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Updated February 10, 2015 - 11:24 PM EST
US: Iraq Ground Offensive Begins 'Within Weeks'
  Badr Brigade: Shi'ite Militias Not Involved in Massacre of Sunnis
  American ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller Is Dead, Family Confirms
The Democrats' Dick Cheney
  Report: Obama's War Authorization Limits Ground Forces
  Back to the Future on Nuclear Spending?
Afghan ISIS Recruiter Killed in US Drone Strike
  Red Cross Recovered Twice as Many Slain Afghan Fighters in 2014
Obama to Unveil Cyber Data-Sharing Unit
  Twitter: US Among Biggest Offenders Requesting User Data
Guantánamo: Slow 'Justice' – at $7,600 a Minute
  Gitmo Hearing Halted by Black Site Worker Serving as Court Linguist
Obama: Must Be Sure Lethal Aid to Ukraine 'Used Properly'
Opposition Parties Withdraw From Yemen Talks
Obama: Very Real Differences With Netanyahu on Iran
Joe Biden's Dangerous Game  by Thomas Knapp
Unauthorized Government Attacks Are Murder  by Ivan Eland
US and European Allies Should Step Back From Ukrainian Conflict  by William Pfaff
I Misremember Iraq  by Scott Long
Is Big Brother Here for Good?  by Patrick Eddington
Smedley Butler and the Racket That Is War  by Sheldon Richman

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Samsung Admits Smart TV May Be Eavesdropping
Pakistan Wants 'Battlefield' Nukes to Use Against Indian Troops
Brian Williams Told Varying Versions of Rocket Fire in Israel-Hezbollah War
Pentagon Spent $504,816 on Viagra Last Year
FBI Monitored and Critiqued African-American Writers for Decades
Bombers Still Targeting Baghdad; 96 Killed Across Iraq
Kofi Annan Blames US Invasion of Iraq for Rise of ISIS
Iraq Official Appeals for More Aid to Fight ISIS
Military Action Needed in Iraq to Help Christians, Archbishop Says
New Zealand: Go-Ahead for Possible Deployment to Iraq
Czech to Send Tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers to Iraq
Iraq Book Market Comes Back to Life Seven Years After Bombing
ISIS Pulls Forces and Hardware From Syria's Aleppo: Rebels
Syria Says It Doesn't Need Jordan's Help Fighting ISIS
British Photojournalist John Cantlie Appears in New ISIS Hostage Video
Jordan Says Its Airstrikes Are Targeting ISIS Leadership
German Rapper Turns Most Famous ISIS Member
The Palestinian Economy: Israel's Control Over Area C Comes at a Price
Israelis Cry Foul on US Cash Influencing Their Election
Netanyahu Considering Changes to Congress Speech After Criticism
Benjamin Netanyahu: Speech at Congress Not Political, It's Existential
Three Israelis Suspected of Using Forged Documents to Buy West Bank Land
Hamas Backs Qatar Minister's 'Courage' in Israel Spat
Middle East
Turkish President Says Does Not Welcome Spy Chief's Election Bid
Bahrain Confirms Suspension of Saudi-Owned News Channel
Egypt to Retry Al Jazeera Journalists, Dashing Hopes of Quick Release
Blame-Trading in Egypt as 22 Die in Soccer Stampede
Egypt Soccer Violence Revives Scrutiny of Police
Path to the Presidency: The Swift Rise of Egypt's Sisi
Egypt's Sisi Reassures Gulf Leaders After Alleged Derisive Audio Leaks
Obama Says Still Weighing Decision on Arming Ukraine
Nine More Ukrainian Servicemen Killed in the East
Explosion at Chemical Plant in Eastern Ukraine Sparks Fire
Merkel to Urge Caution in US as Pressure Builds to Arm Ukraine
Donors Plan Ukraine Conference in April to Raise $15 Billion
Cyprus Denies Russia Deal on Military Bases
Don't Issue Ultimatums to Putin: Russian Radio Cites Kremlin
Macedonia Opposition Leader Says PM Ordered 'Massive Wire-Tapping'
Germany Rejects Greek Claim for World War Two Reparations
France By-Election: Narrow Win for Hollande's Party
UK Police Force Admits Taking Details of Charlie Hebdo Readers
Libyan Army Says Has Retaken Main Camp in Benghazi
EU Threatens Sanctions Against 'Spoilers' of Libyan Peace Talks
Libya Seeks to End Port Strike to Avert Oilfield Closure
Somali Parliament Approves Cabinet After Weeks of Wrangling
Al-Shabab Gunmen Kill Somali MP Abdullahi Qayad Barre
Boko Haram Attacks Niger Prison Before Vote
Bomb Explodes in Niger Town After Boko Haram Attack
Nigeria Election: Minister 'Confident' Poll Will Happen
South Korea Spy Chief Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison
Japan OKs Aid to Foreign Troops' Non-Military Operations
Indian Police Arrest Eight for 'Brutal' Haryana Rape and Murder
China Executes 'Mafia-Style' Mining Tycoon Liu Han
Haiti Faces More Anti-Govt Protests as Carnival Nears
20 Australians Killed Fighting With ISIS, 90 Passports Cancelled: Bishop
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