromise Reported as Iran Says Nuclear Deal Close
Ukraine Rebels Take Key Town as Fighting Rages
  Ukraine's Conscription Plan Fuels Fear, Resentment
  Ukraine Violence Worsens as US Mulls Arming Military
Pentagon Loses Track of Weapons Sent to Yemen
  Yemen's Houthi Rebels Threaten to Take Power If No Deal Is Reached
Pentagon Confirms Weekend Drone Strike on Somalia
Watchdog Departure Signals Roadblocks to Reining in CIA
Moussaoui Calls Saudi Princes Patrons of al-Qaeda
Obama Proposes Over $1 Billion in Aid to Pakistan
Reporting of the US-Israel Assassination of Imad Mughniyah  by Ted Snider
Eric Holder's Lawless Legacy  by James Bovard
Did the US Learn Any Lessons From Vietnam?  by Robert Freeman
Sequester the Empire  by Justin Raimondo
Saying 'No' to Netanyahu  by Philip Giraldi
New Afghanistan Policy: Way More Secrecy  by Matthew Gault

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French Soldiers Hurt in Knife Attack in Nice
'Innocent People' on Police Photos Database Despite UK Law
Candid Talks With North Korean Officials
Defense Nominee Carter Would Reconsider Afghan Withdrawal Plan
Canadian Police Arrest Man, Charge Him With Aiding ISIS
The War at Home
White House Readies Cyber Executive Action
New White House Rules on Surveillance Fall Short, Privacy Group Says
10 Big-Ticket Items in the Army Budget
Al Jazeera Journalist Mohamed Fahmy Gives Up Egyptian Citizenship Ahead of 'Imminent' Release
Killing of Shaimaa El-Sabbagh in Cairo Angers Egyptians
Explosion, Gunfire Along Egypt-Gaza Border, Man Dies in Alexandria Bomb
Boko Haram
UN Urges Stepped Up Regional Operations Against Boko Haram
Boko Haram Crisis: Chad's Troops Enter Nigeria
Libyan Troops Try to Block PM Visit, May Signal Rift With Government
US Bank Ending of Somali Money Transfers to Have 'Catastrophic' Impact
700 Teachers Refuse to Work in Kenya's North Over Terror
Russian Pilots Kidnapped in Darfur Region of Sudan
Zimbabwe's Mugabe May Be Allowed in to EU in New Role
German Chancellor Rules Out Weapons Aid to Ukraine
Hundreds of Demonstrators Attack Ukraine President's Office
Ukraine Says Lost Five More Soldiers in the East in Past 24 Hours
Russia: Mother of Seven Accused of Treason Released From Jail Amid Outcry
Russia, Poland Argue Over World War Two Anniversary
UN's Highest Court Absolves Croatia, Serbia of Genocide
Kosovo Ethnic Serb Minister Sacked Over Jibe
UK Armed Forces Alcohol Abuse Strategy Criticized
Dead Prosecutor Had Drafted Request for President's Arrest
Argentina Weighs Spy Agency Reform After Prosecutor Death
Christians Gear Up to Fight Isis; 59 Killed Across Iraq
Romania Rejects Iraqi Claim of Selling Weapons to ISIS
Iraqi Cabinet Approves Draft Law to Set Up National Guard
US Military: Iraq Reconciliation Would Help Counter ISIS
Syria: Chemical Weapons Plant Razed
Syrian Hackers Pose as Beautiful Women to Steal Rebel Plans
ISIS Captors 'Didn't Even Have the Quran,' Says Former Hostage
Saudi Oil Seen as Lever to Pry Russia Away From Syria's Assad
Jordanian King Cuts Short US Visit
Jordan's Vow of Revenge Against ISIS Sparks Fear of New Conflict
UN: In 2014, Israel Demolished 1,177 Palestinians' Homes in the West Bank
UN Gaza War Inquiry to Pursue Work Despite Resignation
NY Judge Takes Over UN Gaza Probe After Israel Critic Resigns
Palestinian Paper Apologizes Over 'Muhammad Cartoon'
Turkey Revokes Passport of Bitter Erdogan Rival Gulen
South Korea Establishes Submarine Command
South Korea Soldier Gets Death Sentence for Troop Killings
As the US Moves Closer to India, Pakistan Looks to Russia
India Maoist Rebels Kill Policemen in Chhattisgarh
US to Hold Live-Fire Training in Thailand Despite Coup
Bangladesh Petrol Bomb Attack Leaves Seven Dead
Rubio Clashes With State Dept. at Cuba Hearing
US Officials Cautious as Cuba Political Detentions Decline
Cuban Players Draw Dozens of Major League Baseball Scouts to Caribbean Series
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