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Updated March 17, 2015 - 11:27 PM EDT
Exit Polls Show Likud, Labor Bloc Tied at 27 Seats
Netanyahu: No Palestinian State If I'm Reelected
  Netanyahu Vows Tens of Thousands of New Settlement Homes
  Business Leaders See Peace Boost if Netanyahu Loses Election
US Takes Iran, Hezbollah Off 'Terror Threats' List
  Senators' Iran Letter Becoming an Issue in Nuclear Talks
Iraq Halts Tikrit Offensive, Leaving ISIS in Control
  US Allies 'Outraged' as Kerry Proposes Talks With Assad
  The Everyday Reality of Living in the Islamic 'Caliphate'
UN Envoy: ISIS Establishing an Afghan Foothold
  How Obama Handed Afghanistan a Prisoner Dilemma
The Sting: How the FBI Created a Terrorist
  American Tortured in UAE for Refusing to Become an FBI Informant
  Obama's War on Whistleblowers Leaves Insiders Unscathed
Egyptian Brotherhood Leader Sentenced to Death
A Green Light for the American Empire  by Ron Paul
The Realists Ask Why Rand Paul Signed on With the Nutty 'Neo' Conservatives  by Paul Mulshine
How Exciting: The Birth of a New Official Enemy!  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Will the GOP Kick It Away?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Allies Against Islamism Can Learn From West Africa  by Ivan Eland
The F-35 Is Not Ready and Won't Be Any Time Soon  by Mandy Smithberger

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ACLU Sues for Records of US Drone Killings
Don't Want NSA to Spy on Your Email? 5 Things You Can Do
Vladimir Putin Returns After Absence, Dismisses Rumors
Latvian March Honors Veterans Who Fought Alongside Nazis
Obama: Foreign Aid Key Part of Anti-ISIS Strategy
Battleground 2016
Ted Cruz's Rhetoric Scares 3-Year-Old Girl
Rand Paul, GOP Senators Face Blowback
How a Lindsey Graham Joke Turned into a Coup Plot Against the Government
Lindsey Graham Ramps Up Staffing for Possible 2016 Bid
Jindal Calls for Increased Defense Spending
The War at Home
White House Acknowledges Petraeus Advising Govt on ISIS, Despite Guilty Plea
Eric Garner's Wikipedia Page Was Edited From an NYPD Computer, NYPD Admits
Two Years After Snowden Leaks, Public Split on Government Spying
DARPA Pursues Hybrid-Electric Stealth Cycle
House Democrats Angry Over Obama's Classified Trade Meeting
ISIS Attacks Libya's Oil Facilities
Families Flee Libya's Sirte as Clashes With ISIS Escalate
Official: 4 Filipino Nurses Kidnapped From Sirte, Libya
Nigerian, Cameroon Troops Oust Boko Haram From Town, Village
Boko Haram Burns Nigerian Town as Troops Advance: Residents
Dozens Killed in Ethno-Religious Clash in Central Nigeria
Boko Haram Militants Attack Village in Chad, Killing One
Bombs Found in Camp for Displaced People in Nigeria's Maiduguri
Nigeria Ready for Free, Fair, Credible Elections: Electoral Body
Congo Frees US Diplomat but Detains African Democracy Activists
Wife of Burundi Opposition Politician Shot; Government Accused
Official: Sierra Leone Vice President Home After Fleeing
UN Eritrea Inquiry Finds Clear Patterns of Rights Violations
Why Germans Are Joining the Fight in Eastern Ukraine
Russia Launches Massive Arctic Military Drills
After Saudi Feud, Sweden Debates a 'Feminist' Global Role
Cuba Approves First Public Wi-Fi Hub in Havana
Cuba, US Renew Talks on Restoring Diplomatic Ties
Mexico's MVS Radio Fires Leading Journalist Who Exposed Presidential Scandal
Pakistani Man Accused of Planning Toronto Attack Kept in Custody
After Years of Delays, Haiti at Last Sets Election Dates
'King Bibi's' Reign Challenged in Israeli Election
Lieberman: As Defense Minister, I Will Eliminate Hamas
Livni: I Did 'What's Right' in Order to Bring Down Netanyahu
Ultra-Orthodox Rebel Candidate Runs for Women in Israeli Election
Fatah Official Urges Israeli Arabs to Vote for Joint List
Gazan Gets 15 Years' Hard Labor for 'Spying' for Israel
In Private, Abbas, Palestinian Officials Reportedly Voice Hope That Benjamin Netanyahu Will Lose
Germany Urges Its Partners, Iran to Grab Nuclear Deal
US Seeks to Finish the Job in Iran Nuclear Talks
Saudis Say Iran Deal Could Start Nuclear Fuel Race
Pakistan Declines to Join Saudi Arabia's Anti-Iran Alliance
Tom Cotton, US Senator, Apparently Does Not Know the Capital of Iran
Top Iranian Pol: 'What the US Congress Did Was Really Amateurish'
258 Killed in Iraq; Cemetery Officials Say Casualty Counts Low
Iran Sent Arms to Iraq to Fight ISIS, US Says
Refugees From ISIS Tell of Fears of Forced Marriages
Kurds Probe 2 Possible ISIS Chemical Weapon Attacks
US Returns Cache of Looted Antiquities to Iraq
Bosnia Donates 550 Tonnes of Arms to Iraq, More May Follow: Minister
US Unclear on Impact of Bombing on al-Qaeda Group in Syria
Syria's Assad Says Wants Actions, Not Words From Kerry
Chechen Mother Kidnaps Dutch Children and Flees to Syria to Join ISIS
Middle East
Houthis Lift House Arrest on Yemeni Prime Minister, Cabinet: Government Spokesman
Report: Tony Blair to Resign as Middle East Peace Envoy
Bahrain Arrests Iraq Returnee Trying to Enter From Saudi Arabia
Afghan Army Claims to Kill ISIS Commander and Militants
Pakistan Police Use Tear Gas to Break Up Church Attack Protests
Four Thai Activists to Face Military Court in 'Landmark Case'
Philippine Army Arrests Leader of Muslim Rebel Splinter Group
China Says Deliberation on Draft Anti-Terrorism Law Goes Ahead
Daughter of Malaysia's Opposition Leader Arrested for 'Sedition'
Monks Plan to Sue Myanmar Minister for Using Chemicals to End Protest
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