When I began in December 1995, a Democrat named Bill Clinton was in the White House. His foreign policy was bellicose yet largely supported by the Washington establishment. As the president bombed Iraq, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Sudan, it was out of fashion to be antiwar, and opposing the U.S. Empire was left to a few "extremists" on both ends of the spectrum.

Since then, my "hobby" has blossomed into the most important and widely read pro-peace site online. Every day, our small but dedicated staff searches far and wide to find and publicize news and analysis that the mainstream media excludes.'s popularity boomed in response to George W. Bush's post-9/11 global war on terror, especially his invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. But remember: it was U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East in the 1990s and before that led to the blowback of 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the accompanying assault on our liberties.

Barack Obama promised to end the worst excesses of the Bush administration. Instead, he and members of his administration led the U.S. into violent intrigues in Pakistan, Yemen, and Ukraine in addition to instigating chaos in Libya, Syria, and Egypt. Meanwhile, Guantánamo remains open, sanctions on Iran remain, and the militarization of domestic law enforcement exacerbates police brutality.

To think that people once saw Barack Obama as the "antiwar candidate."

The costs of war – in lives, dollars, and our liberties – are the same regardless of the party in power. The world needs a consistent and honest source in foreign policy reporting. That’s We are needed more than ever – and we need you to keep us afloat.

We don't have a huge staff with cushy jobs, living it up on your donations. We appreciate every penny (and bitcoin.) We work around the clock. As webmaster and general manager, I work seven days a week, from six in the morning till ten at night – and those are the quiet days.

We don't take your support for granted. Please don't take us for granted, either. While the harshest critics of U.S. foreign policy have been proven right, their voices are muted by the "mainstream" media.

Don’t let our voice be stilled. Please help us continue to expose the Empire’s lies.

Eric Garris
Founder and Webmaster

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Updated February 12, 2015 - 11:29 PM EST
White House: ISIS War Bill 'Intentionally' Vague
  Congressional Opposition Mobilizes Against Obama's ISIS War Bill
Syrian Troops Move Into Qaeda Area Near Israel
  Still Significant Intel Gaps on Syria, US Officials Admit
  Blasts, Clashes Leaved 195 Dead, 116 Wounded Across Iraq
Ukraine Peace Deal: Ceasefire to Start Sunday
  US Army to Train Ukraine Soldiers to Fight Russia
  Ukraine President Threatens Martial Law If Diplomacy Fails
  Study Suggests Arming Ukraine Would Prolong Conflict
Embassy Guards Leave, But US Still Has Troops in Yemen
  Houthis Control Yemen, but They Don't Yet Govern It
Egypt Frees Two Al Jazeera Journalists on Bail
Obama's Force Authorization Is a Blank Check for War Worldwide  by Ron Paul
Here's What It Will Take to Defeat ISIS  by James Antle III
'Realists' Warn Against Ukraine Escalation  by Robert Parry
The Vague Suggestion of the War Powers Resolution  by Lucy Steigerwald
A Worthless Piece of Paper  by Andrew P. Napolitano
An Arms Race Won't Help Ukraine  by Katrina vanden Heuvel

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Blasts, Clashes Leaved 195 Dead, 116 Wounded Across Iraq
Kurdish Peshmerga Surround Mosul From Three Sides: Official
Minister: Canada 'Inclined' to Extend Mandate of Forces in Iraq
Damascus Air Strikes 'Kill Nearly 200 in 10 Days'
Congressman: Attempts to Rescue Kayla Mueller Failed
American Hostage Killed in Syria Remembered for Work in Palestine
Global ISIS Fallout
Turkey Detains 14 People Seeking to Join ISIS
Bosnian Cleric on Trial for Recruiting ISIS Fighters
Australian Police Charge Two Sydney Men Over Terror Offences
Leader of Belgian Islamist Group That Sent Jihadists to Syria Is Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison
850 Shin Bet Torture Complaints Yield Zero Investigations
Gazans Studying Abroad Are Trapped in Strip Due to Egyptian Border Closure
Palestinian Official Testifies at US Trial Over Israel Attacks
Hezbollah Planned to Assassinate Olmert, Arab Report Claims
Israeli AG Opposes Ban on Arab MP
Israeli Navy Stops Gaza-Bound Boat With Rocket Manufacturing Material
Marines Surrender Weapons Before Yemen Evacuation
Yemen Rebels Seize US Embassy Vehicles as Diplomats Flee
US, UK, and France Close Sanaa Embassies
Region Feels Ripples From Yemen's Turmoil as Embassies Close
In Nuclear Talks, Iran Seeks Removal of All Sanctions, President Rouhani Says
Boko Haram
Suicide Bombers Strike Niger Town, Chadians Kill 13 Boko Haram Militants
Niger Declares Emergency in Diffa After Boko Haram Attacks
Boko Haram Kidnaps Hundreds, Tells Captives Stories of Chibok Girls
UN: 10,000 US-Supported Civilians Needed to Fight Ebola
Most Troops, DoD Civilians to Return From Ebola Zones in Africa
Armed Sufis Kill 12 as President Mohamud Arrives in Central Somalia
Egyptian Court Orders Retrial of 36 Brotherhood Members Sentenced to Death
Libyan Factions Hold UN-Backed Peace Talks
Report: Sudanese Forces Rape 221 Women, Girls in Mass Attack Last Year
Kidnapped Central African Republic Minister Armel Sayo Freed by Gunmen
1 Dead, 22 Wounded in Peru Anti-Oil Exploration Protest
The War at Home
Foreign Militants a Growing Danger on Home Soil: US Envoy
EFF Files FOIA Suit Over US Marshals' Spy Planes
Pakistani al-Qaeda Suspect Goes on Trial in US for Bomb Plot Charges
Samsung: Our Televisions Aren't Secretly Eavesdropping on You (Anymore)
Rebel Attacks Kill 19 Ukrainian Soldiers Near Rail Junction in East: Kiev Military
Leaders Grapple Over Ukraine Deal Behind Closed Doors in Minsk
Close Friend of Russian Leader Takes Role as a Negotiator for Ukraine
Arming Ukraine Could Lead to Escalation of Russian Support: Think-Tank
At Least One Dead in Attack on Donetsk Bus Station, East Ukraine: Reuters Witness
Poroshenko: Ukraine Conflict Risks Spiralling Out of Control
Poland Sees Need for Greater NATO, EU Strength Over Ukraine
Greece Plans Military Exercises With Israel, Egypt
German Parliament Less Willing to Help Greece, Merkel Ally Says
Cypriot Ex-Minister and Son Jailed in Greece Over Arms Kickbacks: Court
Obama to Cameron: Maintain UK Defense Spending or Weaken NATO
British Spies Say They Did Not Censor US Torture Report: Lawmakers
Scots Nationalists Say Want End to Austerity as Price for UK Power Support
Paris Votes to Sue Fox News for Damage to Its Reputation
Sweden Proposes Aggressive Nordic Defense
More German Soldiers Coming Home With PTSD
Spanish Court Names Police as Suspects in Migrant Drownings
Military Jet Crashes in Southern Russia, 2 Crewmen Missing
Obama Administration Weighs Afghan Request to Slow Withdrawal of US Troops
Cold-Weather Training Ramps Up as Afghan Combat Mission Wraps Up
Myanmar Revokes Rohingya Voting Rights After Protests
Myanmar President Enacts Law Allowing Referendum on Disputed Constitution
Pakistan Likely Knew of Osama bin Laden's Presence, Admits Former Spy Chief
Injuries to Okinawa Anti-Base Protesters 'Laughable,' Says US Military Spokesman
Malaysian Cartoonist Held for Sedition Over Anwar Tweets
China's Xi Says Hopes US Pays Attention to Tibet, Taiwan Concerns
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