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Updated March 19, 2015 - 11:04 PM EDT
Netanyahu Win Sets Stage for Far-Right Govt
  Resentment: Netanyahu's Victory Could Come at Deep Cost
  Obama Snubs Netanyahu and Criticizes His 'Divisive Rhetoric'
ISIS War Authorization Stalls in House
  Senate Rebuffs House, Opposes Lifting Military Spending Caps
  Obama: I Should've Closed Gitmo on Day One
  US Sets New Record for Denying, Censoring Government Files
ISIS Overthrew Iraqi City in Less Than 24 Hours
  Iraq Sunnis Face Bleaker Future if ISIS' Reign of Terror Is Defeated
  Odierno: Allies Might Put Troops in Syria to Back Rebel Trainees
  Graphic: After ISIS Retreats in Iraq, Evidence of Shi'ite Retaliation
23 Killed in Attack in Tunisia, ISIS Takes Credit
Google Disables All Ads on
Ukraine Rebels: Ceasefire at Risk Over Autonomy Law
NATO Fumes as Russia Signs Treaty with South Ossetia
Netanyahu Deserves the Israeli People, and They Deserve Him  by Gideon Levy
A Real Choice on Iran  by W. James Antle III
What's Scarier: Terrorism, or Govts Blocking Websites in Its Name?  by Glenn Greenwald
The Good and the Bad of Drones  by Lucy Steigerwald
Andrew Cockburn Understands Assassination  by David Axe
An Intimate Portrait of the Human Cost of War  by Shane Smith

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The Uncounted: Why the US Can't Keep Track of People Killed by Police
How Rand Paul's Digital Team Helped Re-Elect Bibi
Cheney: Govt Spying on Innocent People a Concern
Sport May Be Answer to Changing North Korean Minds
NATO Intercepts Russian Fighters Over Baltic Sea
Tom Cotton Calls for 'Global Military Dominance' in Maiden Senate Speech
Report Details Shi'ite Revenge Attacks; 79 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Forces Looted, Burned After Breaking ISIS Siege: HRW
US Aircraft Strike ISIS Drone in Iraq: Officials
Iraq to Make Budget Payment to Kurds Within Days: Finance Minister
Families of Iraqis Shot Dead by British Soldiers Could Sue UK MoD for Human Rights Violations
Iraq Drops More Than a Million Leaflets on Mosul Promising Liberation
Canada to Expand Mission Against ISIS in Iraq
Three Iraqis Dead in Explosion Near Kuwaiti Border: Kuwaiti News Agency
Abu Azrael: Iraq's Celebrity Anti-ISIS Fighter and Avenger
Middle East
Iran's Foreign Minister Says No Nuclear Pact This Week
Islamic Scholars Promote Sharia as an Alternative to Extremism
Prominent Yemeni Journalist and Houthi Activist Killed
UAE Recalls Ambassador to Sweden Over Saudi Arabia Comments
South Sudan
South Sudan's Kiir Shrugs Off UN Threat of Sanctions
South Sudan Warlord Offers Abducted Boys Sit Exams
ISIS Militants Kill 10 Pro-Tripoli Fighters in Central Libya
Social Media Images of Antiterrorism Rally in Tunis
US Drone Strike Killed Al Shabaab Leader Garaar in Somalia: Pentagon
Kenya's Wajir Town Hit by Deadly 'Al-Shabab' Attack
Niger Says Boko Haram Refugees to Worsen Its Food Crisis
US Envoy: Nearly Every Central African Republic Mosque Destroyed in War
Rights Group Says Angola Cracking Down on Activists
DR Congo to Expel Activists From Senegal, Burkina Faso
The War at Home
Senior Official Resigns After Flap Over Relocating Judges to Guantanamo
Navy SEAL Dies in Training Accident in California
US Sailors Hospitalized After Chemical Exposure at Groton Sub Base
More Than 200 Thousand 'Double Envelope' Votes Could Sway Election Results
Herzog: The Opposition Is Zionist Union's Only Realistic Option
In Wake of Elections, Palestinians Vow to Step Up ICC Activity
Israel's Third Largest Bloc Is the Arab-Led Joint List
Rivlin to Launch Coalition Building Talks on Sunday
Who Really Won Israel's Elections? It Might Well Have Been Israeli Arabs
Election May Exacerbate Tensions Among American Jews
Netanyahu's Shock Re-Election Leaves Israel's Pollsters Red-Faced
EU Says Wants to Work With New Israeli Government to Relaunch Peace Process
Car Bomb Targeting Afghan Officials Kills 7 Civilians, Injures 41
US Likely to Delay Planned Closure of Two Afghanistan Bases
Pakistan Says 34 Militants Killed in 'Precise' Strikes in Northwest
Pakistan Steps Up Executions of Convicts, but One Gets Reprieve
Pakistani Death Row Convict Accuses MQM Party Leader of Ordering Killings
Japan Ruling Bloc Agrees on New Security Legislation
Police Probe Death Threats to US Ambassador to Japan
Malaysian Move Toward Harsher Islamic Law Divides Opposition
Threatened UN Rights Envoy Confident Myanmar Will Protect Her
French Comedian Dieudonné Found Guilty Over Charlie Hebdo Joke
France Steps Up Monitoring of Cash Payments to Fight 'Low-Cost Terrorism'
Bosnian, US Officials Discuss Deportations Over War Crimes
Serbia Arrests 8 Suspected of Participating in 1995 Srebrenica Massacre
Accused British Columbia Terrorist Hoped Attack Would Help 'Brothers' in Afghanistan
As Election Looms, Haiti Asks Delay in UN Peacekeeping Cuts
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