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Updated April 4, 2015 - 10:59 PM EDT
Al-Qaeda Seizes SE Yemen Army Base
  Houthis Chased From Aden After Saudi Arms Drop
  Russia Calls UN Meeting to Discuss a Humanitarian Pause in Yemen
Most Iranians Praise Deal, Hardliners Unconvinced
  Iran Won Upfront Sanctions Relief, but With Potential Snags
  Netanyahu: Final Iran Nuclear Deal Must Endorse Israel
  Iran President: Deal a Step Toward Better Foreign Relations
  Proposed Accord Far Tougher on Iran Than Expected, Experts Say
Looting & Lynching: Post-ISIS Tikrit an Ugly Sight
  After Tikrit Win, Iraq Orders Military to Win ISIS War by Year's End
  ISIS Gains in Damascus Refugee Camp, Fighting Hamas' Allies
Informant Provided Bomb-Making Manual to 'ISIS' Plotters
  FBI Accuses Texas Man of Plotting to Aid Pakistani Al-Qaeda
  FBI Uncovers Own Plot, Feinstein Says We Should Censor the Internet
Bergdahl Faces Rare, Little-Known Misbehavior Charge
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bomb?  by Uri Avnery
This Is a Framework That Can Be Defended in Tehran  by Farideh Farhi
Even Worse Than We Thought: How CIA Infiltrated the National Student Association  by Elias Isquith
How Animals Fare in War  by Chad Nelson
A Good Deal, a Long Time Coming  by Scott Ritter
America's Warfare-State Revolution  by Jacob G. Hornberger

More Viewpoints

Former IAEA Director: Iran Framework Deal a Surprising Breakthrough
Smashed Edward Snowden Laptop in Exhibition
Firefox, Google to Warn of Hackers When Users Visit Any Chinese Site
Judith Miller: 'No Official Spoon-Fed Me About WMD'
Britain Used Spy Team to Shape Latin American Public Opinion on Falklands
Iran Nuclear Deal
Iranians Celebrate, Obama Hails 'Historic' Nuclear Framework
US Poll: Majority Backs Nuclear Deal With Iran
From Both Iran's Hard-Liners and Israel's: No to Nuclear Deal
Egypt Hopes Iran Deal Will Bring Stability to Mideast
Israel and Iran
Israeli Cabinet 'United' Against Iran Deal
Israeli Expert on Iran: Claim of Existential Threat a Fig Leaf for Occupation
Israeli Response to Iran Nuclear Deal Could Have Broader Implications
US Would Not Back Iran Deal That Threatens Israel, Says White House
Israeli Court Rejects Cremisan Valley West Bank Barrier
Israel Applies to Become Founding Member of China Development Bank
The IDF's New Boot Camp for Startup Entrepreneurs
Middle East
Bahrain Arrests Rights Activist Over Tweets About Torture
China Sends New Anti-Piracy Mission to Gulf of Aden
Pakistan, Turkey Pledge to Stand by Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Warns Canada to Not Support Blogger Sentenced to 1,000 Lashes
Lithuania to Increase Military Spending to Counter Russia
Silencing of Crimean Tatar TV Sparks Outcry From Rights Bodies, Ukraine, Turkey
ISIS Egypt Branch Claims Deadly Sinai Attacks
Zimbabwe Ruling Party Expels Mugabe Rival Joyce Mujuru
Mexico Nabs Alleged Leader of Mass-Kidnapping Gang
The War at Home
Philadelphia Woman Arrested for 'Trying to Join ISIS'
Mozilla Warns Against Data-Storage Rules in NSA Reform
Ferguson Officials' Racist Emails Released
Army Seeks to Identify Troops, Veterans Exposed to Chemical Weapons
Congressman Explains Why His Fellow Lawmakers Couldn't Be Trusted With NSA Oversight
Former NSA General Counsel Rajesh De Talks Privacy, Security, and Snowden
Soldier Demands Apology From Karl Rove; Rove Says No Apology Needed for Iraq War
Iraq PM Orders Arrests of Looters in Tikrit; 23 Killed in Attacks
US Program to Train New Syrian Force Faces Logistic, Diplomatic Headaches
Syria Says 15,000 Antiquities at Risk in Qaeda-Run Idlib
ISIS Recruitment
Tunisia to Revive Syria Ties to Track Jihadists
UK: Six Arrested Over Syria-Related Terrorism Offenses
UK Politician: Son Among Syria-Bound Britons Held in Turkey
'Concerns' About Behavior of 'Syria-Bound' Brit
North Korea 'Fires Missiles Into Sea'
North Korea Approves Gloria Steinem March Across Demilitarized Zone
Roadside Bomb Kills 7 Afghans East of Kabul
Retired Japanese Fighter Pilot Sees an Old Danger on the Horizon
China Deports American Jailed on Spy Charges
Thai Junta Chief Says 'Won't Stand For' Criticism of Military
Malaysia Cartoonist Charged With Sedition Over Tweets
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